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#Packaging Visuals: Decoded by Consumers 60,000x Faster than Verbal Messaging bit.ly/1OdRzIX #BPBestOf pic.twitter.com/OCpfDKwQVQ

How Branding & Packaging Affect the Way Consumers Trust Food bit.ly/1NgaIsq #infographic @adweek pic.twitter.com/VJX3wtcb5N

Packaging can help overcome product misconceptions and help customers trust brands. bit.ly/24ldsgf pic.twitter.com/XtBMLMwd5h

How to Effectively Use Color When Branding bit.ly/1qwsUYu via @brandingmag

6 guidelines to get the best value for your label. bit.ly/29xAJvj pic.twitter.com/a8M0Xetsfz

When do iconic brands run into danger of appearing outdated & irrelevant? bit.ly/1QR2jfk pic.twitter.com/y3RAuIzbPU

Avoiding Greenwashing: 10 Principles of Truly Sustainable Packaging Design bit.ly/21TUYCg pic.twitter.com/dIszTryWTN

Packaging has BIG shoulders, and it carries a lot of weight for brands. bit.ly/1KKLbuo pic.twitter.com/lDO9LlxpqG

How to leverage today's purchase drivers on product packaging bit.ly/1LT4Icp pic.twitter.com/oIkrtaTqPf

Do you know what shoppers are looking for from 6 feet, 3 feet, and closer? bit.ly/2fulGUs pic.twitter.com/XtWwbSqH0Z

Introducing the next generation in product ID: GS1 US Mobile Scan bit.ly/28OcZQq pic.twitter.com/ZLNmXq4T7L

3D Tools for Packaging Design: Simplicity & Speed in a Complex World bit.ly/1LX9ebE pic.twitter.com/970ogHmNCc

7 Wine Branding & Labeling Trends bit.ly/1QIVGgr pic.twitter.com/ZucWsItecJ

Time for a change? Understanding current packaging is key to successful redesigns. bit.ly/1MHGjBX pic.twitter.com/MAG8rHTqYN

Bricks n mortar guidelines for great packaging design strategy don't apply in the online space - @SAbeysuriya #PTS15 pic.twitter.com/XHmuVMV4VY

The season may be over but the branding remains. Well played Dr Pepper! pic.twitter.com/WU7dbvdtQi

How do you create a visual story with your packaging? bit.ly/2sfZin9 pic.twitter.com/YcVtzfWfHi

Creating #packaging that protects your #product & #brand integrity. bit.ly/2k9s7MY

Check out this fun infographic unraveling 150 years of spectacular holiday marketing! bit.ly/2fCss7Y pic.twitter.com/Nr9QPw3H63

New packaging partnership allows you to enjoy your coffee, without adding to the landfill. bit.ly/2eTUewG pic.twitter.com/9TUQDIodgl

Playing it safe isn't always the best strategy in packaging and branding. bit.ly/2cKdb78 pic.twitter.com/lzTNhed4k6

Could repackaging make a product popular again vs. rolling out all new product? bit.ly/1PTC6NY pic.twitter.com/VTr2tdbVPL

Luxury brands know how to make people burn with desire, in slow smolders to intense flames. bit.ly/2bcgpiK pic.twitter.com/sATBJ9Nsy3

Package designers are influencers, impactors and culture creators. bit.ly/29hWLN6 pic.twitter.com/EX5NE0MEw3

WorldStar 2016 Packaging Award goes to #Amcor for this @PepsiCo @Lipton hot-fill PET bottle bit.ly/22IYcM0 pic.twitter.com/4aktgC7i7v

#Packaging Has Big Shoulders: The Weight it Carries for Brands bit.ly/1KKLbuo #BPBestOf pic.twitter.com/Ugvbl0Mhjb

Getting #Glamorous - @ButterflyCannon creates limited-edition gift pack for @TanquerayUSA bit.ly/1SueBxb pic.twitter.com/EHeVPyeqkv

Bow Down, Brands: Luxury's strategy reigns supreme bit.ly/1J2r7ly pic.twitter.com/inwKI2E5Cx

How Product Packaging Influences Buying Decisions bit.ly/16gPpYj by @jamioetting.

RT @BrandSquare: No Longer Uncool: Millennials Love Store Brands ow.ly/zs2WK via @Forbes pic.twitter.com/bZWzIXLxAS

All branding efforts should support the asset that carries the most weight-your actions bit.ly/1hgPK09. Wise words from @idApostle

Patent awarded for secure, sustainable unit dose alternative to amber pharmacy vials. bit.ly/2edPwZi pic.twitter.com/pCl0UILTRR

"Nothing in a store is by accident. Everything is by design." bit.ly/2evlp3H pic.twitter.com/qkDlSawPhZ

Persuading shoppers to choose one bake-mix brand over another is no easy feat ... bit.ly/2ejznpB pic.twitter.com/TB8WNiVQ2W

What happens to cartons after they've been placed in the recycling container? bit.ly/2dworEp pic.twitter.com/TxoZicZe0N

Consumers love feeling nostalgic! bit.ly/2bkp5Ay pic.twitter.com/MrGmjoAMgz

The imaging and product positioning of dairy alternatives continues to improve, evolve. bit.ly/292PRva pic.twitter.com/ZMHp47Z2mp

So fancy! KURZ rolls out another hot/cold foil stamping innovation. bit.ly/214maii pic.twitter.com/ZcyRfgxFEH

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