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Check out James Jean x Prada in this list @JamesJeanArt @Prada news.artnet.com/art-world/2018…? pic.twitter.com/1J1tXx3CTM

Deborah Kass creates Warhol Nixon-style anti-Trump art for Hillary Clinton #andywarhol #deboarhkass @HillaryClinton pic.twitter.com/Tlgec2qhOP

Plastic Jesus creates baby border wall for Donald J. Trump Hollywood Walk Of Fame star @plasticjesusart pic.twitter.com/vJX4DJlDSt

New AM post: Os Gemeos 737 Boeing bit.ly/1mh5e3u

"Sunset on Old Montauk Highway" Grant Haffner print now up at @tinyshowcase @GrantHaffner tinyshowcase.com/artwork.php?id… pic.twitter.com/Ssi8PQU3mx

At NADA @beatsbydre is presenting a BeatsxBarry McGee Pill. It will be for sale & McGee will be signing Dec 5, 1-3PM pic.twitter.com/9U6h3qD2fy

New AM post: Banksy’s “Heart Balloon” Sells for $650K to Coldplay’s Martin bit.ly/1cbLsQo

New KAWS painting exhibited by Skarstedt at Art Basel Hong Kong #kaws pic.twitter.com/wcb2v45kpJ

Wayne Thiebaud currently has a show at White Cube in London @_WhiteCube #waynethiebaud pic.twitter.com/QdKIpKCxok

Rest in peace to one of the world's most influential post-war artists Ellsworth Kelly nytimes.com/2015/12/28/art… pic.twitter.com/0ppUK57gZP

New AM post: Studio Visits / Previews: Hysteria @ Maison Bertaux (London) bit.ly/1ipWxCA

New AM post: Streets: Escif (Spain) bit.ly/16xqoab

New work by Os Gemeos, whose show "Déjà vu" opens on March 26 at Lehmann Maupin in Hong Kong pic.twitter.com/Xz661xjIma

An alternate Blade Runner 2049 colorway by James Jean @bladerunner @JamesJeanArt pic.twitter.com/vNyjVuXwTW

Yanyan Huang's solo exhibition "Nebbia del Tempo" opens June 3 at Ibid Gallery in Los Angeles pic.twitter.com/UmLGy9OgZ4

Laura Splan is included in “Remedy” opening Oct 1st @ ArtsWestchester’s gallery in White Plains NT @ArtsWestchester pic.twitter.com/Ktp5c4NB5M

Bumblebee Loves You "Somewhere I'd Rather Bee" lapel pin available at @bumblebeelovesu shop bumblebeelovesyou.com/shop?mc_cid=ee… pic.twitter.com/daPMMPIOFy

Great and funny Nicole Eisenman limited edition screen print from New Museum @newmuseum newmuseumstore.org/browse.cfm/nic… pic.twitter.com/5BBmJ7pFOS

New AM post: Preview: Meguru Yamaguchi – “Unknown Scorcher” @ HHH Gallery bit.ly/1ZhWXk5

Bumblebee's @bumblebeelovesu first lapel pin set now available in an edition of 200 for $35 bumblebeelovesyou.com/shop pic.twitter.com/AJPnpjmQ1I

This photograph, taken by Joel Goodman, appeared in the Manchester Evening News and seems to follow the Golden ratio pic.twitter.com/jKkFe1xVDT

New AM post: Showing: Os Gemeos – “Parallel Connection” @ Times Square (New York) bit.ly/1gLFZKL

Ted Pim's @tedpim baroque-inspired murals in dark spaces in abandoned buildings across the United States and Europe pic.twitter.com/9KLGIgltRR

New AM post: Opening: Pixel Pancho – ‘Memory of Life’ @ StolenSpace bit.ly/1FO5kfi

New AM post: Je Suis Charlie bit.ly/1FrtvBY

New AM post: Upcoming: “SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot” @ Oakland Museum of California bit.ly/1kJkFRz

New AM post: Previews: Artists Interpret “Last Rites” @ Last Rites Gallery bit.ly/1l8VI2F

New AM post: Projects: Matt W. Moore, Push, Victor Reyes @ The Z (Detroit) bit.ly/JKmyBk

New AM post: Streets: Banksy – “Better Out Than In” (New York) – Part III bit.ly/18UrDPO

Yayoi Kusama pumpkins available exclusively at MoMA Design Store store.moma.org/prints-artists… pic.twitter.com/3T5NO0ngB3

MOCA's mini-documentary on Jeff Koons @MOCAlosangeles @JeffKoons #jeffkoons youtube.com/watch?v=Ll-vIC…

Erik Madigan Heck’s Sotheby's exhibition, "Old Future", has been extended to May 30 @Sothebys pic.twitter.com/JVHQFojM2O

Congrats to Ben Jones for being the new creative director at Bento Box @BentoBoxEnt pic.twitter.com/S5IFmGiTWn

FBI poster seeking information for stolen Warhols looks like a Warhol @FBI @TheWarholMuseum pic.twitter.com/q2wZTwVQZh

Please help, if you are in the area and may have seen @edwinushiro 's aunt pic.twitter.com/khTUdhV6VC

"100 Meters Hurdles" by Isaac Cordal @isaacordal #isaaccordal pic.twitter.com/EOF6gly3FB

A look from inside the Yayoi Kusama x The Philip Johnson Glass House #YayoiKusama #philipjohnson pic.twitter.com/V0zvKGgHjo

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