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Le Corbusier's colourful exhibition pavilion in Zurich embraces its new lease of life wallpaper.com/architecture/l… pic.twitter.com/av2Op7FJpB

Best of Bauhaus exhibitions across the world wallpaper.com/architecture/b… pic.twitter.com/LqCoVU46Ye

The best of British architecture this year wallpaper.com/architecture/r… pic.twitter.com/aRCnk5WxrG

Chilean practice Elemental rarely work on private houses, this one is the third wallpaper.com/architecture/c… pic.twitter.com/W4xjH1nSqW

This house reflects the signature Japanese aesthetic of minimalism wallpaper.com/architecture/c… pic.twitter.com/t8t1ieAObO

Zurich’s Pavilion Le Corbusier is a ‘synthesis of the arts’ wallpaper.com/architecture/l… pic.twitter.com/3yLmWtfVt2

Architect Hiroshi Sambuichi takes pride in designing with natural and re-used materials wallpaper.com/architecture/h… pic.twitter.com/QsYgl0dcH9

Chilean practice Elemental designs a house in the coastal landscape of Los Vilos wallpaper.com/architecture/c… pic.twitter.com/NOefKNSJi9

A modern house worthy of a Great Gatsby style party wallpaper.com/architecture/l… pic.twitter.com/OFx6AUlGxt

Swooping curves and crisp white walls wallpaper.com/architecture/m… pic.twitter.com/bcSEAlZ1N4

A vibrant penthouse design by fashion designer @RoksandaIlincic wlpr.co/1IhbiY pic.twitter.com/zMjcQ4QR2v

Norwegian museum Kistefos welcomes a new addition wallpaper.com/architecture/t… pic.twitter.com/yBFHnFXQJc

300 hundred luminous Intel drones will float above the @NASA Rocket Garden tonight: wlpr.co/TY4ymC pic.twitter.com/87HlXyg3UV

Milan-based Studio Wok selected for the Wallpaper* Architects’ Directory 2019 wallpaper.com/architects-dir… pic.twitter.com/bEumZl2ETj

Colombo-based architect Palinda Kannangara’s light-weight house in the Sri Lankan Wetlands wallpaper.com/architecture/p… pic.twitter.com/DEgX2vQKAT

Nigerien architect Mariam Kamara selected for the Wallpaper* Architects’ Directory 2019 wallpaper.com/architects-dir… pic.twitter.com/0vmW5hnQyk

London architects propose a new crossing wallpaper.com/architecture/t… pic.twitter.com/zVy5bzfuPL

‘I strive for an heirloom quality, so a house will be there in 200 years and still be loved’ wallpaper.com/architecture/t… pic.twitter.com/5dBnn34zA3

The latest project from Colombo-based architect Palinda Kannangara wallpaper.com/architecture/p… pic.twitter.com/1Hmj1wGXZO

Canadian architect Peter Braithwaite selected for the Wallpaper* Architects’ Directory 2019 wallpaper.com/architects-dir… pic.twitter.com/CZo56FrFKm

Check out the UK's most innovative and mould-breaking buildings of the year wallpaper.com/architecture/r… pic.twitter.com/4vBgqc8egd

A concrete house in a remote location on Chile’s coast wallpaper.com/architecture/c… pic.twitter.com/W9Oz15dlvz

Fashion design Roksanda composes a vibrant penthouse in Kings Cross wlpr.co/1IhbiY pic.twitter.com/6IwW2FEqX6

Visionnaire’s enchanting new accessory offers multiple layers, find these at Store.wallpaper wlpr.co/XBx3Xk pic.twitter.com/SpLliLZbG5

Find a jungle-scape inside a hovering scaffold at MoMA PS1 wallpaper.com/architecture/p… pic.twitter.com/1trVMtzYZh

Brazil-based Vilela Florez selected for the Wallpaper* Architects’ Directory 2019 wallpaper.com/architects-dir… pic.twitter.com/hrk0DrDKiq

Barcelona-based Nomo Studio selected for the Architects’ Directory 2019 wallpaper.com/architects-dir… pic.twitter.com/oFy0VKdGom

Jump into our edit of the emerging architects to watch this year wallpaper.com/architects-dir… pic.twitter.com/oXJ83q2NGT

Lighting up Cannes last week was this prismatic pavilion for Instagram wlpr.co/u3273O pic.twitter.com/cK3230WKxk

Raw material platform Grupo Arca opens a new concept store and HQ in Guadalajara wallpaper.com/architecture/e… pic.twitter.com/3VJfBMmAaX

Enter this radical farm house in Italy wallpaper.com/architecture/b… pic.twitter.com/B5WDmSUm1s

A rural house in Italy built of varnished iron sheets and self-cleaning plaster wallpaper.com/architecture/b… pic.twitter.com/qnce2Qr2rO

The annual MoMA Young Architects Program installation has opened at MoMa PS1 for the summer wallpaper.com/architecture/p… pic.twitter.com/Eich0Ui6u0

Paris-based Dixneufcentquatrevingtsix selected for the Wallpaper* Architects’ Directory 2019 wallpaper.com/architects-dir… pic.twitter.com/joFqrcwSNK

The AvroKO-designed Maslow’s Mortimer House opens in London wallpaper.com/travel/vroko-d… pic.twitter.com/4pHghbFlAT

Hand-picked highlights from our Singapore-based Wallpaper* Culture Shapers Find out more...bit.ly/2Hf8Dng pic.twitter.com/Chhgw4KFeA

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