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How much water is on the Earth? This image explains it perfectly. thefoxisblack.com/2012/05/10/how…

High-res, printable posters from the IBM archives. Paul Rand goodness! bit.ly/1stMdNC pic.twitter.com/EXRIXkkXuR

Criticism of Olive Garden's new logo leaves a bad taste in my mouth. bit.ly/1gcGpl5 pic.twitter.com/qEsNqLWDGQ

Akira turns 30 today

Some crazy folks made the Grand Budpaest Hotel out of LEGO. Here's how. bit.ly/UB12Eq pic.twitter.com/ancEmfuGYL

Keith Haring painted a mural on the White House lawn on Easter, 1988. thefoxisblack.com/2017/04/16/kei… pic.twitter.com/eiBssnzTrJ

5 things @Instagram should change for a better user experience. bit.ly/1iAmgMq pic.twitter.com/96ejVXmAHZ

It's the #firstdayofspring!Fantastic photo by @azumamakoto who launched flowers into space… ift.tt/1R7KqOa pic.twitter.com/xIAsVxFGvx

Braun Japan's website, still a favorite. bit.ly/1pEHcWo pic.twitter.com/gIQ4D7xB9R

This list of Nike principles are brilliant. Being successful in business is hard work. pic.twitter.com/bsXf5hytSC

It's incredible how @jean_jullien's drawing become a symbol of unity across the Internet. instagram.com/p/-CvRmhhFJP/ pic.twitter.com/OVTbZuKqnr

My favorite "Designer as Teacher": Aaron @Draplin builds a logo in 10 minutes. bit.ly/1AdPqWy pic.twitter.com/gAIUcVe2PU

Drew Tyndell's fantastic looping illustrations. bit.ly/1sGW0Cr pic.twitter.com/kl9aahA55Y

A bold new identity for the Jewish Museum in New York by @sagmeisterwalsh. bit.ly/1m6Red7 pic.twitter.com/RM7eyV1S3i

Warm your hearth and home digitally with Yule Log 2.0. bit.ly/1yPVGoR pic.twitter.com/w2anFzuPb7

Daily routines of famous creative people, told interactively. bit.ly/1DB3UEM pic.twitter.com/GHXGwD3iCK

Norway leads in governmental design with new designs for passports and banknotes. bit.ly/12jZgdQ pic.twitter.com/t6f6eTqrDo

Absolutely stunning poster for 'The Last of Us' designed by Olly Moss. bit.ly/1pkOGbp pic.twitter.com/w9VrNIbl9K

Still so appropriate. pic.twitter.com/RCgy0l0uBh

Brand new Macbook weighs only 2 lbs, comes in space gray, silver, and GOLD. That thing is insane. pic.twitter.com/avoHPkDnLd

Check out these mesmerizing illustrated GIFs by Typical Hope. bit.ly/1iLSZwQ pic.twitter.com/XKychO2LNX

Might be the prettiest bottle of beer I've ever seen. ift.tt/1Spj04J pic.twitter.com/55ehxvu2Ws

We need more well-done beer packaging like this. bit.ly/1kmnuHQ pic.twitter.com/ODroZmss7h

I wish there was more street artists like Tellas. Abstract art for a city. bit.ly/QG6qEg pic.twitter.com/Rs76YUaLtJ

Daily design motto ✌

Simple marks are not easy to make. Saul Bass made a living from this. pic.twitter.com/uNUF5Ml5zc

Is Banksy A Woman? An interesting perspective by Kriston Capps bit.ly/1snOI4d pic.twitter.com/GkGboYf9AV

UK artist INSA transforms his street art into mesmerizing animated GIFs. bit.ly/RW5mN3 pic.twitter.com/WBH2VFW7Ch

Lovely illustrations for The New Yorker by Tree House Press. bit.ly/1nLgXMs pic.twitter.com/m6mbd78Shy

The best thing that happened all day. pic.twitter.com/nbS8pS1EwO

Kodak resurrects the super 8 camera with help from Yves Behar. thefoxisblack.com/2016/01/07/kod… pic.twitter.com/dFtyJChC86

3 rules for a happy designer – Great advice from Gradiate. bit.ly/1pVuxtB pic.twitter.com/qL4NauTJwk

A look at Haruki Murakami's customizable new cover design and an overview of past covers. bit.ly/1noTLOp pic.twitter.com/18lqZLJWOm

Intelligent people tend to stay up later. bit.ly/1xGDWsm pic.twitter.com/fPHtHFl9o2

9 helpful books for budding typographers. bit.ly/1pjnpY6 pic.twitter.com/NBnqHPYUxT

Even giant spaghetti monsters get lonely. bit.ly/1dScChA pic.twitter.com/oycbws1XXg

Google's Street Art Project is a step in the right direction for graffiti. bit.ly/1pEypQb pic.twitter.com/Uuo7Pdolmm

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