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A new book from @UnitEditions on the typographic work of Herb Lubalin (1918-81) logodesignlove.com/herb-lubalin-t… pic.twitter.com/ne0ZOVeCOH

Asian Cup 2015 logo unveiled logodesignlove.com/asian-cup-2015…

The Logo Design Idea Book logodesignlove.com/the-logo-desig… (by @thedailyheller & @GailAndersonNY, from @LaurenceKingPub) pic.twitter.com/OOlUryiPlR

Cycling brand @rapha hired @DaltonMaag to refine the @OfficialWiggins wordmark logodesignlove.com/wiggins-wordma… pic.twitter.com/d0qMmFabRA

"Better to be gay than grumpy" logodesignlove.com/homovino (HomoVino, designed by @MetaDesignSF)

A memorable mark for Quillsen logodesignlove.com/quillsen-logo (by @CI_DS, for @Quillsen_Rez) pic.twitter.com/64luJVUwB9

Liking the new animated wordmark (and complete identity) for @BBCNewsbeat logodesignlove.com/bbc-newsbeat (by @movingbrands) pic.twitter.com/9NZxAlD1qf

The Pixar logo and the hopping desk lamp logodesignlove.com/pixar-logo pic.twitter.com/ywMKk7dDss

“S’nowt like a lovely little logo job.” logodesignlove.com/little-green-p… (by @baxterandbailey, for @littlegreenpig1) pic.twitter.com/Y28S6URXPT

Yuta Takahashi’s delicate work for the annual festival in Shikoku, Japan. logodesignlove.com/shikoku-festiv… pic.twitter.com/DVnYRz7ihK

The origins of the Extinction symbol logodesignlove.com/the-extinction… (@extinctsymbol) pic.twitter.com/qsx84vpIoT

New Belfast logo and the typical tabloid response logodesignlove.com/belfast-logo-2… pic.twitter.com/WjwL9sN9UV

The symbol placement on Montblanc pens made me smile. logodesignlove.com/montblanc-symb… pic.twitter.com/jbYwCRRfXK

Looking back at the inaugural World Symbol Festival from 1994 logodesignlove.com/world-symbol-f… (via @cedepe) pic.twitter.com/hPe6v8SHgZ

Channel 4 rebrand logodesignlove.com/channel-4-rebr… (by @DBLG_LDN, @4Creative, @b_associates, @printiprinter, and others) pic.twitter.com/47iY6N31xC

The graphic art of the advertising mascot logodesignlove.com/meet-mr-product (by Warren Dotz and Masud Husain) pic.twitter.com/DFutX1ohs8

‘Explosive summer tennis’ brought to life with a little liquid nitrogen (and a NERF gun) logodesignlove.com/lta-major-even… pic.twitter.com/QFeLvypFg6

Little Soles logodesignlove.com/little-soles (charming work for a good cause by @TomWardStudio)

This logo for Pony Jewelry caught my eye logodesignlove.com/pony-jewelry (by Berlin-based fertig design)

A distinctive look for a brave client. Wexler. logodesignlove.com/wexler (via @brandingsrc)

Marked with thought, by @Belford_Paul, @studiokoto, @CD_and_Co, @MotherDesign, and others logodesignlove.com/marked-with-th… pic.twitter.com/PsUvhiZpdf

A solid, new look for @Carbon3D logodesignlove.com/carbon3d-logo (by @movingbrands) pic.twitter.com/6KChFztiqc

I like a good monogram update. Here's one for @LangenscheidtKG, over on Brand New underconsideration.com/brandnew/archi…

New logo for CHR Travel logodesignlove.com/chr-travel (by London-based @1977Design)

Quick quiz from @atissuejournal, guess which brands these birds represent atissuejournal.com/2013/01/10/qui…

Taaldoktoren. Textual healing. logodesignlove.com/taaldoktoren (by @le_concepteur)

Eye-catching work on the Very typeface by Stefán Kjartansson (@raind00gg) and team logodesignlove.com/spartan-system… pic.twitter.com/CrjiK1dIsZ

I like @Apartment_One’s monogram for NYC’s East River Esplanade logodesignlove.com/east-river-esp… pic.twitter.com/S4xkotlDBu

A close look at how @ruddstudiotweet redesigned the logo for 175-year-old Angels Costumes logodesignlove.com/angels-costume… pic.twitter.com/JtnOk4VdWy

A bold new identity for @ProstateUK logodesignlove.com/prostate-cance… (by @hattrick_design)

7th Zagreb Jewish Film Festival logodesignlove.com/7th-jewish-fil… (by @MirkoIlicCorp)

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