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See Zaha Hadid's sensuous…

See Zaha Hadid's sensuous new jewelry for Georg Jensen: wlpr.co/i7kNbV pic.twitter.com/tiBrSPf2fK

Arcaid announces winner of…

Arcaid announces winner of the 2015 Architectural Photography Awards wlpr.co/ZQZdhc pic.twitter.com/JKtfwgs9bE

See Covent Garden brimming…

See Covent Garden brimming with white balloons: wlpr.co/NTkhLY pic.twitter.com/t8EztwvLeN

In honor of #NationalPuppyDay,…

In honor of #NationalPuppyDay, the most stylish dogs of Instagram: wlpr.co/MwhupJ pic.twitter.com/Z8kcFcadlN

These mind-blowingly delicate…

These mind-blowingly delicate sculptures are made of deer bone and antlers: wlpr.co/ht4X0F pic.twitter.com/e6CmfNqZwm

Remembering #ZahaHadid through…

Remembering #ZahaHadid through our favorite buildings: wlpr.co/7UF824 pic.twitter.com/9rNTdpk0vY

'She is the real thing...like…

'She is the real thing...like a female Wizard of Oz' –Matthew Collings, profiling Zaha Hadid wlpr.co/rUVDDF pic.twitter.com/vQNpbFTN68

Furniture by #OscarNiemeyer…

Furniture by #OscarNiemeyer & #JorgeZalszupin is brought back from near extinction @espasso bit.ly/1la7rxo pic.twitter.com/5Z5cCxtUQ5

Zaha Hadid's Dominion Tower…

Zaha Hadid's Dominion Tower has been unveiled in Moscow wlpr.co/Gmf0MO pic.twitter.com/l8Xhjk1yZp

Meet the Copenhagen concept…

Meet the Copenhagen concept store devoted to cacti and succulents wlpr.co/kI2dtj pic.twitter.com/gAlMrE07Ir

In this Spanish #sunflowerhouse,…

In this Spanish #sunflowerhouse, each room is facing the sun and therefore immersed with light po.st/USXHxg pic.twitter.com/ekzXkI39P9

Lunch with a view today at…

Lunch with a view today at 3000m; Ice Q restaurant, Sölden, Austria pic.twitter.com/18QQqBZIcX

Explore the streets of Berlin through Bauhaus and brutalism: wlpr.co/rqVXhO pic.twitter.com/N4NmB0GFHz

These libraries are for the…

These libraries are for the true book and architecture lover: wlpr.co/qpTUzH pic.twitter.com/JzMpf4xXL2

These are the loftiest hotel…

These are the loftiest hotel rooftops around the world wlpr.co/4evSc4 pic.twitter.com/uLpw0aaHQC

Tony Cragg engulfs us with…

Tony Cragg engulfs us with breathtaking sculptures: wlpr.co/ssVQXQ pic.twitter.com/vPj4crc7R3

Joan Miró’s Spanish studio…

Joan Miró’s Spanish studio has been painstakingly recreated in London: wlpr.co/Iwa4zu pic.twitter.com/hdDmsjS05L

A first look at Zaha Hadid's…

A first look at Zaha Hadid's Crest installation for the @V_and_A during @L_D_F 2014 wallpaper.com/design/zaha-ha… @ZHA_News pic.twitter.com/aRjZrVZFop

RIP Bill Cunningham, we snapped…

RIP Bill Cunningham, we snapped this shot of him at Paris Fashion Week S/S 2012 pic.twitter.com/rEfywQjXLR

11 luminous installations…

11 luminous installations to brighten your January: wlpr.co/O0VWO4 pic.twitter.com/HpJf3J2NKQ

Pantone crowns TWO 2016 colors…

Pantone crowns TWO 2016 colors of the year: wlpr.co/an5iiw pic.twitter.com/Mh5EPzyet7

Barbara Hepworth broke ground…

Barbara Hepworth broke ground just as much as her male counterparts did. @Tate salutes that: po.st/WEKkhP pic.twitter.com/d6lAWtd9BT

L'Oeuf électrique from 1942:…

L'Oeuf électrique from 1942: one of the weird and wonderful car concepts on show in Atlanta bit.ly/1sTLqWw pic.twitter.com/7Fbb45Z24X

These libraries are for the…

These libraries are for the true book and architecture lover: wlpr.co/x8R9nu pic.twitter.com/o3KBHTOD3d

'I prefer drawing to talking.…

'I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster and leaves less room for lies' #LeCorbusier po.st/5PRru2 pic.twitter.com/4aeBcICVNo

Hermès' bull (elephant)…

Hermès' bull (elephant) in a china shop at the weird &wonderful Wanderland at @saatchi_gallery po.st/yqHugN pic.twitter.com/jIw3tYLU3a

Hans Wegner's centenary is…

Hans Wegner's centenary is feted with a duet of Denmark shows and new launches at #Salone2014 bit.ly/1hvkBRE pic.twitter.com/jHbr9qSr8o

Happy birthday to Piet Mondrian, born on this day in 1872 pic.twitter.com/wfULDISEdM

#irisvanherpen worked with…

#irisvanherpen worked with Japanese musician Kazuya Nagaya on her couture collection, which visualises sound waves pic.twitter.com/mpLEos2OhH

This is the winning redesign…

This is the winning redesign for Taiwan’s largest international airport: wlpr.co/D6YGUL pic.twitter.com/0EZrf6w8L9

The best of the best in contemporary…

The best of the best in contemporary American architecture wlpr.co/YiWxik pic.twitter.com/g17ceU1yaZ

Charles Pétillon's 'Heartbeat'…

Charles Pétillon's 'Heartbeat' elevates the ordinary at Covent Garden wlpr.co/fTGxaa pic.twitter.com/DSJtMYK8Ws

Explore the next wave of…

Explore the next wave of architecture projects in Poland wlpr.co/TukqRM pic.twitter.com/njDvAb8w9d

The visual impact of Antony…

The visual impact of Antony Gormley’s major new show, 'Second Body', is immediate bit.ly/1H4SCHS pic.twitter.com/bG99r6zWs4

Fadi Sarieddine's 'Swaddle'…

Fadi Sarieddine's 'Swaddle' chair was a true star of Design Days Dubai wlpr.co/9Jq5SP pic.twitter.com/SJMJOgjEWC

Shepard Fairey calls for…

Shepard Fairey calls for unity with street art installation at Eiffel Tower wlpr.co/M5rz7o pic.twitter.com/Yknlxw1NNu

The complexity both craftsmanship…

The complexity both craftsmanship and concept of @anilaqagha's latest piece is breathtaking po.st/EETMuM pic.twitter.com/QwubhIHD3Y

The new reality: Mercedes-Maybach unveils the super-luxury electric car of tomorrow’s world wlpr.co/Osd2Zu pic.twitter.com/IHt0CxGW91

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