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truly devastating! (via Marco…

truly devastating! (via Marco Luna) pic.twitter.com/wn0Vd8y3MW

Trust me, I'm a Character Designer pic.twitter.com/TFr5NU2Csx

current status (hiding) pic.twitter.com/NhgwHzElHm

Early birds for PictoBerlin featuring Sean Charmatz now available, link in bio pic.twitter.com/6e6AMP1MJY

My new startup! Currently hiring cats. no pay, but good for exposure… pic.twitter.com/LqkBu19xkG

This by #PictoplasmaAcademy Alumnus Christian Michel. How about you? Apply now: academy.pictoplasma.com pic.twitter.com/ePDueIZTbY

Behind the scenes artifacts from @thatlukeperson including a @hildatheseries show bible! pic.twitter.com/6zzTpHs8ez

New Pictoplasma Berlin conference speaker to be announced shortly! Can you guess who? pic.twitter.com/mIj7M8LNuf

Look at all the VR fucks I give pic.twitter.com/HcbVgRljzE

Here comes #CharacterDesignLesson 18: The dos and don'ts of packaging design! 1/7 pic.twitter.com/vTYdnR0Gp3

#CharacterDesignLesson 10: Keep in mind that your design MUST appeal to your target audience 1/3 pic.twitter.com/468eA6iiC6

I have the feeling 2015 will be a good year pic.twitter.com/H8uCJcJ7Kw

Thank God It’s Friday pic.twitter.com/5YrWIY3u50

Homer fixed the internet! (via Christoph Bruns) pic.twitter.com/5e34SV8poT

hands up if you love star wars pic.twitter.com/00QduMa1zO

Trust me, I'm a Character Designer! pic.twitter.com/LIPfON2Qhs

happy birthday bauhaus pic.twitter.com/154TqBRWI2

expose yourself to art pic.twitter.com/yyJ3jri67o

morning mood-swing (Thanks to Tim Belliveau) pic.twitter.com/EDBETj0Dxk

Let Nikolay Ivanov hypnotise you with his #CharacterStareDown entry... pic.twitter.com/qkhOA7VTFW

We return to NYC! pic.twitter.com/qakmLVhVs9

2018 is gradually calming down... High hopes that 2019 will be a good hair year pic.twitter.com/ojpE72TTdq

strangely, this makes total sense to me. (via Jane Queen) pic.twitter.com/xvWWHg8Zkm

Dog paradise at @iamjohnbond exhibition!

Thank God It's Friday pic.twitter.com/4OZ9MM1tr9

playing a casual game of Solitaire with our new oculus rift 3.0 pic.twitter.com/HSubYV1BZ1

The Pictoplasma Publishing family has a new member: Character Portraits - OUT NOW! publishing.pictoplasma.com pic.twitter.com/Cxu76dYUc4

need inspiration? search for sims gone wrong! pic.twitter.com/LyNfuUso7H

Character Walk maps back from printer. Pictoplasma 2014 here we go! pic.twitter.com/ruBzif9qtn

El hopaness romtic send tweet pic.twitter.com/fIk2CpX4zZ

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