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The AIGA National Design Center in New York looks back on 100 years of typography ow.ly/3k5see

New #LEGO Flagship Store in Flatiron District NYC is open! pic.twitter.com/eqCUkR4KSI

“271 Years Before Pantone, an Artist Mixed and Described Every Color Imaginable in an 800-Page Book” via @Colossal ow.ly/3k3Wve

50 Books/50 Covers 2013 Winners Announced ow.ly/3qZ4Qr

vintage Japanese graphic design inspiration for Tuesday ow.ly/3nIuwT

Nintendo's Game Boy turns 25 today ow.ly/3jwhNi

“13 Fabulous Book Cover Designers from USA” ow.ly/3nzQ2L

Interactive Graphic: The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People ow.ly/3n4fJd

Hillary in 2016 logo by Pentagram ow.ly/3xJGMA

Apple Watch is Cupertino’s new wearable ow.ly/3qqeH1

New show at Cooper Hewitt examines How Posters Work ow.ly/LAJ34

“Leica's Kyoto Store Beautifully Blends German Engineering and Japanese Aesthetic” via @petapixel ow.ly/3nISBU

A Colorful Minimalist Series of Flat-Shadowed Icons Depicting Famous ‘Star Wars’ Characters ow.ly/3nIoGr

‘Game Of Thrones’ Emojis Are Coming… ow.ly/3nGF55

From idea to exhibition: developing art for Google ow.ly/3n4fS4

Advice to Illustrators (via @ChronicleBooks) ow.ly/3nL6Gi

“Foursquare’s New Logo Redesign Goes Superhero” ow.ly/3nGFm6

Infographic: The Evolution Of Batman’s Symbol ow.ly/3nGFFI

J.K. Rowling Publishes New Harry Potter Story, Crashing Pottermore ow.ly/3mDP4t

“The words hashtag, steampunk and selfie are now tired enough to go in the dictionary” via @engadget feedly.com/k/1sPu2ly

“In This Digital Age, Book Collecting is Still Going Strong” via @wsj ow.ly/3xJCYZ

Designing sets for Game of Thrones (via @CreativeReview) ow.ly/3pdKEh

Google Doodle: John Venn’s 180th Birthday ow.ly/3nUqk6

Maps & charts by John Philipps Emslie (ht @BillSleazy) ow.ly/3nGFXY

Pantone food art pairings [throwback] ow.ly/3nGDVX

“Why Everyone Went Nuts Over Hillary Clinton’s New Logo” via @WIRED ow.ly/3xJMAB

Peter Mendelsund & “Judging a Designer By His Covers” interview via @studio360show ow.ly/3opRuA

12 Rare Flintstones Production Shots From the Golden Age of Animation (via @gizmodo) ow.ly/3nGg6U

“Apple To Cease Development Of Aperture And Transition Users To Photos For OS X” via @TechCrunch ow.ly/3mhr8O

Q & A with Matt Roeser, Candlewick Press (via @CasualOptimist) ow.ly/3m5eh8

A Pencil Shop in NYC! ow.ly/3xJEQA (@cwpencils)

Approx 1 million Apple Watch preorders? ow.ly/3xJCRo

Book Covers of Note September 2014 ( via @CasualOptimist) ow.ly/3pYnMC

Liron Lavi Turkenich: We are not alone-Hebrew type design inspiring and being inspired @typedirectors tonight in NYC ow.ly/3nWxQY

Amazon now lets you customize and buy 3D-printed products ow.ly/3nGeHN

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