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Send Mr. Vignelli your notes of appreciation. He made the world a better place. pic.twitter.com/m52Y9YBzLd

Really awesome “@withhearts: Awesome design work by @henryhobson pic.twitter.com/o2leqksPUM

A mutual feeling for all evils. #fuckguns pic.twitter.com/1B9sUPo5bv

After watching game 1 of the @NBA finals. I decided The Finals logotype (although nice) needed a lil extra love. pic.twitter.com/e05OFNYZau

some mistakes are better than others #johnupdike #fotarchive pic.twitter.com/mREjjrmJQA

various matchbooks from NYC for #BurnsNight #FontSunday @DesignMuseum pic.twitter.com/MsId2xQnn1

Happy Birthday Herb Lubalin. He would've been 97 today. pic.twitter.com/0Cq8Cj36iO

Hate Has No Home Here.... @AnthonyBurrill #FontSunday @DesignMuseum pic.twitter.com/KiRcLQZy6v

Dance Penguin, Dance via @johncoulthart Evolution of the @PenguinPbks logo from Piet Schreuders' Book of Paperbacks pic.twitter.com/g9VoyY1MOL

US Summer Harvest stamps by @MichaelDoret #fontsunday @DesignMuseum #fruitsandveg michaeldoret.com/blog/3270 pic.twitter.com/MUyCV1O8zg

the negative space appreciation club. bravo @nytimes, bravo! #allthenewsthatsfittoprint pic.twitter.com/oym4GK0a6s

A man & his pen drawing logos adweek.it/1Bzdz9W Nice one @SebLester. Love them all. pic.twitter.com/4CJglX0Z7l

Thank you H.R. Giger for showing us what the aliens in our nightmares look like. #rip #inmemoriam pic.twitter.com/DBWCx4OyhA

Toru Iwatani and his original drafts for Pac-Man imgur.com/a/Db2Qu via @LunaMedinaOB pic.twitter.com/5NvEKAM9wP

One of the best signatures ever. #SaulBass pic.twitter.com/zorFRHrdMT

Love is all around @DesignMuseum #Pride#FontSunday #PrideMatters⁠ ⁠ pic.twitter.com/rS9gGXC5T4

Rub on, rub down, rub all around #Letraset #Helvetica @DesignMuseum #FontSunday pic.twitter.com/ViHztnBDy8

Awesomeness. Greg Lamarche for @jcrew in Brooklyn via @tmagazine tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/07/21/gre… pic.twitter.com/UXXlSZtUUm

Happy 30th bday to The Designers Republic! @ianTDR We can dig it! pic.twitter.com/rerHA2KwVw

A note from Keith Haring to Michael. “...the only secret is to believe in it and satisfy yourself.” (via @superdeux) pic.twitter.com/YpLyNMYOvM

Thoroughly enjoying “@presentcorrect: For your enjoyment, 120 pages of 1970s logos. flickr.com/photos/mr_carl… pic.twitter.com/WsEEJw1Wih

We scream for ice cream #FontSunday @frances_quinn @DesignMuseum #icecream #lettering pic.twitter.com/fXtoNHyuA2

Love seeing how other collectors live. a peek into @espiekermann's home/studio on @itsnicethat itsnicethat.com/articles/erik-… pic.twitter.com/6hkBJQiKsh

Still applies “@LettersOfNote: A letter to parents, included in 1970s Lego sets: bbs.boingboing.net/t/legos-egalit… pic.twitter.com/Nv1u3JlRAU

Shout out to everyone who work their asses off because they love what they do. pic.twitter.com/3oqRdKTmif

...because Friday. Up now: Every Step Is A Way Through friendsoftype.com/2017/02/every-… pic.twitter.com/ghdtMDmUon

Got up close with the platform version of this subway map at the @LubalinCenter #vignelli pic.twitter.com/9qAjt0x1Id

Would rather be watching #StrangerThings. Love everything about it.... the music & the intro are nostalgic bliss. pic.twitter.com/nOdtSrZwtw

Hi @DietCoke. Would've loved to contribute but alas everything's alright in the era of online inspiration ;-) pic.twitter.com/AasFbo3AUX

Wow to the Power Nap Head Pillow. hammacher.com/Product/Defaul… via @robynical pic.twitter.com/2bsPi0oh9l

Happy Fifth of May amigos! #CincoDeMayo pic.twitter.com/HsED42zaGR

Best message shared. Pay it forward. @LTsans from @IDEO killed it @AIGAconference #AIGAdesign pic.twitter.com/sPOt0y24Hb

Gone too soon. Happy birthday Biggie! pic.twitter.com/IcehAxJlSF

A must if you're in NYC. 'Everything is Design.' #PaulRand @MuseumofCityNY pic.twitter.com/CYYK0FHG3B

words that stick by @millsbaker pic.twitter.com/i1PdRBRIhW

Imbroglio wall calendar designed by Jean-Pierre Vitrac (1972) #fontsunday @DesignMuseum pic.twitter.com/8uw4wgsZPf

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