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Cult movies from the 1970s. bit.ly/1O0Gyua pic.twitter.com/SVKMJbVLLp

"How to look like Batman, using your cat." Photo by Damien Greenhalgh. pic.twitter.com/V2cvf6lRZH

NEW | 10 Best Illustrators of 2016.

Head Full of Dreams: Illustrations by Rachel Fagiano illusion.scene360.com/art/71974/rach…. #art pic.twitter.com/OqcP9QlmAa

A modern museum built in sand. bit.ly/1GKZ8Rr pic.twitter.com/DFuEB2Nnpd

10 Social Good Projects that are Changing the World! bit.ly/1AUpaGc @horyou @festival_cannes #socialgood pic.twitter.com/KltTv4pdqz

Top Illustrators of the Year! bit.ly/1NwTmqi @laluisarivera @mounifeddag @mtomsky @heypatyeah pic.twitter.com/GCH8wYSr0J

10 Modern Stock Photos Designers Can Really Get Behind goo.gl/uDiyuR More synd.co/1yacYZj @500pxPrime pic.twitter.com/JxH3srUs1y

NEW! Japan-Based Tattooer Gakkin Creates Beautiful Body Suits bit.ly/215rh1u @gakkinx + #kenjialucky pic.twitter.com/39cfwt8egT

A hyperrealistic painting by Antoine Dutilh (@ant1pk). morilondon.com | Via: goo.gl/7SrNRg pic.twitter.com/vqBQnfRSku


DAIM's 3D Graffiti Displayed On Street and Museum Walls illusion.scene360.com/art/72808/daim… pic.twitter.com/MAhkXlwJLO

Brenda Rosete is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores identity. bit.ly/2pCmUzX pic.twitter.com/cvbhfwcllE

A @Scene360 + @Ello feature: 10 GIF Artists Who Will Blow Your Mind on Ello.

One of the nicest people we met at the tattoo convention. Check out @AlleTattoo

NEW | Encountering the Unknown: Eerily Beautiful Visions by Severin Ettlin. bit.ly/2jKZmVZ pic.twitter.com/oukedWNi5h

Flattened Fiats: Ron Arad Crushes Cars into Industrial Sculptures. bit.ly/1ExG8Jl @ronaradstudio #art pic.twitter.com/2SCsyxjadt

Japanese artists Gakkin and Nissaco are the perfect pair to do a collaborative torso tattoo. bit.ly/2zth0J2 pic.twitter.com/F8bABVnKFP

NEW | All We Cannot See: An Interview with Marco Mazzoni. bit.ly/2jRjRCT @marcomazzoniart pic.twitter.com/8o2O9royAM

Illustrations of Interconnected Life by Meni Chatzipanagiotou. bit.ly/21mRISp @MeniChatz pic.twitter.com/OJtyXH424t

Dreamcatcher Girls: The Art of Jennifer Healy. bit.ly/1BReT8a #drawing #pencilart pic.twitter.com/qRXzE1PPzu

Our handpicked selection of #inspirationalquotes about art and creativity. bit.ly/1GvR9tl thx @graphicstock_ pic.twitter.com/mjl6AO6Z9Q

An experimental film by Mr Kaplin. Watch here: vimeo.com/84090553 mrkaplin.com #motion pic.twitter.com/7yGNXhOFTC

NEW! Obsessive GIF Artist Al Boardman on the Importance of Personal Projects. bit.ly/29exjZI @elloworld pic.twitter.com/f805vMNghv

...Gakkin simply got bored of fashion school and preferred hanging out at local tattoo shops bit.ly/215rh1u pic.twitter.com/TVqFOkJ46c

We’re always impressed by the caliber of submissions to the A’ Design Award and Competition. bit.ly/1MDF7X1 pic.twitter.com/IllwafUrtD

10 Remarkable Paintings by Blind and Visually Impaired Artists. bit.ly/1H99oJb @bramblitt @keithsalmon pic.twitter.com/UWJY8j9gYD

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