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Guys, can we talk about how pretty this elementary school is? wrd.cm/1VlmElq pic.twitter.com/1IgjSk5XJm

Here are all the roads that lead to Rome bit.ly/221wJoL pic.twitter.com/yzbNMXefyd

Our National Design Museum releases a font designed by masters. wrd.cm/1DyyBHe pic.twitter.com/1w5ezjM36c

This wild shape-shifting sofa can be whatever you want it to be bit.ly/1SG3D64 pic.twitter.com/B8mL4ehimd

Basecamp 3 will change the way you think about work—again bit.ly/1ksgX4t pic.twitter.com/l1ORMIpbwR

We talked to Jeanne Gang, the hometown star of Chicago's first ever architecture biennial. wrd.cm/1FX7jAx pic.twitter.com/EACqSUH0zw

Yves Behar on how smart design can propel social change. wrd.cm/1JE2V4C pic.twitter.com/DNnzkOBBBI

The brutally honest truth about the creative process, according to @abstractsunday bit.ly/2fZK9Ch pic.twitter.com/ENZG9Dnbej

You could play this jigsaw puzzle forever and never finish it bit.ly/2gYCl40 pic.twitter.com/4L514OnBkI

This new typewriter-inspired font from @HoeflerCo is crafted for coders bit.ly/1QVeqLw pic.twitter.com/f8fNVbk33u

Google's new Cardboard app is the go-to how-to for designing in virtual reality: wired.com/2015/05/google… pic.twitter.com/f9PHVzYtZX

This awesome VR version of 'Paperboy' actually makes you peddle a bike and heave newspapers ow.ly/nxOse

How Shake Shack made a 70-year-old font hot again: wired.com/2015/07/shake-… pic.twitter.com/maOyzli0bs

Watch a pianist play a duet with slime mold. That's right, slime mold. wrd.cm/1KXtFjJ

Inside WeWork's radical plan to remake real estate with code bit.ly/258wF8f pic.twitter.com/ovOobpakSu

This web app visualizes Wikipedia as a starry galaxy of articles. wired.com/2014/12/web-ap… pic.twitter.com/IIN0n5x4Cv

You might not need Microsoft's Surface Dial, but you'll probably want it bit.ly/2efAaEh pic.twitter.com/0tW5IrEsi3

You'd probably never guess it, but this excellent branding is for a physical therapy office. wrd.cm/1HXtPWI pic.twitter.com/3VcENCvl5a

Nun fashion is way more fascinating than you probably realize bit.ly/2gVuiB2 pic.twitter.com/Vq8VPx5Y5F

They're just like us! @bonappetit shot the food pics in its new issue on an iPhone bit.ly/1OdSve0 pic.twitter.com/t1XqOsencQ

The @metmuseum explains its controversial new logo bit.ly/1oyZFW1 pic.twitter.com/nDbuCS7FgG

This modular bike seat comes apart to deter saddle-stealers: wired.com/2016/05/modula… pic.twitter.com/TNc79wQebl

What will we find in pawn shops in 2050? Maybe something like these wacky gadgets. wired.com/2015/01/14-goo… pic.twitter.com/SiuKHSvK3i

How WIRED Designed the Ultimate Smartwatch wired.com/design/2014/01… pic.twitter.com/rlBUDyGAXw

Jony Ive's big promotion isn't really about Jony Ive. wired.com/2015/05/jony-i… pic.twitter.com/e0fPrUV3NG

What if our money were designed to celebrate science instead of presidents? wired.com/2014/11/money-… pic.twitter.com/HeunOs2tXP

Now anyone can own NASA's fabled 1970s graphics manual bit.ly/1U2F8oZ pic.twitter.com/eUYfuyUI6u

Writing sci-fi could make architects better at their jobs bit.ly/1q8QmN8 pic.twitter.com/sQ4mABVwXC

New York City's subway newsstand just got a majorly trendy upgrade bit.ly/1Lxz5j8 pic.twitter.com/zdaiRpJe7s

Bud Light, prince of beers, gets a new retro can design bit.ly/1maTqWG pic.twitter.com/dBY1aUFoNh

Rhythm Necklace is a sweet app for playing with polyrhythms wired.com/2015/05/sweet-… pic.twitter.com/OyTwcjeOmn

Moonman is pixelated platform game that never plays the same way twice. wrd.cm/1xZS5Af pic.twitter.com/NLYr6WpiTy

So this is cool: Josef Albers' album cover designs for Command Records in the 1960s. albersincommand.com pic.twitter.com/el9N19mpVZ

These 3-D printed prosthetics look fit for a sci-fi warrior. wired.com/2015/01/3-d-pr… pic.twitter.com/5NGM3oCFFj

What do Google X, Best Buy and Blue Man Group have in common? They all wanted to see what these sensors had to say. wrd.cm/1CFGIFY

Map of satellite image footprints being used to search missing flight MH370, via @mapbox mapbox.com/blog/flight-MH… pic.twitter.com/RF3s8wp1g0

Planned Parenthood worked with @ideo to reimagine what it's like to visit its clinics bit.ly/1piLLXU pic.twitter.com/VLA9mVQq2y

We talked to newly appointed @risd president @rsomerson about innovation and failure bit.ly/1RnExdn pic.twitter.com/F5lFo98Rxt

This bamboo tower produces water from air. wired.com/2015/01/archit… pic.twitter.com/ANV6Ux4j8Q

This dress is made from 3-D printed plastic, but it flows like fabric. wired.com/2014/12/dress-… pic.twitter.com/VtWBZAdaGc

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