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.@AndyKehoe's amazing "PRISMATIC" opens Saturday at @ThinkspaceArt supersonicart.com/post/165844683… pic.twitter.com/pxmuJuAsj0

Brand new work by the always bizarre Sonia Kolner: supersonicart.com/post/165620635… pic.twitter.com/IPOVXQLyMX

Brand new work by @alexgarantart for "SWANK" opening Sat. at @ThinkspaceArt, see more: supersonicart.com/post/164830251… pic.twitter.com/Ls90Ud2FhZ

Dan Quintana's "Tidepools" opens tomorrow at @Spoke_Art #NYC supersonicart.com/post/164793573… pic.twitter.com/CplgsXEn0d

Paintings inspired by his life of being a cabby by Dmitry Samarov on @INPRNT: inprnt.com/gallery/samaro… pic.twitter.com/VDfC6DXv8z

It doesn't make sense how phenomenal @MilesJohnston's illustrations are: supersonicart.com/post/164333249… pic.twitter.com/5SEdnyG013

Even more epic recent work from @ScottListfield: supersonicart.com/post/164026345… pic.twitter.com/P0AIyO2tTX

This is awesome, anyone know the artist? pic.twitter.com/jRZ7SicC8e

Gorgeous illustrations by Yang Se Eun aka Zipcy: supersonicart.com/post/161511784… pic.twitter.com/teOxXMM8eF

"Flourish" curated by @ThinkspaceArt opens tomorrow at @MesaArtsCenter in Mesa, AZ #MustSee: supersonicart.com/post/160552906… pic.twitter.com/oeZ37zeV3C

Original paintings & illustrations perfect for beginning or adding to your art collection! bit.ly/2jSP3RV pic.twitter.com/qf6ae5XuKY

Rafael Varona's marvelous ongoing series, "Impossible Bottles" supersonicart.com/post/159758102… pic.twitter.com/IrSJ3kiBoV

The gorgeous artwork of Artem Cheboha on @INPRNT! supersonicart.com/post/159718380… pic.twitter.com/WKp9zDUj20

Alex Kuno's playgrounds for the imagination: supersonicart.com/post/158119314… pic.twitter.com/9V3GvfwmIi

Awesome recent paintings by Toronto artist PAUSE: supersonicart.com/post/156936594… pic.twitter.com/UWHNIt167Q

.@Sarah_Joncas' amazing solo show "Suburban Surreal" opens tonight at @ModernEden!! supersonicart.com/post/156764328… pic.twitter.com/sepUvs09Vg

Incredible paintings by artist Joel Rea, see more: supersonicart.com/post/155949486… pic.twitter.com/UoUjogaSqE

It's all been done before #1973 pic.twitter.com/biwoVQ18FD

THE 6TH ANNUAL SUPERSONIC INVITATIONAL opens January 7th at @Spoke_Art in #NYC supersonicart.com/post/154472986… pic.twitter.com/ugMxhOXQC7

The always superb artwork of Miles Johnston: supersonicart.com/post/154392316… pic.twitter.com/jSr8cvbbL0

.@POWWOWWORLDWIDE x @JamesJeanArt x @ComplexCon 2016: supersonicart.com/post/152689938… pic.twitter.com/4QUAZAG88O

The amazing recent artwork of @JamesJeanArt supersonicart.com/post/150170152… pic.twitter.com/T0COc1635K

Check out @powwowlongbeach this week in Long Beach, CA!!! supersonicart.com/post/147296177… pic.twitter.com/z1CUALYFVS

.@TheRealJustKids & @streetartnews' "Colors" in BERLIN! supersonicart.com/post/146706053… pic.twitter.com/4srQIWOmuI

Don't miss the prints available via our sister site @PeoplesPrints! bit.ly/26SZV3y pic.twitter.com/1ozQqhsWVg

This painting by @KrisLewisArt is one of my all time favorites: pic.twitter.com/z5ZehRNL4Q

James Bullough's "Breaking Point" at @ThinkspaceArt: supersonicart.com/post/145260112… pic.twitter.com/F8vcyDE2DX

Gorgeous work by Stuart Snoddy on @INPRNT: supersonicart.com/post/144307723… pic.twitter.com/ZuZsSNV7Jt

Take a look at @Hashimoto_SF's Art Market SF lineup! supersonicart.com/post/143435624… pic.twitter.com/1ZfpoIMTO5

The #PanamaPapers show how the Rich use #Art to get even richer: fusion.net/story/288515/p… pic.twitter.com/LlRbJMDfAi

Absolutely exceptional new paintings by Roos van der Vliet: supersonicart.com/post/142848837… pic.twitter.com/ZnOvduBHnA

Incredible illustrations by Patrycja Podkościelny: supersonicart.com/post/142745734… pic.twitter.com/nCwRdbOsxl

"MOLESKINE V" opens tomorrow at @Spoke_Art!! supersonicart.com/post/142017207… pic.twitter.com/gZdFdBMsTC

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