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Amazing recent work by artist Sam Weber: supersonicart.com/post/187673074… pic.twitter.com/U0TQPpFXgw

The work of Bastien Lecouffe Deharme is available as fine art prints on @INPRNT! inprnt.com/gallery/deharm… pic.twitter.com/2yR2TuLTlN

Artist Tanya Shatseva's gorgeous work is available as fine art prints on @INPRNT inprnt.com/gallery/tanyas… pic.twitter.com/5gacfItLbT

Phenomenal recent work by @samrodriguezart! supersonicart.com/post/187361897… pic.twitter.com/uiXAwk9n4s

Incredible recent work by artist @SashaIra_ supersonicart.com/post/187826425… pic.twitter.com/ikYUO0NbzG

Fascinating illustrations by artist Tim von Rueden: supersonicart.com/post/187629164… pic.twitter.com/okYEmjGVlp

Ethereal new works by artist Brooks Salzwedel: supersonicart.com/post/187472155… pic.twitter.com/5yK70YcS5H

"Cult of Meow III" opens September 7th at Gristle Gallery in Brooklyn: supersonicart.com/post/187314618… pic.twitter.com/arlJdJzABD

Mysteriously gorgeous illustrations by artist Andi Soto: supersonicart.com/post/187825457… pic.twitter.com/CJFChpl67I

Outstanding paintings by artist Carly Janine Mazur: supersonicart.com/post/187784596… pic.twitter.com/VRepZBradL

Jeffrey Cheung's solo exhibition, "Tangle," is currently on view at @Hashimoto_NYCSF NYC: supersonicart.com/post/187675556… pic.twitter.com/zKFYK5pZZh

Hyperrealistic paintings by artist Nasta Sebastian: supersonicart.com/post/187495695… pic.twitter.com/1ODA7tOpNz

A selection of Roman Klonek's new work from his solo exhibition September 7th in Berlin: supersonicart.com/post/187473077… pic.twitter.com/8NKNh9CqQv

"La Lune II" opens Saturday at Haven Gallery in Northport, New York: supersonicart.com/post/187360649… pic.twitter.com/Y9tap5ogln

A great way to spend your free time this weekend: Three FREE Online Art Courses! supersonicart.com/post/187846600… pic.twitter.com/Pzj5opN0IK

Outlandish illustrations by artist Erik Probst: supersonicart.com/post/187826577… pic.twitter.com/V7WH6Pc7Cw

Gorgeous illustrations by artist Betty Jiang: supersonicart.com/post/187826235… pic.twitter.com/yPvaBDl1Ha

Fascinating new illustrations by Maria Nguyen: supersonicart.com/post/187808158… pic.twitter.com/Ovd4nvneQj

Astounding recent work by artist @TomBagshaw! supersonicart.com/post/187808056… pic.twitter.com/sxlGhqhgQ8

Recent paintings by the always amazing @JamesJeanArt! supersonicart.com/post/187806159… pic.twitter.com/zq5IaUlByh

Exceptional drawings by artist Jesse Stern: supersonicart.com/post/187805822… pic.twitter.com/Sruf2bLpcE

Free Anatomy Master Class video lessons for Supersonic Art readers: anatomymasterclass.com/super/ pic.twitter.com/oOmKzpPSlZ

Have you taken a look at the Supersonic Art T-Shirt shop yet???? supersonicart.threadless.com pic.twitter.com/0p2NVL7hwa

Mesmerizing artwork by artist Adrian Avila: supersonicart.com/post/187672403… pic.twitter.com/C5kbFELfPg

Phenomenal landscape and figurative paintings by artist Zhaoming Wu: supersonicart.com/post/187652173… pic.twitter.com/09OWGZhYVN

Incredible recent paintings by artist Nadezda: supersonicart.com/post/187651536… pic.twitter.com/Ph4xjPQuxO

Alluring fantasy illustrations by Ed Binkley: supersonicart.com/post/187651282… pic.twitter.com/T8VLdgvtW0

Fantastic recent work from artist Scott Scheidly: supersonicart.com/post/187650598… pic.twitter.com/sL8sDTZToi

Gorgeous recent paintings by Mary Jane Ansell: supersonicart.com/post/187650482… pic.twitter.com/fTmIQ7VQ2d

Teach yourself to paint just like the Old Masters in these FREE video lessons: oldmasters.academy/super pic.twitter.com/jH25j2FQi8

Spend your Sunday learning some brand new art techniques, for free: supersonicart.com/post/187576758… pic.twitter.com/5pHrtZhkiT

FREE How To Draw Video Lessons for Supersonic Art readers: drawingacademy.com/super/ pic.twitter.com/MOQzBClSvV

Astonishing recent work by artist Rae Klein: supersonicart.com/post/187474091… pic.twitter.com/XGrdOgnGw6

Imaginative illustrations by artist Alex Heywood: supersonicart.com/post/187472890… pic.twitter.com/RBRacV07z1

Paul Richmond's "The Masks We Wear" opens October 5th in Columbus, Ohio: supersonicart.com/post/187337878… pic.twitter.com/WoMFSwVxYw

Three FREE Online Video Courses Every Artist Should Take! supersonicart.com/post/187337638… pic.twitter.com/mK3M4mBTr8

Brand new limited edition print by Tatiana Suarez / @tatunga available via @PangeaSeed supersonicart.com/post/187335583… pic.twitter.com/mwE8Cut3xh

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