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Einstein (Geoffrey Rush) plays Bad Romance #SB51 @NatGeo @McCann_WW @smugglersite bit.ly/2kgt1sL pic.twitter.com/seqsq4jAFp

#ComeTogether @hm with @adrienbrody @aandeddb @TheDirectorsBur @MillChannel bit.ly/2hSaJgX pic.twitter.com/VTTsuc7R13

Braille Smart Watch @dot_incorp wins Grand LIA @LIAawards Congrats @serviceplan bit.ly/2fAzxc5 pic.twitter.com/0RgIbVAqkE

Love Labyrinth relationship abuse #thatsnotlove @Join1Love @vincehaycock @ParkPictures bit.ly/1TbDv6q pic.twitter.com/vVAZLgiUah

Snickers Live at #SuperBowl with Adam Driver @SNICKERS @BBDONY @OTBirds @emotomusic bit.ly/2kmC1fP pic.twitter.com/G5QKyrhcnX

Record Store Day in Soho posters for @recordstoreday by @JWT_London @Senanlee @PansyAung bit.ly/23CUGpx pic.twitter.com/Se8iguTEQb

Climate is in our hands #COP21Paris ads by @betcparis @gumprod @RITAFILMS @remibabinetbetc… theinspirationroom.com/daily/2015/cop… pic.twitter.com/saIl0YNPgh

SSE Maya wins Grand Prix @LIAawards for @millchannel @yoursse @aandeddb @academyfilms theinspirationroom.com/daily/2015/sse… pic.twitter.com/SZuQgvmG9x

Extra Love Story Sarah & Juan evokes tears @ExtraGum @energybbdo @RattlingStick @STIRpost… theinspirationroom.com/daily/2015/ext… pic.twitter.com/bnEVMZwNHU

BFF 3,000 Miles from Hollywood @brooklynfest @C64riverraid @akispicer @TBWAChiatNY @eliasarts… theinspirationroom.com/daily/2015/bff… pic.twitter.com/nUGSQGk4b2

What Lives Inside trailer & site @Intel @dell with @PereiraOdell @rsafilms @MPC_VFX @740Sound @laundryla @stopp_LA wp.me/p2YqKl-t7o

Mulberry #WinChristmas @aandeddb @RattlingStick @The_Quarry @Big_Buoy @wavestudios @audionetwork @Harrymalt wp.me/p2YqKl-qff

Outdoor Grand Prix @Cannes_Lions for @Twitter #Whatshappening congrats @Jayanta bit.ly/2tuQxET pic.twitter.com/dCNCJdGg7r

Safest Route connected in France interactive & posters @Groupama @marcelagency bit.ly/2sf6caJ pic.twitter.com/8ol0mh0Fps

Smart Car Anything But Cliche @BBDO @perlorian @MJZitter @GlassworksVFX @yessian bit.ly/2j0wclH pic.twitter.com/1wd4tYav6Q

Break Claus @KITKAT gives workers a break @JWT_London @jumbaman #mybreak bit.ly/2i2bhhB pic.twitter.com/mCoypEJUt5

#GoldInUS inspiration @DICKS @Anomaly @stink @millchannel @audioenginemix @SP_Music bit.ly/2boOTyR pic.twitter.com/RmxsgygY6S

Cerveza Indio - Chivo Lubezki at work in LA @cervezaindio @montalvo_kd bit.ly/1PctgLe pic.twitter.com/CsRpRsTVqa

Mothers Day Sacrifice @WarChildCan @thetweetsofjohn @Mikeclowater @graysonmatthews bit.ly/1SVAAQo pic.twitter.com/OrmaXNWmOP

The Good Note currency for street kids in Beirut wins 3 Grand Prix @dubailynx for @JWTMEA… bit.ly/1QEnLrf pic.twitter.com/YhkM4TBPFS

#NHS4XmasNo1 A Bridge Over You top Christmas single @TheGateFilms @OneMinuteBriefs… bit.ly/1MAaCKw pic.twitter.com/Axy7Or7VDe

Nespresso What Else @Nespresso with George Clooney, Jack Black, @NickyWhelan @McCann_France… theinspirationroom.com/daily/2015/nes… pic.twitter.com/IkOxx7RO5n

Childlike Imagination nominated @Emmys @bbdony @MJZitter @WhitehousePost @method_studios @HeardCity @barkingowlsound wp.me/p2YqKl-pyz

Axe Peace Call to Arms - Make Love Not War campaign @bbhlondon @MJZitter @millchannel @stringandtins @WorkEditorial wp.me/p2YqKl-p9m

Cannes Canvas for Creativity wp.me/p2YqKl-nRC

Bullfighting from another age? Disturbing challenge @FLACinfos @BETCParis @UnitImage… bit.ly/2r1uK5z pic.twitter.com/ubBLwVGLz0

Love Story not all it seems - online awareness @MovistarMX @YRMexico @WabiProductions bit.ly/2pewITF pic.twitter.com/jqrlc1sDB7

Samsung Olympics Chant #DoWhatYouCant @SamsungMobile @LeoBurnettCh bit.ly/29ebhps pic.twitter.com/09o4NXDfIw

Taking the Plunge student film from @SVA_News wins @ADCGlobal Black Cube Best in Show bit.ly/1tlwic6 pic.twitter.com/QzGUiPqqyM

#CutThroughTheNoise @thetimes @thesundaytimes @chiandpartners @RattlingStick @WaveStudios… bit.ly/1SyTx7R pic.twitter.com/CkFki11ArS

.@CineplexMovies Lily and The Snowman a touching film @zulualphakilo @HornetInc @VaporMusic… bit.ly/1YqPFZh pic.twitter.com/x2EZr9txsk

3 Words To Address the World wins @Eurobest Grand Prix for innovation @what3words theinspirationroom.com/daily/2015/wha… pic.twitter.com/k86fsGilD1

Congrats @aandeddb @thisisblink @MPC_Adv @finalcut_edit for @LIAawards Grand Prix John Lewis Monty’s Christmas bit.ly/1jkOoWz

Lloyds By Your Side for 250 Years @aandeddb @roguefilms @The_Quarry @millchannel… theinspirationroom.com/daily/2015/llo… pic.twitter.com/H17PyhVWGX

Finish Dishes & Glasses @w2optimism @themegaforce @RiffRaffFilms @finalcut_edit @millchannel @factoryuk @SIREN_MUSIC wp.me/p2YqKl-tes

Chrysler The Performer - an interactive sound experience with @QusaimuziQ @Chrysler wp.me/p2YqKl-tat

Don't Ignore The Lump @CR_UK @AMV_BBDO @MrCodlaa @roguefilms @millchannel @_tenthree @GCRS @thesoundworks… wp.me/p2YqKl-t9x

Hallmark Put Your Heart to Paper @hallmark @LeoBurnettChi @TJMckayMartin @dan_lindsay @furlined_ @WhitehousePost wp.me/p2YqKl-sWr

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