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"You just can’t put the Fibonacci Spiral on top of whatever the fuck you want.” via smith.gl/2c3TphY pic.twitter.com/Fq9n7JRSVT

When TV show #logos were physical objects. smith.gl/2reHEyb pic.twitter.com/tAPxyNWT2N

A historic moment in the Trump Presidency... pic.twitter.com/eXgIvC6ZUA

The struggle is real... pic.twitter.com/LKPTi4ScBA

Some colour coded Brand Logos via @brandzyofficial #LogoDesign #logos #Brands pic.twitter.com/b4eVDAqp8A

Unlikely Trade: Lumber Jack VS Web Developer i.imgur.com/fDAoMw8.png pic.twitter.com/pJjNwu6a2Z

Also got this this morning. I don’t know why it still bothers me, but it does… each sodding time. pic.twitter.com/OjYKIYy3vH

How it feels when yet another person asks you to design them a logo for FREE #freelogo #LogoDesign pic.twitter.com/0Nkx1RlxLk

No Bullshit Client Contract for Graphic Design Services by Segura, Inc. smith.gl/2rtwRR7 via @jubaloo_ pic.twitter.com/Jge53ovwN0

A Graphic Design 'Price List' found in Berlin… smith.gl/2hwpMi4 pic.twitter.com/4BvmYpNUYy

When someone asks me to design a logo for free pic.twitter.com/OSZksWTFCb

"A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around." - Paul Rand pic.twitter.com/ymLQXO9AsD

Golden Ratio Animation pic.twitter.com/aClDhuZmEN

Beauty 360: when product display design isn't fully thought out i.imgur.com/Lp7Sa2h.jpg pic.twitter.com/7MCIFWsVxC

Archillect (@archillect) is a Twitter stream of 'visual inspiration' pic.twitter.com/wi9y6ipsG5

Here’s two essential key-words to have in mind when designing a logo, says Saul Bass: “Symbolize and summarize.” pic.twitter.com/aghoghHMca

"When someone offers to pay me in 'exposure' I respond by showing them that I'm capable of exposing myself" @twharry pic.twitter.com/La9TfTIw71

Don't be afraid to share your ideas. i.imgur.com/p47AcsB.jpg pic.twitter.com/Z2OqmXgy1B

The response after I explained my logo design pricing. No idea that "Logos for RTs" was a thing... pic.twitter.com/YzGbMQCuie

Whilst playing with Archer Slab, I saw this now can't unsee it… pic.twitter.com/zWCLDq2mpZ

Comparing 'Lumberjack vs Web Developer' Fashion Styles, 1996 to 2016. pic.twitter.com/iRyU7bghs1

Designer nailed Virgins logo on 3rd attempt on a napkin doodle over lunch with Mr Branson smith.gl/2bYGAeG pic.twitter.com/GccVJlvAni

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