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Here are some Capybaras taking a yuzu hot bath pic.twitter.com/W4adJFFpSC

Sumo wrestler Takayusu “signing” autographs pic.twitter.com/Lny4CgpeR9

Learn to speak Japanese or die pic.twitter.com/dhPXW2zmZl

Don't worry guys, they put a bandaid on the tengu pic.twitter.com/ZG5VReSdqU

I can't stop looking at these photos of Hokkaido vending machines at night spoon-tamago.com/2017/10/04/jap… pic.twitter.com/02JlC6Vgsl

Here is Chitan trying to skateboard on a treadmill pic.twitter.com/BO1TsZKMBE

Now I know what to do with these. pic.twitter.com/Xyda7lkgNG

Indeed, Satsuki was a great big sister making lunches for the family. But 90% OF IT WAS RICE pic.twitter.com/6mo4i1cfgB

it's an enema, you guys. they made an enema mascot ichijiku.co.jp/product/index.… pic.twitter.com/jo1T6p5LOU

In case you were wondering where the opening sequence to Toei films were shot. pic.twitter.com/6L1BIGX2v3

Kayabuki-no-sato in Kyoto has 62 fire extinguishers that are camouflaged in huts pic.twitter.com/u5y3B34xKH

The new headquarters of Toy maker Bandai Spirits has the most amazing lobby entrance pic.twitter.com/D7utryFX6U

A snow ohmu (王蟲) has invaded Akita sankei.com/photo/daily/ne… pic.twitter.com/8qvzN0kHbH

beautiful display of wave-like flowers at Kiki Kirin's farewell ceremony sankei.com/photo/story/ne… pic.twitter.com/Y8xuweQf0w

Here is Chiitan playing with a large fan pic.twitter.com/yiTxBPg8BC

A universal typeface that combines braille with existing characters by @ootori_t pic.twitter.com/1pxGlQqkqa

Hanami pro-tip: save your space by indicating it belongs to yakuza pic.twitter.com/QpYfbzCm42

Fuku-chan "the praying cat" of Takashima sankei.com/photo/photojou… pic.twitter.com/Q6HwuASjwg

Japanese trains may soon speak deer and dog asahi.com/ajw/articles/A… pic.twitter.com/XMkQ9sGXHv

the artist has created a new bunkobon (small format book) size bookend with a light

New Yokai bench installed outside Fukusaki Station (Hyogo prefecture) via @youkaicon pic.twitter.com/iZRUm2gwPP

Shiba-inu tries to escape, gets stuck in hedge, pretends everything is cool. (via @yamamochi223) pic.twitter.com/1bD006ak1D

Sony's new robotics toy for kids is awesome spoon-tamago.com/2017/06/02/son… pic.twitter.com/w1zqCn4u3T

This universal wrench, developed by Japanese company Takagi, is blowing my mind pic.twitter.com/2t1f3oV4rE

BEAMS has collaborated with Ziplock on a line of accessories beams.co.jp/tag/ltop_18082… pic.twitter.com/ORIZThU6jz

Over the weekend Tokyo got the most snow it's had in 45 years. (Photo by Cup Noodle Museum) pic.twitter.com/qoSAQcc4Br

Hello Kitty like you've never seen her before. By Colin Christian at the Japanese American National Museum pic.twitter.com/qplPOGqFRM

Guess what this new Japanese mascot represents. No, really. I'll wait. pic.twitter.com/DUvGP4uQLD

Claude Monet's “Woman With A Parasol” remixed by lothlenan.tumblr.com pic.twitter.com/hlHMWA8Nbe

I'm loving these comics by the recently-academy-award-nominated animator Ru Kuwahata pic.twitter.com/TEs9zVDAc2

Here it is folks: new era name is Reiwa (令和) pic.twitter.com/5Qit2Zss6M

New Japanese grads heading out into the workplace like pic.twitter.com/CpVYLzEY0R

Seibu Railway has a series of ukiyo-e inspired manner posters. pic.twitter.com/O5xvnzA8r1

The security guards are on high alert (photos by museum staff) pic.twitter.com/3KBTVfu49Q

Whoever did the interior styling of this room deserves a medal #Doraemon pic.twitter.com/7y1WzAgCwY

After Tokyo’s heavy snowfall @kenbowlize captured this breathtaking shot of Tamagawa pic.twitter.com/k7LrHhTENj

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