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The 10 most annoying phrases in marketing bit.ly/1P1DFN6 by @MichaelSugden pic.twitter.com/EjAFHthDqa

Beyond the narcissism: six trends defining the next decade of social media bit.ly/1TLhfB8 by @nickykc pic.twitter.com/LJzBO5ysdv

Almost half of online video ads never seen by consumers, says Google bit.ly/1F25Kxo by @shonaghosh pic.twitter.com/lljKL0h2gk

Coca-Cola encourages 'acts of kindness' for Christmas bit.ly/1wRXKMd pic.twitter.com/npzkazLL0Z

Coca-Cola encourages 'acts of kindness' for Christmas snip.ly/3mm4 pic.twitter.com/FqzqUflrbc

The key 2015 trends that marketers can act on right now bit.ly/1x55AzH by @Lise pic.twitter.com/R3FVTcePP5

Here comes the summer: Stella Artois launches Cidre Raspberry ahead of seasonal marketing push marketingmagazine.co.uk/article/129448… pic.twitter.com/a2cCp4OmLc

Social influencers now more popular for brand campaigns than traditional celebs bit.ly/28KI7zh pic.twitter.com/fMNuDzmPnX

Social influencers now more popular for brand campaigns than traditional celebs bit.ly/21qIiU3 pic.twitter.com/JZ2f44kLgx

Brands are tattoos in consumers' minds, be careful what gets stuck bit.ly/21NBsJo by @helenedw pic.twitter.com/4JAKfxdoga

Apple buys AI startup Emotient that recognises reactions to adverts bit.ly/1JzbLaw by @MattChapmanUK pic.twitter.com/6jyTCXZI27

Burberry campaign lets consumers interact with giant Piccadilly Circus screen bit.ly/1mjC3mR by @benbold pic.twitter.com/NN2t6GykZx

Brandalism activists take over Paris ad space for UN climate change summit bit.ly/1NlL0WU pic.twitter.com/xl9YdJO6Tj

Coca-Cola buys first emoji on Twitter with #shareacoke drive bit.ly/1j9Ued6 by @DanFareyJones pic.twitter.com/FIuJMX2PjG

Brands are out, customer relationships are in bit.ly/1G0Tptm pic.twitter.com/Ki8lqEkhXA

Never mind the climax: Why content must impress in three seconds bit.ly/1FTbTNv pic.twitter.com/U34ionfQb8

What marketers need to know about much hyped video app Meerkat bit.ly/1ByuKHu by @shonaghosh pic.twitter.com/vVIwlK542M

Barclays becomes first UK bank to allow payments via Twitter bit.ly/1MUfaPL by @charlottemc pic.twitter.com/Ciwpb497LQ

Watch: top brands reveal the steps to becoming a marketing director bit.ly/16YoDEq pic.twitter.com/FPqBHES3GG

How neuroscience can help to build your brand bit.ly/1KHKOy3 pic.twitter.com/d0tX7HE8R2

Google develops search, Gmail and YouTube for children bit.ly/1tIFJeP by @shonaghosh pic.twitter.com/1nZ3V6DuDE

Facebook readies LinkedIn rival 'Facebook at Work' bit.ly/1voni5d by @saramayspary pic.twitter.com/U9k1tzBncK

Sainsbury's Christmas 'truce' TV ad will win the hearts of the nation #ChristmasIsForSharing bit.ly/1GS97s2 pic.twitter.com/2FAC5QxHbG

Burberry goes interactive for Printemps Christmas window display bit.ly/1yPGGFW by @shonaghosh pic.twitter.com/SsBqPBHblB

How Coca-Cola, Nissan and Kraft mine selfies for 'invisible' insight bit.ly/1rp4QAK @shonaghosh pic.twitter.com/eKUV9wFD3Q

A history of the Coke vs Pepsi war in 3 1/2 minutes bit.ly/1vGJ5Rn pic.twitter.com/EAEKBMiBov

Have you seen these imaginative @LEGO_Group bus stops? Pictures here, very fun >> bit.ly/1isPmhL pic.twitter.com/8v1ExrWdcl

Unilever relaunches Wall's ice cream with #GoodbyeSerious positioning bit.ly/1i5JBzv pic.twitter.com/qv2EKtWAF7

Rebranding #feminism: why brands must work harder to keep up with the fourth wave of feminism bit.ly/1omAJcK pic.twitter.com/midFM3U8yG

"93% of CEOs have said that we need to change how we manage talent" Vicky GrinnellWright @VKGW #MDEForum pic.twitter.com/yqjYS53CYj

From McDonald's to Apple, six of the wittiest graphical marketing campaigns bit.ly/1Q8m4lT pic.twitter.com/E3mHFj0chW

Marketers in 2016: overworked and digitally overloaded bit.ly/1OfX8pr by @shonaghosh pic.twitter.com/atTSJ4DLu3

Google's memo introducing Alphabet is a masterpiece in rebranding communication bit.ly/1fbEFii by @Jim_Prior pic.twitter.com/L1LIHQ6XlW

Unilever introduces limited edition 'Summer of Love' (and hate) Marmite jars bit.ly/1eo0Xhx by @saramayspary pic.twitter.com/F0IQ7BiA9i

BMW beats Google and Walt Disney to become world's most reputable brand bit.ly/1boMGyY by @benbold pic.twitter.com/dY0Tz6K7XG

Brands are out, customer relationships are in bit.ly/1EuDIgQ pic.twitter.com/UJGfbfmRdF

Blue or Gold? How the brand behind #TheDress monetised viral success bit.ly/1zIfzLg by @charlottemc pic.twitter.com/pMVdl5Hdhx

As #MWC15 kicks off today, here's five ad trends for marketers at Mobile World Congress bit.ly/1EF5h53 pic.twitter.com/VrXBJC0qgS

Tesco lets customers pay by smartphone with PayQwiq trial bit.ly/1E7POYA by @shonaghosh pic.twitter.com/eWnoPYjium

Facebook readies LinkedIn rival 'Facebook at Work' | Marketing Magazine bit.ly/1EViUeY by @saramayspary pic.twitter.com/GZTcNga5N7

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