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Neon-colored Tokyo by Xavier Portela: bit.ly/2b9QsMR pic.twitter.com/IzEg1MWqGR

Portrait made by artist Zenyk Palagniuk using 13,000 nails and 24 km thread. Filmed by Vova Zagranovsky. pic.twitter.com/KJCWFvmLlj

Disocver Hiroharu Matsumoto's minimalist urban photographs: bit.ly/2bjSP4P pic.twitter.com/dnWs9mdMeh

Trees in the fog captured by Swiss photographer Pierre Pellegrini: bit.ly/2c7qtIb pic.twitter.com/Eaa3rVk4TF

Creative photo collages by Stephen McMennamy: bit.ly/2b8lPLg pic.twitter.com/IIBqXRLZs2

Hiroharu Matsumoto – Minimalist Urban Photography dlvr.it/M2tY2T pic.twitter.com/9eS4d1j9iQ

Abstract paintings by Isabelle Beaubien: bit.ly/1XnDsIK pic.twitter.com/TjPLpJw44n

Trying to get my work done on a Monday often feels like that. #Animation by Eran Mendel: bit.ly/1Wc3FcV pic.twitter.com/CGNEkjJ1QH

The changing faces of #Prince by Martin Homent. pic.twitter.com/lAYbUq4M54

Girl Pool – Photography by Maria Svarbova: bit.ly/2CrjKFN pic.twitter.com/BoEbZFDSfb

A Night Out in Seoul – Illustrations by Coen Pohl dlvr.it/NS0dMb pic.twitter.com/koiOIyfNTb

Land of Pixels by Atelier Olschinsky: bit.ly/28LBqNn pic.twitter.com/c6XKgshvwp

David Bowie Photo Exhibit by Terry O’Neill at Ransom Gallery dlvr.it/MD0ZJk pic.twitter.com/eV2eHqqdxT

Trivial Expose, a series of artworks by Alberto Seveso: bit.ly/1o4aac3 pic.twitter.com/YPL080rVlJ

A Night Out in Seoul – Illustrations by Coen Pohl: bit.ly/2la4Aeh pic.twitter.com/soSlbvvFN5

The Rolling Stones illustrated by Stavros Damos: bit.ly/2jJ40nl pic.twitter.com/JfDBDzXw8T

Amazing aerochrome and infrared photography by Zak van Biljon: bit.ly/2dqlq7P pic.twitter.com/PWhON7ztjw

Steve Zissou – typographic portraits by Peter Strain.Check out more of the portraits here: bit.ly/2aNev7q pic.twitter.com/mTzgsREHSj

Amazing vintage inspired #illustrations by Mads Berg: bit.ly/2byvCtb pic.twitter.com/PkZRoBOKcr

Pokémon Go, a satirical illustration by Pawel Kuczynski: bit.ly/2aL4uEb pic.twitter.com/bqGTHiVPfs

Geometric abstraction by American artist Clare Rojas: bit.ly/2b3dNRe pic.twitter.com/ymFLUHRyOy

Elastic Perspective, a sculptural viewpoint by NEXT Architects: bit.ly/2aZ7Ebu pic.twitter.com/jFfLLDXw2S

Surreal illustrations by Kim Daehyun: bit.ly/2aGed3I pic.twitter.com/031bCN4Gf7

‘Twisted’, a #loop #animation created by Markus Magnusson for LoopdeLoop. weandthecolor.com/loops-and-anim… #gif pic.twitter.com/5JtY2YNHwq

Poster illustration by Mark Oliver for the city of Brighton: bit.ly/2inZKNj pic.twitter.com/1WcBX5vbAR

Night Photography by Andreas Levers dlvr.it/Mp7GLV pic.twitter.com/QZP8dU3i1W

Architectural photography by Lars Focke: bit.ly/2byqhAX pic.twitter.com/cnrPliXwnI

Check out Jennifer Collier's lovely designed #papercraft #sculptures: bit.ly/2aIY5yP pic.twitter.com/xHjF89ID2C

Singularity II – Architectural Photography by Florian W. Mueller dlvr.it/PsB3LQ pic.twitter.com/z75EKuDgvw

Hamburg Deconstruction – Architectural Photography by Carsten Witte dlvr.it/P27sQP pic.twitter.com/M8x0tAJCZm

Creative photo manipulations by Brandon Kidwell: bit.ly/1I8dhNQ pic.twitter.com/WGjlVZY1Bt

Dare to Bare – #painting by artist Conor Harrington: bit.ly/2cypD8G pic.twitter.com/KImshoxk1Q

The Grand Tour, NASA’s vision of the future illustrated by Invisible Creature. More here: bit.ly/2cOi3oR pic.twitter.com/r7Ce2clEOy

Beards and fonts... Check out Christian Goldemann's typography beard guide: bit.ly/2bX3VrS pic.twitter.com/uROmp5LNVa

Animated #gif made by Eran Mendel as tribute to one of Rio's Olympic icons, Simone Biles. bit.ly/1RR4ly1 pic.twitter.com/q323qAY5Dn

New York City aerial photography by Jeffrey Milstein: bit.ly/2bBVFD0 pic.twitter.com/63nLHlEp7P

"After", illustration by Kim Roselier. Find more here: bit.ly/2aPkeGf pic.twitter.com/5QbseA1Zed

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