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Guide to Projectors for Interactive Installations / by @laserpilot ca-n.in/1p3rX9e » pic.twitter.com/0gwm8gunhP

Connected Worlds - Interactive ecosystem for @nysci by @design_io ca-n.in/1eHZ4ML | pic.twitter.com/EHGfnQg0ss

The Architecture of Radio - visualizing network of networks by @richardvijgen #iPad #threejsca-n.in/1EQsoa7 pic.twitter.com/kHzkptxlrH

Generative Typography with #Processing - Tutorial by @AmnonOwed ca-n.in/1lqfnKc | pic.twitter.com/jWRSTRcwv7

Fragments by Random International (2016) @rAndomHQ → ca-n.in/2cXJRJl pic.twitter.com/fo6Chm1ejt

Possible, Plausible, Potential – Drawings of architecture generated by code → ca-n.in/1Q88Feo pic.twitter.com/1HDdyicJ6l

Poetic Computation: Reader – Code as a form of poetry and aesthetic / @tchoi8 @hawrafintl → ca-n.in/2hyF95L pic.twitter.com/e1MwvMewd4

Dynamic Projection – Mapping onto deforming non-rigid surface → ca-n.in/2emwR30 pic.twitter.com/uc8YXxHEGv

OpenProcessing relaunch! @openprocessing → openprocessing.org pic.twitter.com/eO4a27WwCt

Codedoodles – New platform for showcasing experiments built with web technologies → ca-n.in/1MNY1YH pic.twitter.com/0nBVRhOUY9

Melting Memories – Drawing neural mechanisms of cognitive control / @refikanadol → ca-n.in/2qTxaFH pic.twitter.com/KOw3szGNUG

Audio Geometry Exploration – Sonification in Houdini by @simonfarussell ca-n.in/2ezgO0Qpic.twitter.com/bebupy4jyW

Data-Driven Material Modeling at the MIT @medialab Mediated Matter Group / @Stratasys → ca-n.in/2gGs7kz pic.twitter.com/l1QMLwetmV

Experimental mobile apps by Devine (Aliceffect) Lu Linvega ift.tt/1Ih82rx | pic.twitter.com/OnMrTmS2YP

10 Most Memorable Projects of 2014 ift.tt/1wPr9G3 | pic.twitter.com/PqiRitVswh

How to use openFrameworks on RaspberryPi - Tutorial by @jvcleave + @nanikawa / @resonate_io ca-n.in/1bVj1tN | pic.twitter.com/9saPefmV8C

The imaginary Kingdom of Aurullia - Interpretation of Mandalay fractal by @subblue ca-n.in/1cSLGEH pic.twitter.com/vOtDuo8V3v

FRAMED* - Canvas for the art of our generation (@FRAMED_official) ca-n.in/1p7rAaV | pic.twitter.com/cTKfEVUs3x

Kinematics by @nervous_system - System for 3D printing complex, foldable forms ca-n.in/1hfZbgz » pic.twitter.com/DIXd4lRhIM

true/false – The audio/visual choreography of an algorithm / @onformative → ca-n.in/2yVSAYB pic.twitter.com/kotc048alC

Wanderers – Digitally grown 3d printed wearables that could embed living matter ift.tt/1xVLk6G | pic.twitter.com/a3if13qpdu

The Art of the Algorithm – LDF 2014 / London / 19 -23 Sept ift.tt/1smv0VQ | pic.twitter.com/iOBsP5Vo9v

Russian typewriter art from the 1930′s made by Elena Rebinder → fckyeahnetart.tumblr.com/post/169358146… pic.twitter.com/GiXZ9SvcXx

Oh my ( ) – Calling for GOD in 48 languages using Twitter API → ca-n.in/2wrEl81 pic.twitter.com/UkQTbCK0ur

RIOT - Game that tells the story of conflict and social unrest / @LMenchiari ca-n.in/1fMcm3a » pic.twitter.com/vGHdg2MESj

Lego Calendar by Vitamins Design (@vitaminsdesign) syncs with Google Calendar #oF ca-n.in/GzyFyy » pic.twitter.com/vkPJzTBjpq

SimpSymm - Complex procedural geometry for 3d printing ca-n.in/1h4ByXI » pic.twitter.com/otbjhg7731

Arduino Video Game for the Neighbourhood / by @NeuroProd ca-n.in/1dmzghP » pic.twitter.com/UAlp8MyLme

AnyPixel.js is a software and hardware library to create big, unusual, interactive displays googlecreativelab.github.io/anypixel/ youtube.com/watch?v=58pxJ8…

SensorTape / 3D-aware dense sensor network on a tape → ca-n.in/1KLE3zm pic.twitter.com/mSUrqli0Wd

Cycles – 17 laser projectors visualise audio inside a sphere ift.tt/1wuBwls | pic.twitter.com/4U3YDeQlbg

Modulares Interface B.A. – Physical controller interface for iPad ift.tt/1x06vS3 | pic.twitter.com/2Aw6HC2lzh

Contact by Felix Faire - Turns any hard surface into an interface ca-n.in/1gMtydf » pic.twitter.com/ZozKloHf4R

NO_THING – An infrared light framework that turns (almost) anything into a device → ca-n.in/1hHU7Vd pic.twitter.com/QHZSJgrDjT

Patterns of Harmony (2014) by Gaspar Battha ift.tt/1G3C1F7 | pic.twitter.com/cXsKRvC0jV

Block'hood final release is out! Big congrats to @jomasan + team. #ft // ift.tt/2r5X6MP #creativeappsnet pic.twitter.com/XcfeKM9T9h

Sensible Data - A machine that playfully interprets and leaks your personal data → ca-n.in/1FmL5Im pic.twitter.com/Jac69Yo1lf

Call for Submissions – @TIFF_NET Kids digiPlaySpace 2016 → ca-n.in/1PJW6nx pic.twitter.com/babLvDs5er

The Augmented Hand Series – Playful, dreamlike and uncanny ift.tt/17fyyq5 | pic.twitter.com/GEMss8iMot

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