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Grace Miceli’s bold and playful illustrations re-interpret brands in humorous ways > goo.gl/Lo14Kp pic.twitter.com/KEBRNBQ3vr

Pentagram designs dynamic illustrative identity for AI company Cytora > goo.gl/qqto7i pic.twitter.com/Z7FEX3Kfk2

Grayson Perry and Tracey Emin design stamps for Royal Mail and the Royal Academy of Art > goo.gl/qxEDVt pic.twitter.com/VNP6JSuxVz

Secret 7" is back and includes a web-based expressive typographic artwork generator > goo.gl/3f4Zs2 pic.twitter.com/uQuLpdV1wx

Iconic film poster designer and illustrator Bill Gold has died aged 97 > goo.gl/aTWP5h pic.twitter.com/4avoTSTAVK

International ad agency Ogilvy has undergone a huge rebrand as well as a “re-founding” > goo.gl/5V3hY6 pic.twitter.com/wd2KZaHgvL

Famed American pop artist and creator of Love, Robert Indiana, dies aged 89 > goo.gl/muzy3K pic.twitter.com/S3ZM96IFUE

Erik Spiekermann brings five unfinished Bauhaus fonts to life with Adobe > goo.gl/1ynD6o pic.twitter.com/mhRIeX4Vb8

Crayola have launched makeup range! > goo.gl/mtFxZJ pic.twitter.com/KAvMxdyMHY

Cause & Effect’s accomplished and cohesive identity for Gi2018 > goo.gl/5RAuBP pic.twitter.com/9v0OjgkWwS

Liam Cobb's dreamy illustrations of sleek buildings and Yayoi Kusama-inspired mushrooms > goo.gl/jjaUtg pic.twitter.com/aS1D5cifAm

Boiler Room launches film platform 4:3, a “Netflix for the underground” > goo.gl/co9D5m pic.twitter.com/EXvlCkJ9hc

Advertising giant @Ogilvy undergoes global rebrand and “re-founding” > goo.gl/5V3hY6 pic.twitter.com/nomoIyBZO5

Liam Cobb plays with architecture in a bunch of new sigh-inducing illustrations > goo.gl/jjaUtg pic.twitter.com/uPkCMnaMOr

Filmmaker Will Hooper’s new video humorously visualises being overwhelmed > goo.gl/wLvhUU pic.twitter.com/2uXyFzqJAF

Illustrator Thibaud Herem gives an illustrated tour of his garden in Raising A Forest > goo.gl/Xee8H2 pic.twitter.com/7II7xaCQTf

Jean Jullien visualises the quirks of the British accent for the new Printed Pages poster > goo.gl/kJqiEo pic.twitter.com/O1NNdXueFP

Illustrator Liam Cobb on his elegant depictions of modern architecture > goo.gl/jjaUtg pic.twitter.com/KZW3vFrKQs

Photographer scrambles images of identical twins to "create a new set " of sisters > goo.gl/i6eCjj pic.twitter.com/NznruBmF99

Tom Fox Shea depicts the still, sometimes eerie suburbia of his home state > goo.gl/rvCLpu pic.twitter.com/7Qo3KvmQu8

Illustrator Grace Miceli uses humour as an access point to more difficult emotions > goo.gl/Lo14Kp pic.twitter.com/Tlm8Ryk1o5

Neville Brody has launched a type foundry > goo.gl/VtzzfZ pic.twitter.com/ECkGKIqeBy

Neville Brody launches type foundry, Brody Fonts > goo.gl/VtzzfZ pic.twitter.com/3I3NkCJWtw

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Photographer Pierluigi Macor travels to southern Italy to capture interesting characters > goo.gl/3SN15K pic.twitter.com/el6bufxxpm

Crayola launches a makeup range based on its ubiquitous crayons > goo.gl/mtFxZJ pic.twitter.com/3BNI2OPHoM

.@itsjoeyyu illustrates the busy, messy fun of @fielddaylondon > goo.gl/FaurjD pic.twitter.com/hrzqzheTjD

Nick Drnaso’s graphic novel is a timely critique of fake news and social media frenzies > goo.gl/H1pzjD pic.twitter.com/Nd4nmoHsSN

Get ready to fall in love with witty, weird and wonderful illustrator Lan Truong > goo.gl/uZi1tL pic.twitter.com/uvMYjiwqFz

These puzzles by photographer Alma Haser perfectly jumble the faces of identical twins > goo.gl/i6eCjj pic.twitter.com/vKdzxel8JG

“Taking a picture is very different from making a photograph”: Joel Meyerowitz > goo.gl/Nx8kjF pic.twitter.com/CkNzQ9rE5g

Crayola collaborate with ASOS on a make up range > goo.gl/mtFxZJ pic.twitter.com/eeaqPVnd7t

Design Studio has worked with UEFA to rebrand the entire Champions League visual identity > goo.gl/kAw7Js pic.twitter.com/9O8Cbj4Qh2

“I want the viewer to feel a little overwhelmed": illustrator George Wylesol > goo.gl/ZWq1Nz pic.twitter.com/rxaWqsiKOU

Lan Truong's fun, witty illustrations for all occasions > goo.gl/uZi1tL pic.twitter.com/d89GcpgZVN

Design Studio rebrand the entire Champions League > goo.gl/kAw7Js pic.twitter.com/59TncWcsKI

Nick Drnaso on his new graphic novel, which Zadie Smith deemed a "masterpiece" > goo.gl/H1pzjD pic.twitter.com/TBgi14fcUK

Graphic design as “a colourful depiction of living spirit”: new work from Jonathan Castro > goo.gl/21aCyn pic.twitter.com/cI8wZnM4Re

Sebastian König on creating an “ah-ha” moment with the most simple of illustrations > goo.gl/uijQD3 pic.twitter.com/9V8FTomo5E

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