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Behold the 'Foodnited States of America': a food pun project by a designer & his son crt.mk/KgXUV pic.twitter.com/aPqwXgoSgR

A gradient-rainbow-inspired Christmas tree ctv.mk/1zv1VyS We love it! pic.twitter.com/KzihTjW4go

The Impact of Color in Advertising, Marketing, and Design ctv.mk/1wk9RPT pic.twitter.com/qvj4eO2U9s

10 Resources to Help You Understand Color crtv.mk/hfez pic.twitter.com/VgBBRL5zF4

Frost by Numbers: How to Make Frosting in Amazing New Colors crtv.mk/eda1 pic.twitter.com/7feh0CwSD1

Like owls? You'll love these cute graphics for DIY projects clrlv.rs/18x72Um pic.twitter.com/lnyU19c6qS

Inspiring Examples of Decorative Vintage Lettering clrlv.rs/17GcZh8 pic.twitter.com/rOMJQbjbKu

33 abstract vector backgrounds clrlv.rs/1iZPobd pic.twitter.com/Ogk5eMXmPi

Doodling & starting a journal is a great way to boost #creativity clrlv.rs/18MYzsG pic.twitter.com/o1jfcVTM3t

Inspirational Design Quotes clrlv.rs/197PM7f pic.twitter.com/wLpOmSdWTW

Color Inspiraton from Coffee and Tea clrlv.rs/brBZJ0

Ty Foster's epic photo series captures some real emotion from dogs wearing a 'cone of shame'. crt.mk/NacYI pic.twitter.com/1kPOrOAn92

25 Amazing Yarn Bombs ctv.mk/1JuJv2L http://t.co/EmkRtBaU8y

10 Funny Infographics For Designers crtv.mk/iUJ2 pic.twitter.com/Gg4xmkw66B

Dramatic Photos Of Lightbulbs Filled With Explodable Objects clrlv.rs/1dQoxLW pic.twitter.com/78AKxaZyOG

Landscape and Seascape Photography by Patrick Smith clrlv.rs/1ciB0Hs pic.twitter.com/zj4OWMdG7R

Expressive Beauty: Exploded Flowers by Fong Qi Wei | clrlv.rs/12fYSNb pic.twitter.com/xTzs8rqJs0

Be fun, be good, be true. (Made with Hand Drawn Badges crt.mk/KzYIX) pic.twitter.com/EatCJAdbgk

Learn the Basics of Color Theory to Know What Looks Good crtv.mk/tdzh pic.twitter.com/TkdTwh99rn

The Middle Ages: Before the Printing Press & more inspiring examples of vintage lettering clrlv.rs/17GcZh8 pic.twitter.com/gddKPKApnS

Creative sketches and doodles on @Pinterest clrlv.rs/LCAgXi pic.twitter.com/8YJWp5NUcZ

5 Fascinating Font Infographics clrlv.rs/1hhdwKK pic.twitter.com/RSN579dYpG

Incredibly Colorful Rock Formations in China clrlv.rs/132nUgm pic.twitter.com/MxKDO58ywB

Colorful Watercolor Art By Elena Romanova clrlv.rs/10nziOF pic.twitter.com/MK4tXPRxFR

5 Great Tips For Finding Color Inspiration clrlv.rs/WOzbit

Colored Owl Drawings by John Pusateri clrlv.rs/UKHxBF

Infographic: The Top Color Trends of 2014 crtv.mk/plCn pic.twitter.com/YZ1ooxdZ00

Sound Visualization: Dancing Colors by Fabian Oefner clrlv.rs/1cr8tje pic.twitter.com/Ti1KDvOZJp

Outstanding Digital Arts By Rik Oostenbroek clrlv.rs/126bXDt pic.twitter.com/S9RwCbYpJf

Heart Stopping Photographs by Vitaly Raskalov clrlv.rs/17fEZGH pic.twitter.com/FXIeeboEpE

Photographs of Paint Flung by Centrifugal Force by Fabian Oefner clrlv.rs/10Z4WZV pic.twitter.com/dT8sRN5NHD

Comic Papyrus is real → "The two sexiest fonts ever made a baby just for you" crt.mk/KTa7A pic.twitter.com/9Gf0ukpaty

Vibrant paper-crafted sculptures ctv.mk/13mjkwS by Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera pic.twitter.com/7BH4UUL86r

Check out these beautifully colorful ornamental skulls for Dia de los Muertos: ctv.mk/1wOsYDG pic.twitter.com/KcTjmG2s3c

When's the last time you sat down and really enjoyed a colorful sunset? ctv.mk/ZKkHDR pic.twitter.com/nrgxRwibSa

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