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Donald Dump spotted in New York City #streetart #streetartnews pic.twitter.com/dAg7kHLmPk

RIP Zaha Hadid, our favorite architect pic.twitter.com/aWUnVdHXEy

"Science Is The Key To Knowledge" Artwork by BARYS spotted on the streets of Lodz, Poland #streetart pic.twitter.com/Hzb23aN5in

42 layer rotating sculpture of Franz Kafka’s Head by David Cerny in Prague #streetart #streetartnews pic.twitter.com/rm1H6A8ApG

Banksy unveils a new series of pieces in Gaza, Palestine #streetart streetartne.ws/4oxl pic.twitter.com/s4W24OgM9J

Just Finished! ROA’s brand new piece in Belgium #streetart pic.twitter.com/cUBY29WuBi

The work of Smug in Glasgow #streetart pic.twitter.com/tIRXrvWeVz

The 25 Most Popular Street Art Pieces Of 2013 #streetart streetartne.ws/4ejd pic.twitter.com/iA1YPj3bBN

Animated Heart Piece by Lonac in Croatia #streetart streetartne.ws/ve7b pic.twitter.com/MJCvv6qSQC

Never never give up! Create art till the end #streetart pic.twitter.com/ARddbn5OCO

Probably the best Easter Street Art piece ever - Artwork by Orticanoodles in Italy #streetart #jesus #easter pic.twitter.com/HC24Frz8Mm

Sideshow Bob spotted on the streets of Saint-Etienne in France - Artwork by Oak Oak #streetart pic.twitter.com/HyV91HOwga

Paris… Defend the freedom of expression #notafraid #jesuischarlie pic.twitter.com/wR4udAJQLn

Animated tiger by Sabek painted in various abandoned locations #streetart pic.twitter.com/SRVcMaBPBX

'The Caring Hand', powerful installation in Glarus, Switzerland #streetart #streetartnews streetartne.ws/more pic.twitter.com/QCKtWKanXc

Jussi TwoSeven in Brighton, UK #streetart pic.twitter.com/5rNFUd2PiG

Banksy paints a new piece in Clacton-on-Sea, UK #streetart streetartne.ws/qeya pic.twitter.com/RzPKJ3SSVR

Merry Christmas from Banksy and StreetArtNews #streetart #banksy streetartne.ws/banksy pic.twitter.com/wARrVGjqnQ

Banksy opens “The Walled Off Hotel” in Bethlehem #streetart streetartnews.net/2017/03/banksy… pic.twitter.com/9cnuo1ykHw

Something new from Blu in Napoli, Italy #StreetArt pic.twitter.com/kN73Y1qDCz

Bordalo II creates "Big Racoon", a stunning street installation in Belem, Portugal #streetart streetartne.ws/brp9 pic.twitter.com/0j3qA7OZeV

Cece unveils a new mural on the beach of Siouville-Hague, France #streetart streetartne.ws/zm2a pic.twitter.com/ufplEyJXOj

Pablo Picasso died #onthisday in 1973, aged 91. Here’s a tribute to the Spanish artist spotted in Madrid #streetart pic.twitter.com/BWmJFzANk2

Snoopy spotted in Saint-Etienne, France! Brand new street piece by OakOak #streetart #oakoak #snoopy pic.twitter.com/VWNxSVLrMC

"Follow your dreams" by Banksy #StreetArt #banksy pic.twitter.com/kXJjKfNnmE

Banksy’s tribute to 9/11 - Never Forget-Painted during his NYC residency “Better Out Than In” #streetart #banksy #911 pic.twitter.com/pRe2ihS4Pk

Banksy New Street Art in Chinatown - New York City, USA #streetart #banksy streetartne.ws/8hxh pic.twitter.com/CbZU4DZcaS

The 10 Most Popular Street Art Pieces of October 2014 #streetart streetartne.ws/974i pic.twitter.com/DhdKgxZffV

“Technicolor Dream” by Lonac & Chez 186 in Zagreb, Croatia #streetart streetartnews.net/2016/10/techni… pic.twitter.com/dJ1viKNo6f

Giant Sculpture at the Lost Gardens of Heligan in the UK #streetart pic.twitter.com/IYET3l3zaZ

Fintan Magee paints "The Refugee", a brand new mural in Melbourne, Australia #streetart streetartne.ws/ai5b pic.twitter.com/VOfNTfBKpf

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