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Check out @THEVACVVM's upcoming release of Vania Zouravliov's brand new print! supersonicart.com/post/105450710… #exclusive #art pic.twitter.com/gRSCWgKuhb

Audrey Kawasaki @AudreyKawasaki at @MKGalleryLA this Saturday! supersonicart.com/post/934179952… pic.twitter.com/Jl62I0X4V2

The first ever man made biological leaf (actually converts CO2 to Oxygen) vimeo.com/101734446 pic.twitter.com/c6xclN7oJf

The alluring work of artist @stvkmco is available as fine art prints in his @INPRNT Shop! inprnt.com/gallery/stvkmc… pic.twitter.com/N3w0wANycK

25 Days of Christmas with @INPRNT, Day Nine: Seb McKinnon! inprnt.com/gallery/sebmck… pic.twitter.com/P8f7ZO5DJl

Artist Bordalo II's immersive installation, "Wild Wild Waste" supersonicart.com/post/178709195… pic.twitter.com/BS9i0HWfHL

Arva Miller & Ravi Zupa's drunken cat matchboxes are amazing: supersonicart.com/post/174830479… pic.twitter.com/gomNjus8v2

The astonishing work of artist Leonard Peng on @INPRNT! inprnt.com/gallery/pengta… pic.twitter.com/G8kfZXAvTQ

25 Days of Prints with @INPRNT! Today's selection: Christian Orrillo inprnt.com/gallery/krizpi… pic.twitter.com/kKd9rJ4js6

.@POWWOWWORLDWIDE @POWWOWWORCESTER 2017 MURAL RECAP MEGAPOST supersonicart.com/post/165334617… pic.twitter.com/NW73SJPk7a

The lovely illustrations of Mioree on @INPRNT! inprnt.com/gallery/mioree… pic.twitter.com/q2GoSrKiY2

"Moleskine VI" co-curated by @Rodrigoluff & Ken Harman opens July 8th at @Spoke_Art #SF: supersonicart.com/post/162320954… pic.twitter.com/wJAmhCn8Re

.@GlennArthurArt's "Succlusion" opens Saturday at @ModernEden in #SF: supersonicart.com/post/160491298… pic.twitter.com/Bn3bVOmlNh

Photographic evidence of a cat in a liquid state pic.twitter.com/iQ7oaHmtje

.@BeautifulBzarre's "BITTER | SWEET" opens March 18th at @19KarenGallery, don't miss it! supersonicart.com/post/158161998… pic.twitter.com/xpiCy5l1pR

Give these guys all the awards pic.twitter.com/ZJMYjj6LOl

Martine Johanna's "Dancer" opens October 8th at @Spoke_Art SF: supersonicart.com/post/151339209… pic.twitter.com/v9kSOeAtwK

Artist Jason Limon's paintings are amazing: supersonicart.com/post/149176798… pic.twitter.com/gpI4OsuSYJ

.@ScottListfield's "Once an Astronaut" for @ThinkspaceArt's "New Vanguard" @ @MOAHlancaster supersonicart.com/post/148794035… pic.twitter.com/GDJKeRNWLJ

Work from @KeitaMorimoto's "Strange Guild" supersonicart.com/post/141091732… pic.twitter.com/t3dRaTvnZT

Joan Cornellà's Solo Show opens this Thursday at @Spoke_Art: supersonicart.com/post/140236345… pic.twitter.com/HhsDzQHBRv

.@Aled's @SenSanders "Not Me. Us" poster is the best one I've seen: supersonicart.com/post/139559606… pic.twitter.com/RY0HJBMmyl

.@stvkmco's beautiful work for the @SupersonicArt group show currently at @Spoke_Art: supersonicart.com/post/137578358… pic.twitter.com/4uI4dnhN5F

.@TomBagshaw's gorgeous new painting for the 5th Annnual Supersonic Invitational: supersonicart.com/post/135346574… pic.twitter.com/Q6e00qmymt

The incredible work of Jakub Rebelka on @INPRNT: supersonicart.com/post/135284722… pic.twitter.com/EOVEskSejk

Incredible illustrations by the artist Benze: supersonicart.com/post/134921497… pic.twitter.com/v83IXNcDfJ

Erik Johansson's incredible photography on @INPRNT: supersonicart.com/post/134745100… pic.twitter.com/Hrr5MxDfsI

Joao Ruas (@Feral_Kid) for @ThinkspaceArt's "Gilded Age" opening Saturday! supersonicart.com/post/128801821… pic.twitter.com/nAOzEkuKuF

Gorgeous Prints by Dao Thi Thuy Linh on @INPRNT: supersonicart.com/post/128140541… pic.twitter.com/E9tVVhODv1

Incredible still lifes by Klaus Enrique: supersonicart.com/post/117111857… pic.twitter.com/Rs0Wx3l0vW

The colors of 94,526 paintings since 1800, charted: washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog… pic.twitter.com/E9ZFQuuBFI

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