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How Instagram's new logo…

How Instagram's new logo was designed: pic.twitter.com/nJuWCUf1St

The hauntingly gorgeous work of Yuri Shwedoff is available as fine art prints on @INPRNT! inprnt.com/gallery/yurish… pic.twitter.com/M8HtyHvy78

Available on @INPRNT as fine art prints, the incredible work of Jakub Rebelka: inprnt.com/gallery/shzreb… pic.twitter.com/g6EpqdQIFT


.@Kelsey_Beckett's "Murmuration" is on view at @CoreyHelford in #LA: supersonicart.com/post/156317002… pic.twitter.com/T8KHjz0v9F

"The Moleskine Project VII" opens Saturday at @Spoke_Art in New York City, see more: supersonicart.com/post/176494017… pic.twitter.com/RfDWJrpjot

Available on @INPRNT! The absolutely amazing work of Lois van Baarle / @loishh inprnt.com/gallery/loish/… pic.twitter.com/v3YGLXHBTS

Miraculous visions from artist Shaun Tan: supersonicart.com/post/182281687… pic.twitter.com/9joPBcoIAY

Available on @INPRNT! The incredibly entrancing work of artist Jo Kido: inprnt.com/gallery/kikkuj… pic.twitter.com/VgjztouKRg

Loving the illustration work of Shu Chin Li: supersonicart.com/post/179395693… pic.twitter.com/7FfPhH3MA5

The "Isle of Dogs Art Show" opens this weekend at @Spoke_Art in NYC! supersonicart.com/post/179837842… pic.twitter.com/9yrBkWHp9F

2 incredible illustrations…

2 incredible illustrations by Jin Yuan: supersonicart.com/post/140338284… pic.twitter.com/vFXmvsImg7

Do NOT miss @gemmacorrell's…

Do NOT miss @gemmacorrell's amazing prints on @INPRNT! inprnt.com/gallery/gemmac… pic.twitter.com/6QJHJOCCzW

The awesome work of Gael…

The awesome work of Gael Bertrand on @INPRNT: supersonicart.com/post/144166520… pic.twitter.com/aHSsnbGSzN

Vitality & Verve opens…

Vitality & Verve opens Friday in Long Beach, CA @ThinkspaceArt @powwowlongbeach @LBMAorg supersonicart.com/post/122266123… pic.twitter.com/RacTFTWuez

The incredible work of Sai Tamiya on @INPRNT! inprnt.com/gallery/saitmy… pic.twitter.com/s1H5GWu4Zx


.@KazukiTakamatsu's "Decoration Armament" opens April 23rd at @coreyhelford in LA: supersonicart.com/post/142796421… pic.twitter.com/zxP5xg8EK8

Opening tonight! @RoqLaRue's 21st Anniversary Group Exhibition! supersonicart.com/post/186872580… pic.twitter.com/71513yvLsQ

The series

The series "Women like you Drown Oceans" by Genevieve Cohn: supersonicart.com/post/164333023… pic.twitter.com/wT6QFfq1RJ

Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek's…
Some great street art in…

Some great street art in Portland: pic.twitter.com/EUCnzZpbwt

Exceptional new paintings by @CaseyWeldon on view at Talon Gallery in Portland! supersonicart.com/post/180565647… pic.twitter.com/FshYF2Vv9l

The spectacular group show…

The spectacular group show "Forbidden Thinking" opens tomorrow at @LRgallery supersonicart.com/post/160341226… pic.twitter.com/jFq4IqM2ov

Fantastic recent work from…

Fantastic recent work from @heyjenbartel! supersonicart.com/post/152871681… pic.twitter.com/aryhVa6yrw

Incredible artwork by Charlene…

Incredible artwork by Charlene Bowater on @INPRNT: supersonicart.com/post/144472964… pic.twitter.com/YVftPIHCjr

Curiosity Rover Drills Into…

Curiosity Rover Drills Into Rock on Mars, Finds Water: news.yahoo.com/curiosity-rove… pic.twitter.com/2B5eCzxfcV

Epic illustrations by artist Max Prentis: supersonicart.com/post/185871967… pic.twitter.com/J3VR6u03LR

Frenetic, gorgeous illustrations by Cassidy Rae: supersonicart.com/post/183104156… pic.twitter.com/aZogZxZox7

.@BeautifulBzarre's Femme…

.@BeautifulBzarre's Femme to Femme Fatale opens soon at @ModernEden! supersonicart.com/post/150173520… pic.twitter.com/yAmPJ8LsyH

Artist @Caitlin_Hackett's…

Artist @Caitlin_Hackett's amazing work on @society6: supersonicart.com/post/132690239… pic.twitter.com/0vSxMR71of


"Glennray Tutor is just a damn master at the paintbrush" via @JuxtapozMag: juxtapoz.com/current/8-new-… pic.twitter.com/25EJfEjUql

Amazing recent work by artist Sam Weber: supersonicart.com/post/187673074… pic.twitter.com/U0TQPpFXgw

25 Days of Christmas with @INPRNT, day three: Piotr Jablonski inprnt.com/gallery/nicpon… pic.twitter.com/xMgvWL7Roc

Sensational illustrations from artist Jee-ook Choi: supersonicart.com/post/184902806… pic.twitter.com/yBWKGLEL3K

A complete look at @ErikJonesArt's…

A complete look at @ErikJonesArt's "Twenty Sixteen" at @JLeVineGallery: supersonicart.com/post/142407017… pic.twitter.com/PTLDcwqyYc

I'm really in love with the…

I'm really in love with the art in my latest post for @Booooooom, paintings by Alex Garant: booooooom.com/2015/04/21/ale… pic.twitter.com/dOeXzzLRiV

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