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Just sent this letter to @HMRCgovuk regarding #VATMOSS. Sell to the EU? This affects you! change.org/p/vince-cable-… pic.twitter.com/YsNjeYMZyc

Nice tutorial showing how to create a lovely illustration scene using gradient maps: design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/crea… pic.twitter.com/DDqaflrN7U

I’ve been having some fun creating some #gameofthrones house sigil illustrations pic.twitter.com/cTByAqn6JS

20 Free PSD Templates to Mockup Your Logo Designs: line25.com/articles/20-fr… pic.twitter.com/ApgkLSSNUF

Nice tutorial showing how to create a hexagonal pattern in Illustrator: design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-… pic.twitter.com/RY9MsL3amQ

Fun tutorial showing how to create a vector geometric bird in Illustrator: design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/crea… pic.twitter.com/FYXoaFXlW7

Ooo shiny! Create a Set of Flat Precious Gems Icons in Adobe Illustrator: design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/crea… pic.twitter.com/rN8RARsWrg

New tutorial! Game of Thrones Inspired Line Art Logos in Illustrator: blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/tutorials/game… pic.twitter.com/4SOuA9jYk3

Icon fonts are really useful tools for web designers, here's a roundup of the best free sets: line25.com/articles/round… pic.twitter.com/v6jApIlmAF

Check out my top 30 fonts with the sexiest ampersands. Which one is your favourite? spoon.graphics/1Jft0dp pic.twitter.com/ZTrCFQDteP

The best free alternatives to the most popular fonts - spoon.graphics/1QSFHOi pic.twitter.com/9yDtrQdIds

New post! The Best Free Alternatives to the Most Popular Fonts spoon.graphics/1QSFHOi pic.twitter.com/ibGkKexEAL

How To Create a Realistic Money Effect in Photoshop: blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/tutorials/crea… pic.twitter.com/yr1GYIo7sP

30 Beautiful Hand Lettering Typography Illustrations: blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/articles/30-be… pic.twitter.com/g5E4eNSVwB

Which design is your favourite from today's @line25blog Sites of the Week showcase? line25.com/inspiration/li… pic.twitter.com/NcOUASBfp2

Great tutorial with a fab result! Create a High-Gloss Bubble Gum Text Effect in Photoshop: design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/crea… pic.twitter.com/GtpBDgw5Or

New video tutorial! How To Cut Anything Out in Photoshop spoon.graphics/1OPL2nK pic.twitter.com/l4vZgltkzL

Great showcase of experimental web design layouts with unusual shapes and angles: line25.com/articles/25-we… pic.twitter.com/AzkwJC0VKk

Today I learned the White Ranger was actually black & blue the whole time! #TheDress pic.twitter.com/PC4OOrek9B

How To Create Geometric Low Poly Art The Easy Way: blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/tutorials/crea… pic.twitter.com/6MwirgG8h8

That's 10 more awesome fonts added to my collection! designcuts.com/design-cuts-de… pic.twitter.com/RnK77MZkYl

Last chance to get over $1000 worth of fonts for $29, this epic deal is ending soon: designcuts.com/design-cuts-de… pic.twitter.com/4x1cT7tgQr

Remember those Game of Thrones illustrations I made last week? I posted the tutorial today: blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/tutorials/game… pic.twitter.com/4SOuA9jYk3

A Giant Tortoise just escaped at the zoo. Not the most exciting fugitive chase I've seen but definitely the funniest! pic.twitter.com/CbjVRSj5md

How To Create Typography Illustrations the Easy Way: blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/tutorials/how-… pic.twitter.com/dMOqMpQhLq

What are the best free alternatives to the most popular fonts? Find out in my new blog post! spoon.graphics/1QSFHOi pic.twitter.com/qTsEOE6rK3

Top #VATMOSS tip from HMRC. You can split your business in 2 (aka tax evasion). Sole traders will need one of these pic.twitter.com/KnfjgJsgCN

I posted a free pack of 12 detailed vector screen textures today, grab 'em while they're hot! blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/freebies/free-… pic.twitter.com/QBpJSNnYh8

Great tutorial showing how to create animated GIFs for UI design presentations: developertodesigner.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/how… pic.twitter.com/LH2TB5tsAq

I posted a new tutorial today showing how to create awesome low-poly art like this: pic.twitter.com/6MwirgG8h8 blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/tutorials/crea…

That awkward moment when misalignment of your repeating pattern depicts a Reindeer schlong on your Christmas jumper pic.twitter.com/nhhwEpY9kU

15 Free PSD Templates to Mockup Your T-Shirt Designs: blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/articles/15-fr… pic.twitter.com/cnQrXBL9Wl

Nice tutorial to create an abstract liquid effect in Photoshop: creativebloq.com/illustration/c… pic.twitter.com/C0M7PbTs5O

20 Free PSD Templates to Mockup Your Poster Designs: blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/articles/20-fr… pic.twitter.com/8Eo0lPkuXI

Creative Uses of Animated GIFs to Present UI Designs: line25.com/articles/creat… pic.twitter.com/hCbxsO6cwG

40 Free Branding & Identity Mockup Templates to Download: designinstruct.com/print-design/f… pic.twitter.com/DKogat6HPj

My latest tutorial shows you how to create this abstract blur pattern design - blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/tutorials/how-… pic.twitter.com/fOb6RjBShX

20 Free PSD Templates to Mockup Your Poster Designs: blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/articles/20-fr… pic.twitter.com/8Eo0lPkuXI

How to Overprint Colors to Create Cool Print Effects: blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/articles/how-t… pic.twitter.com/1CNDaPqlQT

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