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9 hand-drawn curls seamless patterns clrlv.rs/1avm49j pic.twitter.com/XpjMjwOebm

Graffiti Furniture by Dudeman clrlv.rs/13dXrN9 pic.twitter.com/2NtgHakfMX

A designer created emoticons for introverts, and they are as amazing as you would expect: ctv.mk/17xXY2H pic.twitter.com/Akev3Ayft1

"A Chandelier that Projects Tree Shadows" clrlv.rs/10lR7l2 pic.twitter.com/gYJahHPy0X

A good rain brings out the most beautiful colors: crtv.mk/gdWZ pic.twitter.com/5l34T6o9Pt

Doodling & starting a journal is a great way to boost #creativity clrlv.rs/18MYzsG pic.twitter.com/xzSwQ9TMv5

Beertone: A Beer Color Reference Guide clrlv.rs/TKfpB3

Space Cat Art Print by Danny Ivan clrlv.rs/1dXFtAf pic.twitter.com/N1dTMmLCgB

New Toilet Paper Roll Sculptures by Anastassia Elias clrlv.rs/1cqVj5Q pic.twitter.com/qZhQPEK31G

How do we go from "Come on, brain" to "I'm screwed"? Here's an explanation of creative hell → crt.mk/Ldm8M pic.twitter.com/I2OuABccuF

Colorful Graffiti Furniture by Dudeman clrlv.rs/18L4pNs pic.twitter.com/ZbCEhl0JhS

Chandeliers Made Out of Recycled Bike Parts clrlv.rs/16E79ft pic.twitter.com/LZQx9vp6Oj

80 Calligraphers and Hand Lettering Artists to Follow on Instagram crt.mk/K30b4 pic.twitter.com/u1d47dZ6gn

Pick the right color for your next design project with this color psychology chart: ctv.mk/171Hdvt pic.twitter.com/qxT3nGUbXZ

See the beautiful colors of the Northern Lights from your bed in a floating snowflake hotel! crtv.mk/jgc3 pic.twitter.com/Py9AiXfAsN

Scientists Invent a Material So Black Your Eyes Can't See It crtv.mk/bdgE pic.twitter.com/o2OUGUGO9p

Sans vs. Serif. Check out the entire infographic -> clrlv.rs/La9vcc pic.twitter.com/rSsseLaIXy

Creative Inspiration: The Power of Books clrlv.rs/193e3K9 pic.twitter.com/D4s7CIMpji

High Speed Photos of Exploding Light Bulbs clrlv.rs/16YvFU3 pic.twitter.com/rB1SmCGAXs

The Crayon-Bow - Crayola Color Chart, 1903-2010 clrlv.rs/16x1cfB pic.twitter.com/pCgfhYFWhz

Stunning! - Best City & Architecture Photography of 2012 clrlv.rs/TKha1c

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." - Hellen Keller (Made with Magellan crt.mk/KJgsb) pic.twitter.com/fe27LFwIIC

"Everything you can imagine is real." - Pablo Picasso (Made with Pretty Script crt.mk/KDRxa) pic.twitter.com/9zYZHul5My

23 graphic artists gave Disney characters a hipster makeover. The outcome is a total must see: crt.mk/K4D4d pic.twitter.com/Gx8DIfhOSh

Sans vs. Serif. Check out the entire infographic -> clrlv.rs/La9vcc pic.twitter.com/bmlRPO2Wb9

5 Unique and Creative Book Designs clrlv.rs/1avhxUq pic.twitter.com/7ACtEXDMps

Graffiti Birds by Brazilian Artist L7M clrlv.rs/1ciAMAn pic.twitter.com/mBt7RFUKY3

An installation of colorful masking tape clrlv.rs/16lony7 pic.twitter.com/b7d4nOXpml

Attention #colourlovers: Have you ever wondered how a storm palette would look like? bit.ly/2l13bbO pic.twitter.com/Jy0kz5cNkO

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