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Microsoft 'skips' Windows 9 and launches Windows 10 as its 'greatest enterprise platform ever' bit.ly/1mPice9 pic.twitter.com/tJPMHyEfp9

From emotional commerce to neuroscience, six predictions for 2016 bit.ly/1TGvGVD by @SarahToddGGLDN pic.twitter.com/gsgZBzqu3w

Seven 2016 trends that every marketer should be thinking about right now bit.ly/1SLGX69 by @Doug_LDN pic.twitter.com/tc55l4mFPX

Marketing leaders need to be digital visionaries, not bogged down with technicalities bit.ly/1Ng1JsW pic.twitter.com/3GItEF9O90

Advertising doesn't work on you. We like this from Oasis. pic.twitter.com/0olTUPU13U

Brands are out, customer relationships are in bit.ly/1J2ICTj pic.twitter.com/UUdckz5yVW

How neuroscience can help to build your brand bit.ly/1znCJGj pic.twitter.com/4Q7dokSt76

My hits don't lie. Here's the top 10 stories on Marketing - according to you bit.ly/1B24tmw pic.twitter.com/L7rOBgUFop

Techy Christmas: how brands are innovating for consumer attention bit.ly/1IyTIh2 by @shonaghosh pic.twitter.com/Vuid6eslwo

Coca-Cola encourages 'acts of kindness' for Christmas bit.ly/1x8EvQ5 pic.twitter.com/MhvDC7mmIx

Romeo Beckham stars in Burberry's first global Christmas campaign bit.ly/1EfyT7o pic.twitter.com/TMd4eIP9yH

The key 2015 trends that marketers can act on right now bit.ly/1wAtm7D pic.twitter.com/qUJjXANE8W

The key 2015 trends that marketers can act on right now bit.ly/1sywhc0 pic.twitter.com/VwXwYAhXBg

Social media has revolutionised how people choose food, Waitrose says bit.ly/1trHPD3 by @saramayspary pic.twitter.com/qn8B0pR447

Step back in time: How brands celebrated the birth of Prince George bit.ly/1sJDGdU pic.twitter.com/wemuEY4h5D

Betty Crocker celebrates gay rights with rainbow cakes ahead of #Pride Minnesota marketingmagazine.co.uk/article/130052… #pride2014 pic.twitter.com/4Mw5Qj6RfA

Can Innocent reinvigorate the smoothie market with its new 'super smoothie' range? bit.ly/1itpulx pic.twitter.com/2rFNYj7hna

Skype partners with Victoria Beckham to fend off Google Hangouts competition - bit.ly/PjFLfV pic.twitter.com/rgcotqD660

Warner Bros creates Lego ad break on ITV bit.ly/NehcjJ via @Campaignmag pic.twitter.com/evjLbkJHu2

Burger King becomes Burger Queen in royal birthday rebrand bit.ly/21078dW by @MattChapmanUK pic.twitter.com/WE71MzW6eB

Twitter's new algorithmic timeline arrives - and what it means for brands bit.ly/1nYbFzw by @shonaghosh pic.twitter.com/eFDMBha66Z

A tribute to Bowie's creative legacy: 'the world is a good deal less creative this morning' bit.ly/1SJmYHx pic.twitter.com/TtmBdzLxde

Starbucks launches Christmas #RedCups with socially charged light installation and emoji bit.ly/1H2ttC4 pic.twitter.com/hJzUCKn1Mv

Paddy Power goads MPs with 'you're getting sacked in the morning' mega-poster bit.ly/1PsB9vF by @saramayspary pic.twitter.com/bOPLa8HBim

M-commerce to hit £54bn by 2024 yet 70% of retailers lack mobile sites or apps bit.ly/1HjIXiL by @benbold pic.twitter.com/EgdJ0Rtg2o

Five genuinely useful wearable technology innovations bit.ly/1MyMRp4 by @shonaghosh pic.twitter.com/Bu7kBaZ2hJ

Has Coke bottled it? A bigger opportunity has been missed with brand redesign bit.ly/18o7K70 by @Jim_Prior pic.twitter.com/cQHFPx12N6

Coke named top global brand and Unilever top advertiser in Warc ranking bit.ly/185J2Im by @benbold pic.twitter.com/hJuRGVQL3O

Is this a move in the right direction? Snapchat introduces news, features and "gorgeous" ads bit.ly/1ywqxCs http://t.co/XNNU7tm6kP

Meet the 4S marketers: scientists, strategists, storybuilders and socialisers bit.ly/1Kocfxm pic.twitter.com/Elh8NTLmxs

Here's our top 10 marketing moments of 2014, what were yours? bit.ly/1Abh3jz pic.twitter.com/2ktZeOHiOS

Facebook readies LinkedIn rival 'Facebook at Work' bit.ly/1xKxyUn by @saramayspary pic.twitter.com/NnXAoH8Npy

Ditch the inauthentic content marketing and focus on trust bit.ly/1sfAjHr pic.twitter.com/YGQG8bh18q

Sugar Puffs ditches name and brings back Honey Monster in rebrand bit.ly/1t5M9I1 by @saramayspary pic.twitter.com/9AicmvG4B2

What marketers need to know about #iPhone6 bit.ly/1sBNKpA pic.twitter.com/Ljg3Br217U

Four tips for marketers struggling to cope with information overload bit.ly/UN0IBM pic.twitter.com/9aYvGH42MV

10 marketers who are the future of the industry #Marketing #NxtGen bit.ly/1s91Nj8 pic.twitter.com/xAjG1rqDQQ

Coke employs drones to bring happiness to Singapore's foreign builders bit.ly/Qhugp5 #CokeDrones pic.twitter.com/YvqQ9UCbDz

McDonald's teams up with Kobo to give away free digital books with Happy Meals bit.ly/R2s7ya pic.twitter.com/Yc0MRCRglq

"Belgium is grey," according to Ikea, so its new ads try to introduce some much-needed colour bit.ly/1gVQSS8 pic.twitter.com/aHejVrEOI0

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