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"LAX / SFO" curated by @ThinkspaceArt up now at @Hashimoto_SF in SF: supersonicart.com/post/101855310… pic.twitter.com/7YVd6oFK9h

This was beautiful - a bowling ball and feathers falling at the same time in a vacuum: youtube.com/watch?v=E43-Cf…

THE OUTERNET hahaha pic.twitter.com/bDYx6mW6Io

.@CoreyHelford's part two of their 13 year anniversary exhibitions opens on May 18th: supersonicart.com/post/184606008… pic.twitter.com/6whzFpXxDk

Recent extraordinary paintings by artist @SoeyMilk supersonicart.com/post/181907489… pic.twitter.com/N3bziWtGRd

Day 13 of 25 Days of Christmas with @INPRNT: Johnny Dombrowski!! inprnt.com/gallery/jdombr… pic.twitter.com/0VwvUVrpzQ

Fever dreams put to canvas from Scott Hutchinson: supersonicart.com/post/176244901… pic.twitter.com/rp2G81pmin

Epic illustrations by artist Macie Kuciara: supersonicart.com/post/175285623… pic.twitter.com/AgMVFCqziQ

Loving the work of F. Choo on @INPRNT! inprnt.com/gallery/fchoo/… pic.twitter.com/52QF7kvqZW

"Loving Vincent" is a completely hand painted film, check out the trailer: supersonicart.com/post/163420313… pic.twitter.com/D4QwL5NJqR

Redd Walitzki's "Stranger than Earth" opens July 15th at @coreyhelford in #LA: supersonicart.com/post/162634041… pic.twitter.com/ON445rtX7r

Xavier Casalta's amazing illustrations created from millions of dots: supersonicart.com/post/158976323… pic.twitter.com/tSpakI55JC

David Stoupakis' gorgeously haunting recent paintings: supersonicart.com/post/158440218… pic.twitter.com/4ZRmgo6QCG

The always exquisite artwork of @TomBagshaw: supersonicart.com/post/153792101… pic.twitter.com/qX4UxMP94o

.@JeanniePhan's wonderful artwork on @INPRNT: supersonicart.com/post/153237638… pic.twitter.com/1Mc3LZN4ib

"Hindsight" looks fantastic and is currently on view at @ModernEden supersonicart.com/post/153042516… pic.twitter.com/VOeKpaxWVi

.@AudreyKawasaki's "Interlude" opens this Saturday at @ThinkspaceArt supersonicart.com/post/153002709… pic.twitter.com/3w0yULdfsU

Artist @Askewone's "Post Colonial" at @inner_state in Detroit!! supersonicart.com/post/146760981… pic.twitter.com/Q3VGwkjohJ

Artist Chris Guest's Neo-Retro pin-ups: supersonicart.com/post/146660747… pic.twitter.com/LJqOmK9WZY

Joon Ahn's Incredible Prints on @INPRNT: supersonicart.com/post/144623611… pic.twitter.com/G6rZdvGhTK

.@kikyz1313's "Progeny of Chaos" opens tomorrow at @ThinkspaceArt! supersonicart.com/post/142085758… pic.twitter.com/BEchDBfZyB

More shots from Day 4 of @POWWOWWORLDWIDE Hawaii supersonicart.com/post/139198046… pic.twitter.com/Y3IPo1jCRj

MOLESKINE PROJECT IV at @Hashimoto_SF opening this weekend!! supersonicart.com/post/115223605… pic.twitter.com/LsTYSRBoDl

hahaha @ Jon Snow: pic.twitter.com/Gx3N0EqR5n

Artist Tanya Shatseva's gorgeous work is available as fine art prints on @INPRNT inprnt.com/gallery/tanyas… pic.twitter.com/5gacfItLbT

The amazing work of artist Jack Teagle is available as fine art prints on @INPRNT! inprnt.com/gallery/jackte… pic.twitter.com/IHhsGc8ba3

.@ThinkspaceArt's 3rd Annual "LAX SFO" group exhibition opens this weekend in San Francisco! supersonicart.com/post/185573965… pic.twitter.com/YcaXFkKd6l

Beautiful paintings from Seattle-based artist Abby Fields: supersonicart.com/post/184420410… pic.twitter.com/O5Z7VJ8FIG

Truly spellbinding illustrations and more from artist Taj Francis: supersonicart.com/post/179872145… pic.twitter.com/BMKSMsPVt4

The stunning work of artist JC Houston, available on @INPRNT as fine art prints! inprnt.com/gallery/housto… pic.twitter.com/TNa8rt75mG

The astoundingly gorgeous work of artist Anna Dittman on @INPRNT! inprnt.com/gallery/annadi… pic.twitter.com/110z5jTscn

The super awesome work of artist Noelle Stevenson on @INPRNT! inprnt.com/gallery/ginger… pic.twitter.com/OJurNTH0N6

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