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Brands in 2015: how technology changes the way brands work bit.ly/1A3tDQk pic.twitter.com/A0NzurpIza

RIP Nokia - Microsoft lays Nokia brand to rest bit.ly/1rf566E by @saramayspary pic.twitter.com/wSSEmIHAiC

Have you met Generation Z yet? bit.ly/1owxzGI pic.twitter.com/FKVeSHewFr

Coldplay promotes new album Ghost Stories by hiding lyrics in libraries worldwide bit.ly/1ks66BA #lyricshunt pic.twitter.com/ZMw5TTqgmg

Evian has revealed its full-length #spiderman baby ad - what do you reckon? bit.ly/1i1VZkm pic.twitter.com/gzMZwao8fW

"This is a must see" - @WuTangClan emulates art world by selling only one copy of new album bit.ly/1lr8TiI pic.twitter.com/nMGO7vduHM

Brands should pursue real creativity, not the tepid unoriginality of vloggers bit.ly/1MD76Gb by @helenedw pic.twitter.com/4pAeRDw5ce

Domino's Pizza takes ordering app onto smartwatches bit.ly/18NIEj0 by @DanFareyJones pic.twitter.com/GKOHN96Xot

Millennials' demand for instant gratification is shaping the future of retail bit.ly/164UQdS by @saramayspary pic.twitter.com/0PKcD9hxMq

Stop labelling everything 'content' - we don't need more, just smarter content @rachelmrbarnes bit.ly/1xj1ILS pic.twitter.com/fdZWpOcrCc

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast - put culture change into your strategy" - Morgan Martins @Mx_MorganM #MDEForum pic.twitter.com/hPqm6r6723

Why brands like Heineken and Innocent are putting more budget behind experiential bit.ly/1RLV0qB pic.twitter.com/SF4kbAUYgh

Twitter's new algorithmic timeline arrives - and what it means for brands bit.ly/20DjbvU by @shonaghosh pic.twitter.com/Q9VbV5XxD2

Black Friday is a fake marketing stunt with zero relevance for UK shoppers bit.ly/1YrVeZn @WarrenJohnson_ pic.twitter.com/GQiTyPNrbj

Cadbury creates giant advent calendar for Christmas ad campaign bit.ly/1iOdM5P by @gurjitdegun pic.twitter.com/lxuqrP76g1

Why Burberry's Snapchat Testino campaign is the best marketing in 2015 bit.ly/1PQhfz7 by @spoonybear pic.twitter.com/gf0xeLayIR

It's finally here! Brands look forward to Back to the Future Day bit.ly/1LBfKPo by @DanFareyJones pic.twitter.com/802eSU8d7C

Coke named top global brand and Unilever top advertiser in Warc ranking bit.ly/1E42AuL by @benbold pic.twitter.com/xL69KUXPod

Has Apple's Tim Cook predicted the death of data-driven marketing? bit.ly/1DlbfIQ by @chrispearce pic.twitter.com/czDwD6UVtD

2014 was a good year but some marketers got it VERY wrong bit.ly/1wBFM18 pic.twitter.com/D3TpnDJ4TL

How #BlackFriday turned UK retailers into cynical opportunists bit.ly/15GeI6q by @RobSellers pic.twitter.com/th5YMcRqI2

Facebook readies LinkedIn rival 'Facebook at Work' bit.ly/1AbjmWq by @saramayspary pic.twitter.com/vielBQahJc

Airbnb launches £9 travel magazine 'Pineapple' bit.ly/1xwVMCG by @shonaghosh pic.twitter.com/5RjL48vTbJ

Black Friday is a fake marketing stunt with zero relevance for UK shoppers bit.ly/1OkuSpa @WarrenJohnson_ pic.twitter.com/prQ4sEsD2n

Black Friday is a fake marketing stunt with zero relevance for UK shoppers bit.ly/1LDy492 @WarrenJohnson_ pic.twitter.com/OkKlMnivjR

Black Friday is a fake marketing stunt with zero relevance for UK shoppers bit.ly/1SYYh7y @WarrenJohnson_ pic.twitter.com/iOhyLkqalM

YouTube turns 10 this year, here's the most shared ads in its history bit.ly/1zAHigx pic.twitter.com/i4BsiJPbNM

The top 10 marketing mishaps of 2014 bit.ly/1vJGlFg pic.twitter.com/jchRWdMYTT

Unilever set to roll out first ever TV campaign for corporate brand bit.ly/1sy9JsZ pic.twitter.com/tFqg3s6W2t

VIEW: All the 2014 Christmas ads in one place bit.ly/XmasAds2014 from John Lewis to Aldi to Boots #christmasads pic.twitter.com/7TXQKgxgsF

UPDATED: John Lewis' Christmas ads 2007 to 2014: from humble roots to national event bit.ly/1z1JhMR @benbold pic.twitter.com/WQaMmFuyuH

Take a look at Cadbury's Facebook Like-powered vending machine bit.ly/1oRaDyw pic.twitter.com/bmEXB4wbWL

Birds Eye launches a 'pay-by-picture' pop-up restaurant bit.ly/QE2Euq #BirdsEyeInspirations pic.twitter.com/SnUxdT8dSQ

Facebook needs more than just clever data to deliver results for brands bit.ly/2bssKgo pic.twitter.com/IDfgc4QOO0

Cadbury is first UK confectionery brand to use new Snapchat ad platform bit.ly/1Rn552U by @gemma_charles pic.twitter.com/OdndJFhbpd

It's finally here! Brands look forward to Back to the Future Day bit.ly/1M8Kwoc by @DanFareyJones pic.twitter.com/z1xjT8wV1O

Google rebrands as Alphabet in surprise corporate restructure bit.ly/AlphabetGoogle pic.twitter.com/WBk98rME7r

M-commerce to hit £54bn by 2024 yet 70% of retailers lack mobile sites or apps bit.ly/1FS1QEX by @benbold pic.twitter.com/yFaEM9hsH6

Never mind the climax: Why content must impress in three seconds bit.ly/18Sh2IQ pic.twitter.com/aeDP959n6N

Five marketing lessons from Generation YouTube bit.ly/1Edob3U by @nickykc pic.twitter.com/TGvwKqoIBh

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