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Grace Miceli’s bold and playful illustrations re-interpret brands in humorous ways > goo.gl/Lo14Kp pic.twitter.com/KEBRNBQ3vr

Erik Spiekermann brings five unfinished Bauhaus fonts to life with Adobe > goo.gl/1ynD6o pic.twitter.com/mhRIeX4Vb8

Crayola have launched makeup range! > goo.gl/mtFxZJ pic.twitter.com/KAvMxdyMHY

Neville Brody has launched a type foundry > goo.gl/VtzzfZ pic.twitter.com/ECkGKIqeBy

Illustrator Grace Miceli uses humour as an access point to more difficult emotions > goo.gl/Lo14Kp pic.twitter.com/Tlm8Ryk1o5

Rough Trade launches @RoughTradeBooks, expertly designed by @OfficeOfCraig > goo.gl/B8EgWW pic.twitter.com/m8DmUtEACC

From the archive

Beyoncé and Jay Z take over the Louvre for Apeshit music video > goo.gl/oXDy9o pic.twitter.com/B3W5Qs6InX

Luke Person’s tale of Hilda will now feature on @Netflix > goo.gl/HEFm7U pic.twitter.com/XSq0P4Zy6p

A closer look at @mrcap123's World Problem Solution Book > goo.gl/CXR5rV pic.twitter.com/zEv3OA6pWP

"Anything that is considered ugly, I find beautiful." - Rachel Louise Hodgson > goo.gl/xkmBUQ pic.twitter.com/kplBQg8e9s

Robbie Lawrence’s images beautifully capture the feeling of a particular moment > goo.gl/okNbbF pic.twitter.com/mP1ojvYtZR

.@_patrickkyle’s helpful advice on how to start out at illustration fairs > goo.gl/bESBPe @ELCAFest pic.twitter.com/poNeUFchXk

Dixon Baxi rebrand for Oscar-winning VFX company DNEG > goo.gl/udz14L pic.twitter.com/zTwo46mDji

A treat for the eyes and ears: Greg Sharp animates a video for Unknown Mortal Orchestra > goo.gl/3c7uNr pic.twitter.com/KE5Yz9L7HM

A closer look at @holapeiper's cute but rather sinister works > goo.gl/yot2wE pic.twitter.com/1moMmbZgxB

Beyoncé and Jay Z set their latest video for new single Apeshit in the Louvre > goo.gl/oXDy9o pic.twitter.com/SGxhtWYenH

Here's everything you need to know when considering an internship > goo.gl/s2g1V7 #INTGrads2018 pic.twitter.com/I9nrT0NQoX

Robert Darch explores identity and nostalgia in his latest series, Durlescombe > goo.gl/26zCyg pic.twitter.com/MndHLTwltq

Koln Studio's Eloy Arribas catalogue uses improvisation and fun > goo.gl/qtQGTg pic.twitter.com/jWGAFQ2wMS

Ryan O’Toole Collett bridges the gap between photographer and subject > goo.gl/Pq1LFX pic.twitter.com/ZXKh1oqlI9

Max Miechowski on how travelling influences his honest and intimate portraits > goo.gl/tDfWWE pic.twitter.com/oJpFZ6D8DM

Take on History: an animated journey through the history of tennis > goo.gl/TJJSQ9 pic.twitter.com/HkscK1yOVq

Cécile Legnaghi's latest project questions "the use of a typeface today" > goo.gl/9f4p6K pic.twitter.com/93X0vIQEcK

Communications designer Polina Vasilyeva on being a "conductor of content" > goo.gl/TFHzXz pic.twitter.com/ERYo7ZlxWu

"I just aim to make individual pictures.” Tom Ordoyno on his diverse photography > goo.gl/UwceZn pic.twitter.com/JWzdn3NBQs

Photographer Eli Durst’s series Pinnacle Realty challenges stereotypes of suburban America > goo.gl/ndHMWZ pic.twitter.com/ZtXvdmRfRf

Rosie Yasukochi’s vibrant comic reflects on post-generational trauma > goo.gl/sKcYTH pic.twitter.com/NxCJopwsl5

Jobs of the week from Telegraph, Roald Dahl Story Company and It's Nice That > goo.gl/APyzmu pic.twitter.com/mnPmPAZbdh

A document of India, and its people, taken over ten years > goo.gl/BPPkqK pic.twitter.com/J8qRHcllSb

Benedikt Rugar’s illustrations use elements of the surreal to tell a visual story > goo.gl/7BQzG7 pic.twitter.com/gInZsrDdbY

An interview with legendary photographer @joelmeyerowitz > goo.gl/Nx8kjF pic.twitter.com/hRpVzaNfQ0

Grindr’s online publication Into launches production studio to support LGBTQ+ creators > goo.gl/fkKPMY pic.twitter.com/x6mOe4GcaM

Juergen Teller exhibition Zittern auf dem Sofa explores the photographer’s football fandom > goo.gl/54iGcC pic.twitter.com/RcXcF5to6Z

Jean Jullien visualises the quirks of accents for the Printed Pages SS18 poster > goo.gl/kJqiEo pic.twitter.com/qsbXlYhSB7

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