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It's almost hard to believe Microsoft's actually selling these goofy anti-Google products wired.com/design/2013/11… pic.twitter.com/8hfJ8w3ohv

Dieter Rams is finally getting a feature film. And the director of Helvetica is behind it! wired.com/2016/06/direct… pic.twitter.com/dHH9sULhe4

Google just made its smartwatch faces actually useful. wrd.cm/1JlRlQ2 pic.twitter.com/TaDPKpZbEr

This new app from @ustwo is like a personal trainer for your mental health. wrd.cm/1DwIdav pic.twitter.com/vhPIIXcCPV

This $19 gizmo turns anything into a touchpad. wrd.cm/1e3iCKN pic.twitter.com/jcMf4e9eRT

The next generation of death mask is freakishly beautiful bit.ly/2gYtiQn pic.twitter.com/0CIcAAxC21

You people wouldn't believe the typographical details in Blade Runner: wired.com/2016/06/people… pic.twitter.com/ev5Gy68TI2

Finally, the Tokyo Olympics has a logo: wired.com/2016/04/finall… pic.twitter.com/dnF0IW731d

You've never heard of the architects designing the new @Guggenheim: wired.com/2015/06/youve-… pic.twitter.com/zpAw1Zb6e3

Nobody does playgrounds like the Brutalists. Nobody. wired.com/2015/06/nobody… pic.twitter.com/9ppdGeCWJA

Typography is why Jeb's logo is worse than a piece of crap: wired.com/2015/06/jeb-bu… pic.twitter.com/8BngBGkrAR

15 hilariously bad designs for everyday objects: wired.com/2014/04/perfec… pic.twitter.com/JyLIOeWCGC

This sweet music maker does pretty much everything. wrd.cm/1NYfM7p pic.twitter.com/tKLtnLDWSS

Why we should design some things to be *difficult* to use. wrd.cm/1vPcCxm

Metamorphabet, another bewildering, inspiring creation by @Vectorpark wired.com/2015/02/wish-g… pic.twitter.com/Cw4nZxybiJ

These wild sensors for Google's modular phone are way cooler than customizable cases. wrd.cm/1E3aFj6 pic.twitter.com/BoTmUIndDz

8,000 glowing balloons will recreate the Berlin Wall this weekend. wired.com/2014/11/8000-g… pic.twitter.com/9K4vT5ZEvS

Take a photo tour of the world's largest ship. wired.com/2014/10/matz-m… pic.twitter.com/gXt5KPKKWW

Welcome to the Bolivian mountains, where magical realism is a way of life. wired.com/2014/08/welcom… pic.twitter.com/P4tbaoWsHw

A redesigned parking sign so simple you'll never get towed again. wired.com/2014/07/a-rede… pic.twitter.com/LsupFTQlwj

This isn't a real flower. It's a micro-sculpture as thin as hair. Here's how it's made. wired.com/2014/07/these-… pic.twitter.com/2Uiuq93jsO

This Is What Smart Kitchen Gadgets Should Look Like wrd.cm/1g1D66D pic.twitter.com/pz8PBOsoTv

This Open Source Graffiti Drone Will Give Cops Nightmares wired.com/2014/04/a-nigh… pic.twitter.com/gDzCbvt85t

We Asked Three World-Class Architects to Go Crazy With Legos wired.com/design/2013/10… pic.twitter.com/dbzWcRmO8R

Adidas is turning ocean plastic into high-performing shoes: wired.com/2016/06/adidas… pic.twitter.com/CGURrYPGl7

For something so simple, minimal design sure is complicated bit.ly/1Xtpiml pic.twitter.com/RkqsTXI0nB

This insanely detailed globe of the moon shows every dimple bit.ly/1Q6NGUN pic.twitter.com/7LjLeK8eTW

Tracing the 50-year love affair between art and computers bit.ly/1Xv7eIV pic.twitter.com/rjSyH6lD8H

Oculus Rift takes you inside the wild mind of Salvador Dali bit.ly/1VrTxbW

You wouldn't think it, but typeface piracy is a big problem wrd.cm/1GhV0zj pic.twitter.com/fhv5nvFhNN

All good logos are modernist logos, really. wrd.cm/1Z3zuUP pic.twitter.com/oiNganjIB8

Apple is going to kill the home screen with iOS 9: wired.com/2015/06/ios9-p… pic.twitter.com/YXlP4jzGcU

Consulting giant McKinsey bought itself a top design firm. wrd.cm/1JgEpe1

Help! We can't stop watching these mesmerizing GIFs. wrd.cm/1QCN64u pic.twitter.com/lr0xwuEQiB

This artist draws detailed portraits using only his eyes. wrd.cm/1FT8Swy pic.twitter.com/qqMbKGHdSK

This Pixar-inspired projector beams your VR experience into the entire room. wrd.cm/1CmlsBG pic.twitter.com/qFwMNJUnpw

Google's betting custom skins will make modular phones sexy. wired.com/2015/01/google… pic.twitter.com/Cb0SZo9OCp

Here are this year's 8 smartest UI design ideas. wired.com/2014/12/years-… pic.twitter.com/ez7UcYZDHu

Pretty cool: The renovated @cooperhewitt lets you play the role of designer. wired.com/2014/12/innova… pic.twitter.com/q02kxc0pOD

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