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We seem to be on a bit of blue kick today, but how AMAZING is this blue butterfly? crtv.mk/rdMx pic.twitter.com/MEkxeoxMbX

A Colorful Demolition: The Abandoned Interiors of Ghent’s Rabot Towers Revealed crtv.mk/ieTE pic.twitter.com/w8yjOaGosO

22 Amazing Places that are Hard to Believe Actually Exist clrlv.rs/1430k66

Test Tube Chandelier by Pani Jurek - Pondly clrlv.rs/1crB0JM pic.twitter.com/sJMQfgGlk5

Birds Made of Flower Petals and Leaves by Red Hong Yi clrlv.rs/19dDcTP pic.twitter.com/ba0QscsAUx

Psychotropic Watercolor Illustrations by Daniel Mackie clrlv.rs/11F4vlz pic.twitter.com/vdJebzxnW8

Caño Cristales: Colombia's Incredible Rainbow River clrlv.rs/13VugMp pic.twitter.com/Sku9a5QzDG

Colorful Paper Art by Yulia Brodskaya clrlv.rs/16n3xyi pic.twitter.com/7kLSuPqf19

Why You Should Start Your Creative Process with Sketching crt.mk/LahFp pic.twitter.com/xlEUpRBPac

Never lose your sense of wonder. (Made with Bonjour crt.mk/Kr7KE) pic.twitter.com/Yhx5QIhCgS

Color combinations from @herandnicole: crtv.mk/fjAi pic.twitter.com/kSe0M4oNJU

Magical Ice Cream Changes Color as You Lick crtv.mk/beuD pic.twitter.com/SmY0e66SIS

100 Colorful botanical brushes crtv.mk/pc6w pic.twitter.com/vIwSoRAaU7

The Middle Ages: Before the Printing Press & more inspiring examples of vintage lettering clrlv.rs/17GcZh8 pic.twitter.com/G6tu6Rmk1U

"Comparison is the thief of joy" - Theodore Roosevelt (Made with Baurbon crt.mk/KSwo9) pic.twitter.com/T74UF72aPz

A vegan restaurant with a colorful and artistic entrance ctv.mk/15DVLS9 pic.twitter.com/6wbWvygmhe

What do you think of @deviantart's bold new logo? ctv.mk/1Au7P1K pic.twitter.com/FBbGyll73Q

5 Sites to Boost Creativity in 2014 clrlv.rs/1hJfiBE pic.twitter.com/yWNWL8sSan

Set of 18 romantic seamless patterns clrlv.rs/LoYe8w pic.twitter.com/8nGVugsmAu

Creative sketches and doodles on @Pinterest clrlv.rs/LCAgXi pic.twitter.com/r8sL7eYXxg

Unique Tattoo Fonts & Inspiration for 2013 clrlv.rs/1gyK0MT pic.twitter.com/Y7H5oguWPq

Unique Tattoo Fonts & Inspiration for 2013 clrlv.rs/1gyK0MT pic.twitter.com/aklicXeytq

Electro Animals, Colorful Circuit-Like Illustrations of Wild Animals clrlv.rs/12e1EeZ pic.twitter.com/l3uPfIG6zi

Advice from Artists on How to Overcome Creative Block and Nurture Your Sense of Self-Worth ctv.mk/1DlhV6b pic.twitter.com/NhucB4dzBD

Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs ctv.mk/1xKSCH8 pic.twitter.com/yfh19cR9bP

Melbourne’s best Christmas lights 2014 ctv.mk/1AXY7F3 pic.twitter.com/exu14jHr7Y

Have you seen this neon knitted Routemaste ctv.mk/136QuAir from @7UP? pic.twitter.com/DVOxfaRpa0

Cute & Colorful Illustrations That Tell The Story Of ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ ctv.mk/15o7u75 pic.twitter.com/oPB3w6y0Ij

We love the color palette in this floral pattern by Maria Galybina crtv.mk/ieYo pic.twitter.com/vjfsb8CjTU

A little logo with a lot of color! crtv.mk/eaFC pic.twitter.com/ucUcrMvEdk

Incredible Crystalized Backgrounds clrlv.rs/1cITQcF pic.twitter.com/cEJsDyM1cJ

"Fox Ruins" by Kerby Rosanes clrlv.rs/1480MdM pic.twitter.com/nTRhP3UySE

Life is art. Paint your dream. (Made with Away crt.mk/KSuL5) pic.twitter.com/qWUzG3PqCP

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