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Brand identity style guides from around the world logodesignlove.com/brand-identity…

The simplest ideas are often the best logodesignlove.com/the-swan-hotel (by Gareth Proctor of @wearesonnet) pic.twitter.com/YCgYMKptv6

A study on logo treatments and brand perceptions logodesignlove.com/a-study-on-log… (by @SiegelGale) pic.twitter.com/e3T08hzjPO

Logobook archives the finest old and new logos logodesignlove.com/logobook (via @CreativeReview) pic.twitter.com/70eOPrfME1

A nicely crafted monogram for @WallOfWally — an illustrative tribute to Wally Olins CBE. logodesignlove.com/wall-of-wally pic.twitter.com/YnroLfABvk

Architectural logos. When the design idea is staring you in the face. logodesignlove.com/architectural-…

Stellar monogram for John&Jane logodesignlove.com/john-and-jane (by @skinn_be) pic.twitter.com/V41t8sQwy1

1979 Mediterranean Games symbol logodesignlove.com/mediterranean-… (by Borislav Ljubičić, via @designersbookss and @AisleOne) pic.twitter.com/dm7a4i0iVC

The symbolism of Japan’s prefectural flags logodesignlove.com/japan-prefectu… pic.twitter.com/5UlRJ4YESE

Top work by @wearemucho to mark the fourth centenary of the death of Cervantes logodesignlove.com/iv-centenary-d… pic.twitter.com/Eg0N7KJ0uV

Fish. Kitchen. Done. logodesignlove.com/longsands-fish… (by @rosspichler, for @LongsandsFish) pic.twitter.com/yPNLGGJetu

A comprehensive new identity for @Netflix, by @GretelNYC logodesignlove.com/netflix-identi… pic.twitter.com/3LkfxjqrYF

Great symbol for carpenter Henry Wood, from a few years back logodesignlove.com/henry-wood-thu… (by Sam Hall of @the_partners) pic.twitter.com/9Fscp8cIC4

Designer @RichBaird is collating hundreds of classic symbols and monograms logodesignlove.com/logoarchive pic.twitter.com/aWy2rMxqd3

Liking @Superfried’s work for The Music Shop logodesignlove.com/the-music-shop pic.twitter.com/OpjpSGyiKl

Dylan @Stableford of Yahoo News asked me about Hillary Clinton's campaign logo logodesignlove.com/hillary-clinto… pic.twitter.com/J7a75EfC0n

Alphabet Logo is the latest book in @Counterprint’s Trademarks & Symbols series logodesignlove.com/alphabet-logo pic.twitter.com/T9nbBptNMX

The ‘Logo Modernism’ book looks good logodesignlove.com/logo-modernism (from @TASCHENBooks, by @a5jensmueller) pic.twitter.com/wndiA1WDxU

Fun identity work for Russian bookstore Respublica University logodesignlove.com/respublica-uni… (by Denis Bashev) pic.twitter.com/V98eCV3Q7B

Firefox sketches logodesignlove.com/firefox-sketch… (by @BOLTgraphics and @WolffOlins)

Paul Rand introducing the NeXT logo to Steve Jobs and his team. youtube.com/watch?v=OUTxtv… (via @GoreaJr)

A history of the Hollywood sign logodesignlove.com/hollywood-sign…

An eye-catcher for Zeppe Deliveria della Pizza, a new restaurant in Belo Horizonte, Brazil logodesignlove.com/zeppe-deliveri… pic.twitter.com/XjGBDMGvce

Lovely type customisation for Lisa Winstanley’s personal logo. logodesignlove.com/lisa-winstanley pic.twitter.com/V83fDGyBed

British Airways logo evolution logodesignlove.com/british-airway…

A great update to the @BrentfordFC club crest logodesignlove.com/brentford-fc-c… (by @wearearticle) pic.twitter.com/gOeuwxa79e

The Atari logo: behind “the Fuji” logodesignlove.com/atari-logo (from @lapetino’s excellent Art of Atari) pic.twitter.com/4ZHXVUm1YD

A few winners in the “best use of logo” category from last year's @ChipShopAwards logodesignlove.com/chip-shop-awar… pic.twitter.com/CiY9T0jV1a

Lovely negative space logo for ice cream startup Mr Cooper logodesignlove.com/mr-cooper-ice-… (by @johnsonbanks & @RobClarkeType) pic.twitter.com/CmkqlOi4vx

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