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A Cozy Flat in Odessa Designed…

A Cozy Flat in Odessa Designed for a Student by Fateeva Design bit.ly/2LoSGKf #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/8kh5wcC8M0

A Cozy Flat in Odessa Designed…

A Cozy Flat in Odessa Designed for a Student by Fateeva Design bit.ly/2GDYP2I #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/cvAQvvbuli

11 Modern Home Offices That…

11 Modern Home Offices That Will Make You Want to Get Sh#t Done bit.ly/2L3yPAq #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/cAp43O52xP

Plús Hús Is a 320-Square-Foot Flat-Packed Home by Minarc bit.ly/2K0FvyQ pic.twitter.com/MYirlyi9vJ

A Mid-Century Hillside Home…

A Mid-Century Hillside Home In LA Is Renovated by ras-a bit.ly/2Jz3mc6 #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/xrpPdWc4SB

The Pi Bike Is a Fixed Gear Bicycle in the Shape of the Pi Symbol bit.ly/2JHGZOo #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/XZQ7LhADdk

Perfectly Curated Tableware…

Perfectly Curated Tableware Compositions That Make Us Calm bit.ly/2Le4u24 #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/2JKSBcJrFH

The Japanese Puzzle-Inspired…

The Japanese Puzzle-Inspired Solid Wood Yose-gi Stool by TAMEN bit.ly/2LhNisk #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/b2d7RydIaK

When Tiny Is More Than Enough:…

When Tiny Is More Than Enough: The Monocabin in Rhodes, Greece bit.ly/2KWDgN9 #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/vfGnH6nIMB

Kast Launches Collection…

Kast Launches Collection of Patterned Concrete Basins Called Kast Canvas bit.ly/2L5Pzaf #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/GgYZFUQOgm

Tsujiri Japanese Tea Bar in London by MIMStudios bit.ly/2Jx2buJ pic.twitter.com/wPGcY5Dwcm

The Black, White, and Blue…

The Black, White, and Blue Residence C.L. by W&Li Design bit.ly/2J6GkJz #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/2Ws8b7p1tQ

The Playfully Pastel Permafrost…

The Playfully Pastel Permafrost x MINISO Collection bit.ly/2JcBQ4c #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/lZzD3znNzD

An Early Victorian Cottage…

An Early Victorian Cottage Is Renovated by WALTER&WALTER bit.ly/2JfoOD1 #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/HzUcJn1fmA

A House Mullet Family Home…

A House Mullet Family Home in Melbourne by Pandolfini Architects bit.ly/2M5ncu4 #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/e5VoqZyyYg

Live That Luxe Life in a…

Live That Luxe Life in a Shipping Container from Cocoon Modules bit.ly/2LnTmzR #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/UVYnP81gjG

A Rural Apartment in Panorama,…

A Rural Apartment in Panorama, Greece by Normless Architecture Studio bit.ly/2Js8oas pic.twitter.com/CJ9Lpdh6aW

SITIA’s Furniture Concept…

SITIA’s Furniture Concept for Customizable Environments bit.ly/2JvtdBM pic.twitter.com/HLix0wNmMH

An Urban Hotel Inspired by…

An Urban Hotel Inspired by Hong Kong’s Maritime and Industrial Era bit.ly/2KW42p5 #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/YgIVERxiAZ

Nordic-Inspired 89 Wall Hangers…

Nordic-Inspired 89 Wall Hangers by Eduardo Cámara and Patricia Ibáñez bit.ly/2KKyDWt pic.twitter.com/P6DMjQK4CB

Over/Under by SP01 X Ladies & Gentlemen bit.ly/2MEPITk #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/raO1jgswcs

Alki’s Egon Side Table…

Alki’s Egon Side Table Will Become Your Handy Sidekick bit.ly/2La4Oz1 pic.twitter.com/o0YWdaEemz

New Works by Copenhagen-Based…

New Works by Copenhagen-Based Furniture Brand COMMON bit.ly/2LwpxOo #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/0GYlaKlHsM

TheUrbanative’s 2018 Collection Is Inspired by Traditional African Hairstyles bit.ly/2yrSfgC pic.twitter.com/1RK3tTtHWP

Gaining New Perspectives…

Gaining New Perspectives with Society6’s Wood Wall Art bit.ly/2GK1Uyc pic.twitter.com/E7KrP6oc3u

A Plantable Light Fixture by Ryan Taylor for Object/Interface bit.ly/2y4oL8y #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/5lO1TxFHTv

Ocean Memories by Mathieu Lehanneur bit.ly/2y20TCu #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/CzkXQRt4NB

The G’Day House Is Designed…

The G’Day House Is Designed to Feel Like a Modern Beach House bit.ly/2LcGkF7 pic.twitter.com/SKDU3rSRha

SL House: A Hillside Residence…

SL House: A Hillside Residence in Los Angeles by Aaron Neubert Architects bit.ly/2JdiHPn pic.twitter.com/9XHDWfaZHX

Bento Tray: Low, Stacking…

Bento Tray: Low, Stacking Tables Inspired by Asian Floor Culture bit.ly/2KOInyY #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/ls3731hqpm

A Brazilian Duplex with a…

A Brazilian Duplex with a Pool That Becomes Art by Fernanda Marques bit.ly/2Ligv7s #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/zc3qlo3Hw6

Zaha Hadid Architects’ 3D Printed Hat Tops the Crowd bit.ly/2JNYPUb pic.twitter.com/GsCUYtjZYh

An 11-Foot-Wide Row House in Brooklyn by Office of Architecture bit.ly/2JK2wuc pic.twitter.com/v81PyTiCcn

The Playfully Pastel Permafrost x MINISO Collection bit.ly/2Mn6wOJ #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/pv1xpISxhk

The Shack: A Modern Hideaway…

The Shack: A Modern Hideaway for a San Francisco Couple by Feldman Architecture bit.ly/2JmjQEd pic.twitter.com/YTRgANo8Im

The Kashan Chair Is Not Defined…

The Kashan Chair Is Not Defined by Any Time Period bit.ly/2KM0wNJ #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/dxepYNPsxf

The 8 Contemporary Artists IKEA Tapped on to Create the 2019 IKEA Art Collection bit.ly/2JAwInc pic.twitter.com/98ylRY4dqQ

A Building in Venice Becomes…

A Building in Venice Becomes a Converted Loft by Alexander Design bit.ly/2JfzQb6 #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/dxecDELKjp

Studio Hagel Remixes 3D Printed…

Studio Hagel Remixes 3D Printed Adidas ALPHAEDGE 4D bit.ly/2KOgmHL pic.twitter.com/8ZXOmnrQg8

Blå Station Will Keep You…

Blå Station Will Keep You Comfortable and Connected in the Office bit.ly/2LwpCBr #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/zhinNfXJOb

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