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This is what Instagram would have looked like in the 1800s. wired.com/2014/06/what-i… pic.twitter.com/A9yDsWEjuh

We asked 15 typographers about their favorite letterforms. Here's what they had to say bit.ly/1Z8dci6 pic.twitter.com/WHPLmNR8VD

How they made True Detective's opening credits so eerie: wired.com/2015/06/made-t… pic.twitter.com/vivjUlI5fb

Now you can color these wild golden ratio illustrations yourself bit.ly/1N6GOaa pic.twitter.com/2lu8LBtagR

This awesome typeface from @pentagram stretches like a rubber band bit.ly/1MEjlSr pic.twitter.com/kketHK8LxN

After 20 years of frowns, IHOP's logo gets happy: wired.com/2015/06/20-yea… pic.twitter.com/6wSbElC1Jt

With the iPhone SE, Apple returns to a masterpiece of design bit.ly/1XJuu5t pic.twitter.com/hMrp2ZQdo7

Yes please! Bendy tableware that makes cooking a cinch. wrd.cm/1OdA2Bn pic.twitter.com/Ch9RtPWGcQ

Pop quiz: Is this skylight real or fake? wrd.cm/1A7PucV pic.twitter.com/q6mr7wdMbk

A beautiful wallpaper made with...smallpox vaccine? wrd.cm/1vB7OeO pic.twitter.com/Wg88aXZqjm

8 Smart Ideas for Overhauling Google’s Homepage wrd.cm/1ioiCiP pic.twitter.com/YlDpe0PLfq

The invisible design behind the Apple Watch's many faces. wrd.cm/1alcQSz pic.twitter.com/kGtYv5UYzh

What would your ideal photoshopped face look like? These 14 people found out. wired.com/2014/12/ideal-… pic.twitter.com/yobYQyTDoJ

Intricate paper pop-up sculptures are tiny feats of engineering. wired.com/2014/11/intric… pic.twitter.com/i1FS1GpoS0

Trust us, this is gonna be your new favorite way to waste time bit.ly/1PjoxGP pic.twitter.com/l9MuOouPeg

Revisit the design genius of Braun with these tribute posters. wired.com/2015/01/revisi… pic.twitter.com/AgOV3Zgev2

This tricky crosswalk stops drivers with an optical illusion: wired.com/2016/04/crossw… pic.twitter.com/wOZg2KV4fW

Here's what *real* 3D touch looks like bit.ly/1MZGa1k pic.twitter.com/Dxcb03rTlL

These laser scans of London by @ScanLABProjects are a fantastically new way to see the world. wrd.cm/1yRJRl1 pic.twitter.com/Y3FgBhAHPi

The radical Le Corbusier design that shaped Italy. wrd.cm/1NQjfHI pic.twitter.com/vbgSFiLRy2

Like a memory, this typeface changes as you use it bit.ly/1KEXIvd pic.twitter.com/FtPsuxIv8r

Some surprising stories from a time when airlines knew the value of good design: wired.com/2015/05/tales-… pic.twitter.com/g705H7jzAR

You can use these 3-D printed gadgets at your next dinner party. wired.com/2015/01/smart-… pic.twitter.com/G0t0MT5f9C

A new San Francisco landmark created by the world's best park designer. wired.com/2014/12/new-sf… pic.twitter.com/PoIurAUPJ8

12 classic products designed to last a lifetime. wired.com/2014/12/12-cla… pic.twitter.com/JTDr3YyBQH

We've already sent a dick pic to the moon—and we might just do it again. wrd.cm/1Jtw0BF pic.twitter.com/f3wkOU8DU1

Revisit the brilliant "Colour Chaser" by @yurisuzuki, now part of MoMA's collection wired.com/2013/08/watch-… pic.twitter.com/79Kbkmzr0G

Graphic designers spill their secrets in this book of infographics bit.ly/1UY2IDg pic.twitter.com/ByE0a3xSwp

So it turns out, early TV set designs were even cooler than Mad Men's. wrd.cm/1DWecud pic.twitter.com/TsUiNSzegm

This new app makes checking your email *almost* fun. wrd.cm/1hCtmSG pic.twitter.com/CbQlrIKyc0

This new app from @ustwo is like a digital chill pill wrd.cm/1VGOzYa pic.twitter.com/Cz3ngPuhJZ

The biggest amenity on Cornell Tech's new campus: "catalytic collisions." pic.twitter.com/0eO9pFoJvZ

Here's what classic books look like without any words bit.ly/1lqyWIP pic.twitter.com/OUjIyNariT

The little known story behind Britain's road signs wrd.cm/1H38Yja pic.twitter.com/xFHvEvkvHJ

We talked to famed designer @michaelbierut about his 35 years in the graphic design business wrd.cm/1LvO2H3 pic.twitter.com/l3juGwVHbN

Yves Béhar designs a mirrored thermostat that's nearly invisible: wired.com/2015/07/yves-b… @fuseproject pic.twitter.com/TL9ZK0WpWg

Hot damn! This concert is straight outta the future. wrd.cm/1Ik9iM1

Apple to the iPad: Go out and get a damn job already. wired.com/2015/06/apple-… pic.twitter.com/tBMkLR0gNn

Like magic: @SteinwayAndSons's newest piano can play a perfect concerto by itself. wrd.cm/1xX8vAf pic.twitter.com/gg6KhaNZsg

The immersive, location-aware audio tours at the #NewSFMOMA are *crazy* smart: wired.com/2016/05/sfmoma… pic.twitter.com/CnELgWid4v

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