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“I paint and sculpt to…

“I paint and sculpt to get a grip on reality... to protect myself.” –Alberto Giacometti, born this day in 1901. pic.twitter.com/KnZo1K1qAD

“Being an artist is life…

“Being an artist is life itself” —Jackson Pollock #bornonthisday in 1912. Happy Birthday to this iconic artist! pic.twitter.com/PlPigRDUR7

“It is your duty in life…

“It is your duty in life to save your dream” —Modigliani, born on this day in 1884. pic.twitter.com/w1vIFPbuIn

“Do not copy nature too…

“Do not copy nature too much. Art is an abstraction.” –Paul Gauguin #bornonthisday pic.twitter.com/7GCtjGYBTm


"I look at a lot of artists... I am inspired. Art comes from art." —Cy Twombly #WednesdayWisdom "Ferragosto IV" 1961 pic.twitter.com/Ug2hF8yaBQ

“Have no fear of perfection;…

“Have no fear of perfection; you’ll never reach it.” —Salvador Dalí pic.twitter.com/lU2crjAH32

Frida Kahlo weathered medical…

Frida Kahlo weathered medical setbacks during her life. She arrived to her first solo show in an ambulance. HBD! pic.twitter.com/hWHwkJ1wvH

“An empty canvas is a living…

“An empty canvas is a living wonder... far lovelier than certain pictures.” –Wassily Kandinsky c. 1926 pic.twitter.com/OgYAhHylPI

“The best advice I've received…

“The best advice I've received is to be yourself. The best artists do that.” –Frank Gehry, born today. pic.twitter.com/3OCMR7lua1


"Vision is the true creative rhythm” —Robert Delaunay, cofounder of the cubist Orphism movement #bornonthisday pic.twitter.com/OhHWGfg6ER

“I am my own muse, I am…

“I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.” –Frida Kahlo pic.twitter.com/BzrIEa9aFK

“I do more painting when…

“I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious.” –Andrew Wyeth pic.twitter.com/5WFQoxUO0I


"Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is." –Jackson Pollock #insidethestudio pic.twitter.com/4p2Axl15RM

Gabriel Dawe’s suspended…

Gabriel Dawe’s suspended thread installations evoke prismatic beams of light. pic.twitter.com/gnkwkICckv

Christo's new installation,…

Christo's new installation, opening late June, will allow visitors to cross Lake Iseo on 220k poly-ethylene cubes. pic.twitter.com/rEEQ5D6sxm


"Art is not made for anybody and is, at the same time, for everybody.” —Piet Mondrian #bornonthisday pic.twitter.com/6rX3G72JVP

A carpet made of 740k begonias…

A carpet made of 740k begonias laid on the pavement of Brussels' Grand Palace commemorates the Turkish immigrants. pic.twitter.com/hROa6z9FgX


"The final test of a painting is: does the painter's emotions come across?" —Franz Kline #bornonthisday pic.twitter.com/yybQCLnXyy


"I have a flood of ideas in my mind. I just follow my vision" —Kusama. Happy Birthday, Yayoi! pic.twitter.com/7x2JL9XtYS

Artist of the Day: Hatti…

Artist of the Day: Hatti Pattisson. See more of her work on Saatchi Art: ow.ly/PIHp4 #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/hQBFx3q9Ww

“The dignity of the artist…

“The dignity of the artist lies in his duty of keeping awake the sense of wonder in the world.” –Marc Chagall pic.twitter.com/xTLSNJcEPJ

“To create a work of art…

“To create a work of art is to create the world” –Wassily Kandinsky, born today in 1866. Here is “Composition VI." pic.twitter.com/ySnDVNwap8

“To create one's world…

“To create one's world in any of the arts takes courage” –Georgie O’Keeffe, born today in 1887. pic.twitter.com/6hOptAGan0

Happy Birthday to Stan Lee,…

Happy Birthday to Stan Lee, whose Marvel superhero creations have touched the lives of many. pic.twitter.com/MB0072ToIq

Happy Birthday, Vermeer!…

Happy Birthday, Vermeer! His masterpiece “Girl with a Pearl Earring” from 1665 shows his handle of light & detail. pic.twitter.com/wyiMikup6m

“I don't believe in art.…

“I don't believe in art. I believe in artists.” –Marcel Duchamp, born on this day in 1887. pic.twitter.com/mwL5LwVxnz

The creators of the forthcoming…

The creators of the forthcoming film @LovingVincent emulate his brushstrokes by using 12 paintings per second pic.twitter.com/cqmH0qIRXL

Happy Birthday, Monet! His…

Happy Birthday, Monet! His 42ft painting is @MuseeOrangerie. More work inspired by his style: goo.gl/Q6h8uL pic.twitter.com/a8bvpaDN9r

“An artist can show things…

“An artist can show things that other people are terrified of expressing.” –Louise Bourgeois #InsidetheStudio pic.twitter.com/YA82pxPxEC


"Artistically I am still a child with a whole life ahead of me to discover and create” —Alberto Giacometti pic.twitter.com/g90MJyfS8R

“I prefer living in color.”…

“I prefer living in color.” –David Hockney. Happy Birthday, David! ow.ly/PpklT pic.twitter.com/H08J3T4hr2

“I wanted to be a star,…

“I wanted to be a star, not a gallery mascot” –Jean-Michel Basquiat, born on this day in 1960. pic.twitter.com/yu9kqpq7YI

The 27 steel columns in Marco…

The 27 steel columns in Marco Cianfanelli’s monument represent a year the revolutionary Nelson Mandela spent in jail. pic.twitter.com/RpukcKuTKC


"The most important thing is to be true to yourself" —Prince. "Purple Rain" by Heike Schmidt ow.ly/4mXDS5 pic.twitter.com/xQ1NPVAGVo

In remembrance of Leonard…

In remembrance of Leonard Nimoy, "Mr. Spock" by Gary Hogben bit.ly/1EUlPnC pic.twitter.com/2bnuSuo9p9

German street artist 1010…

German street artist 1010 gives color and depth to ordinary surfaces. pic.twitter.com/F3y8jzN5Kd


"You don't take a photograph, you make it” —Ansel Adams #bornonthisday. Love his style? ow.ly/Yxy4e pic.twitter.com/HJ8m2BbIT4


"Art is the highest form of hope” —Gerhard Richter #bornonthisday. Happy Birthday, Gerhard! pic.twitter.com/6WJJJ5OhGS

“My goal is never to copy.…

“My goal is never to copy. Create a new style.” –Tamara de Lempicka pic.twitter.com/lZZ9rfJ01w

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