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Such an inventive idea for Noji Architects in Sligo. “No wasted space. No wasted material.” logodesignlove.com/noji-architects pic.twitter.com/ne6dmUIyJM

Embark sells DNA test kits to dog owners. Lovely symbol. logodesignlove.com/embark (by @MetaDesignSF, via @ucllc) pic.twitter.com/s7d1H9qtpa

Sagi Haviv of @CGHNYC on working with clients from different cultural backgrounds logodesignlove.com/cultural-diffe… #HOWLive pic.twitter.com/DcTS2LBoMH

A smart return to the 1968 clover leaf logo for @TheCooperative logodesignlove.com/co-op-logo pic.twitter.com/NS0v6ur1cg

Eye-catching logos among the finalists of this year’s @AGDAawards logodesignlove.com/agda-design-aw… pic.twitter.com/LA4pRFy2ru

Logos of companies that test on animals logodesignlove.com/companies-test… (via @peta) pic.twitter.com/BqXrGmC8BG

A new food magazine with a tasty identity by @TBWA_Istanbul logodesignlove.com/feed-magazine pic.twitter.com/twbiMO4wAO

Avantgarde (@CreatingFans) designed 12 architecture-based monograms for the city of Dresden logodesignlove.com/dresden-edition pic.twitter.com/y4T20DHXog

When is a logo not a logo? The Canada 2015 Women's World Cup. logodesignlove.com/canada-2015-wo…

A definite upgrade with the new Moonpig logotype (and identity) logodesignlove.com/moonpig-identi… pic.twitter.com/2eVVCN0vGD

Just a few of the trademarks opposed by Adidas thefashionlaw.com/home/nike-v-ad… (via @Prof_Farley) pic.twitter.com/zTXtZLwAx0

Symbol Sourcebook: An Authoritative Guide to International Graphic Symbols (1972) logodesignlove.com/symbol-sourceb… pic.twitter.com/Bz5qV2Sc3K

Top symbols & trademarks of the world, 1973 logodesignlove.com/top-symbols-tr… pic.twitter.com/fDXNcoDGFc

Cyclist @MrMarkBeaumont asked @ostreetstudio for a bold and simple logo with a human element. logodesignlove.com/africa-solo pic.twitter.com/bPoOdqSkXQ

"I often think that presentations are more difficult than the work itself." logodesignlove.com/saul-bass-on-p…

A fitting, grape-like monogram for Waddesdon Wine logodesignlove.com/waddesdon-wine (by @Belford_Paul) pic.twitter.com/WcgyEG0UxO

Everything is Design: The Work of Paul Rand, currently exhibiting at the @MuseumofCityNY logodesignlove.com/everything-is-… pic.twitter.com/9ejGDG9SbW

Nice use of negative space by @Magpie_Studio logodesignlove.com/cliffhanger-lo…

A simpler look for the ubiquitous @MasterCard symbol logodesignlove.com/mastercard-logo (by @Pentagram) pic.twitter.com/kp0Aiz8S30

Much appreciation to @JabalAmman for publishing Logo Design Love in Arabic. Twelve languages! pic.twitter.com/Hkj2rkjB9W

FireSigns — an interesting new book by @UofL professor of design Steven Skaggs logodesignlove.com/firesigns-semi… pic.twitter.com/Hctiazfv9C

A fun-looking project for Oben, a new restaurant in Vienna logodesignlove.com/oben-by-kitchen (by @thekitchensthlm) pic.twitter.com/b3LDr42DYL

The new identity for @HelsinkiPhil is rather good logodesignlove.com/helsinki-philh… (by @BondHelsinki, via @ucllc) pic.twitter.com/s3M8OxmOSR

Interesting speech marks logo for the Katona József Theatre logodesignlove.com/katona-jozsef-… (via @ucllc)

Lovely use of pattern by @Heystudio for footwear brand Arrels logodesignlove.com/arrels-barcelo… (via @Visuelleuk) pic.twitter.com/onfOdJPhQ3

Bloc Logos aims to revive and restore logotypes and symbols created during the Soviet era. logodesignlove.com/bloc-logos pic.twitter.com/cHtRJPtnN3

Some free and premium design mockup resources logodesignlove.com/design-mockup-… pic.twitter.com/lQY1J1m2e9

"ITV1 to become 'ITV' in major corporate rebrand" digitalspy.co.uk/media/news/a43…

An appropriate symbol for Albia, a new office building in Monterrey logodesignlove.com/albia-logo-by-… (by @SavvyStudio) pic.twitter.com/aiGhf1g8wJ

“Conceptually, the figurative element conveys no concept, except perhaps that of a cloud.” logodesignlove.com/sky-versus-sky… pic.twitter.com/j1DmluzFsr

Quick thoughts from designer @RobClarkeType on working with clients vs studio collaborations eyeondesign.aiga.org/listen-to-the-… pic.twitter.com/iQQpi3UXy8

Canadian logos, lovingly preserved logodesignlove.com/canadian-logos (by @northernarmy) pic.twitter.com/OsWM21YtHh

The Logo Design Idea Book logodesignlove.com/the-logo-desig… (by @thedailyheller & @GailAndersonNY, from @LaurenceKingPub) pic.twitter.com/OOlUryiPlR

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