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Check out this very useful character design tutorial by Yema Yema fb.me/2RkNpwjBu

Music posters by illustrator @rabbitportal bit.ly/matt-saunders-… pic.twitter.com/lQyNk6IISh w/ @sigurros #art #posters

Miffy Art Parade celebrate 60 years of Dick Bruna's iconic character bit.ly/1KimVzf pic.twitter.com/Ha5zw82zPo

Zosen & Mina Hamada are two visual artists based in Barcelona, one from Argentina... fb.me/2RRid2n2r pic.twitter.com/o4f7L0dNdX

A classic 1970′s ice cream truck becomes a mobile #screenprinting van with @PrintVanParis: bit.ly/1jdp3po pic.twitter.com/fVFGv3wY2g

Illustrator and author @owendaveydraws discusses his latest @nobrowpress collab bit.ly/interview-owen… pic.twitter.com/UkC19oMqkz #monkeys

Expressive and emotive work by featured illustrator @keithnegley bit.ly/keith-negley-i… #illustration w/ @cccaitb pic.twitter.com/KQ0j4HkWrU

"The beauty of making a #collage is that there are no rules" @SammySlabbinck @digital_arts bit.ly/1mIe3qA pic.twitter.com/c4ArDVQYFJ

"I like more playing with the shapes, twisting realistic elements to see above its usual form." - @ugogattoni #art pic.twitter.com/4khkP81vfC

What does it take to come up with a really great idea? - by illustrator Christoph Niemann christophniemann.com pic.twitter.com/nejZo2unqg

.@FlyingEyeBooks celebrate the Bird Kingdom with their latest book release bit.ly/1E2dA6A #illustration #kids pic.twitter.com/VQ2v14MeAP

Love these snazzy #NYC inspired stamps by @cachetejack #illustration pic.twitter.com/zTD59aNifH

Fun and juicy images by Szechuan illustrator Ding Ding bit.ly/ding-ding #illustration #colour #food #feature pic.twitter.com/PsScP0BnSl

Advice from the world's leading character designers w/ @pictoplasma @digital_arts @wearetado bit.ly/digital-arts-p… pic.twitter.com/nzbx1jCUy6

We pick our top 4 comics from @nobrowpress's A Graphic Cosmogony - bit.ly/1Ff91um pic.twitter.com/GOJiKjuiFD

"Create the animals form with a few basic geometric shapes." - @StudioMuti via @digital_arts » bit.ly/1iAmH5n pic.twitter.com/e3IeLZBFtq

Colour plays a huge part in the poetic nature of the work of illustrator @Jon_McN bit.ly/jon-mcnaught-c… pic.twitter.com/AagGmThIeP

Aesthetically, my illustrations tend to be rich in detail and heavily patterned.." @JesFortner bit.ly/jessica-fortner pic.twitter.com/KZrsl1ZAAa

Sneak peek of @lucysherston's hand painted signs for @glug - awesome! #GlugBrum #DIY #illustration pic.twitter.com/eE9aVzJ2zY

"Becoming an illustrator was a cosmic accident" - check out our interview with @400facts bit.ly/1treUAy pic.twitter.com/pcccYmugIV

"Quick, rough drawings are invaluable in getting a strong visual concept down.."- Sam Peet bit.ly/sam-peet-icons pic.twitter.com/5Q3WvV0OWF

Expert design tips by @SteveSimpson @MiddayStudio @brotherdesignnz w/ @CreativeBloq bit.ly/food-packaging… #packaging pic.twitter.com/6KqeuefHlM

Zines, Bill Murray and the art of collaboration - we sit down with @bellykids bit.ly/belly-kids-int… #illustration pic.twitter.com/zIkTwKXqBq

Cute and colourful superhero mural made from over 8,000 Post-It notes! via @Creative_Boom bit.ly/1I67k1p pic.twitter.com/3l79OuJCIH

A peek into the archives of @RadioTimes #Christmas covers on today's #WildFridays @simonwild bit.ly/radio-times-xm… pic.twitter.com/aXO2IbyFYn

Illustrator @sandradieckmann ventures into the world of animation! pic.twitter.com/UftNBaG1lN

Love these surreal, dream-like #illustrations by @littleteashi littleteashi.tumblr.com pic.twitter.com/uTfGWaP5yZ

Quirky plant pots by Miru Brugmann - we love them all! etsy.com/shop/mirubrugm… pic.twitter.com/08knhk8FSv

Dive into the dreamy works of #LA based illustrator Maggie Chiang bit.ly/maggie-chiang #feature pic.twitter.com/vyBgcRNeES

Manchester agency @thisisTrueNorth stage a giant advent calender with local artists: bit.ly/advent-mcr pic.twitter.com/CZEyJQJ3ok

Interview: @keithnegley on storytelling, #illustration and fatherhood bit.ly/keith-negeley w/ @FlyingEyeBooks pic.twitter.com/3KCXVwA1Ib

"The most important thing is to be diverse." - Tim Colmant bit.ly/interview-tim-… #pattern #illustration #design pic.twitter.com/i1iiWkoVjY

Instagram crush: Illustrator @RaymondLemstra shares his awesome #Crumbs series bit.ly/1cQrjqS #illustration pic.twitter.com/MKIOzW3Olh

DOT is a brand new magazine by the creators of @AnorakMagazine bit.ly/1K5qIN8 #illustration #magazine #DOT pic.twitter.com/jfQBz2Dzl9

Awesome fabric patches designed by @juliapott for Lazzari clothing in Italy #kids #fashion #cute #patches pic.twitter.com/MYko8baTxY

Artist Durieux takes #film poster art to the next level in today's #WildFridays bit.ly/laurent-durieu… #design #film pic.twitter.com/dC6mv8XQHk

Review : New pocket-sized guide to East London's unique wildlife from @HoxtonMiniPress - bit.ly/1BPOqvI pic.twitter.com/FQoiGxAPUk

Fantastic collection of characters by #pictoplasma academy students are on show at @Urban_Spree - go see! pic.twitter.com/yakOnOdQOA

In Focus: @owendaveydraws for @LeisureSociety "Draw stuff that excites you."bit.ly/QgJafl #illustration pic.twitter.com/laxoYIgrRY

"Fur and markings can really change the personality of your characters." - @hindleyillos » bit.ly/1iAmH5n pic.twitter.com/pc9WYJbMaw

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