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The Distance Between the Art Our Brains Imagine and Our Hands Produce hyperallergic.com/444766/the-dis… pic.twitter.com/OCAv5LFAop

University of North Carolina Students Accuse Administration of Artwashing hyperallergic.com/446551/univers… pic.twitter.com/E81oZlSqT4

Art Historians Discuss Strategies for Dealing with Work by Abusive Artists hyperallergic.com/444614/casanov… pic.twitter.com/9may9GG4L1

Bay Area Protests Trump’s Child Detention Policy with Billboard and Projection hyperallergic.com/448041/bay-are… pic.twitter.com/JxvniytuzQ

From the archives: How Art Criticism Emerged from the Catalogues of the Paris Salons hyperallergic.com/321928/how-art… pic.twitter.com/q2dpFO5bcY

The Polychromatic Postcolonial Churches of Southern India Shine hyperallergic.com/447837/postkol… pic.twitter.com/9Y4AZfA8Yq

Backpack-Sized Archiving Kit Empowers Community Historians to Record Local Narratives hyperallergic.com/444554/archivi… pic.twitter.com/fVYYc3RKV4

The Bold Yet Too-Brief Art Career of T.C. Cannon @peabodyessex hyperallergic.com/446024/tc-cann… pic.twitter.com/LL8hbGzYFo

Carmen Winant’s Radical Images of Women Giving Birth @MuseumModernArt @spbhbooks hyperallergic.com/446229/carmen-… pic.twitter.com/XXjIPnZaai

Police Raid Anarchist Library in Berlin’s Kreuzberg Neighborhood hyperallergic.com/444872/police-… pic.twitter.com/jmrhcGqahq

Anish Kapoor Sues the NRA for Showing “Cloud Gate” in Recruitment Video hyperallergic.com/448002/anish-k… pic.twitter.com/SGHsCeWmpv

Egon Schiele, “Gustav Klimt in Blue Smock” (1913) @Leopold_Museum hyperallergic.com/447462/egon-sc… pic.twitter.com/DgJps0lBio

Rituals of Liberation Intended to Unsettle at the @WhitneyMuseum hyperallergic.com/447207/the-new… pic.twitter.com/WXZ4kVeqcP

The longer artists keep at it, the shorter the distance gets. hyperallergic.com/444766/the-dis… pic.twitter.com/cbrkQ1ophC

Artists Put Ireland’s Abortion Referendum into Perspective hyperallergic.com/444665/repeale… pic.twitter.com/eeNAjcZ5aU

Georgia O’Keeffe’s Visions of Hawai’i Blossom in the Bronx @NYBG hyperallergic.com/438199/the-ins… pic.twitter.com/Zqay9UAdpG

So much Edvard Munch it'll make you scream! hyperallergic.com/444580/edvard-… pic.twitter.com/bNDiA583sC

The Importance of Havana’s First Alternative Biennial for the Cuban Art Scene #00bienal hyperallergic.com/444347/alterna… pic.twitter.com/lTxSaIrHY3

1,500 Yayoi Kusama Mirror Balls Beckon Beachgoers to the Rockaways hyperallergic.com/448397/yayoi-k… pic.twitter.com/0tiu6Gytm7

Retracing the Steps of a Pioneering Seed Collector Who Starved in a Stalinist Prison hyperallergic.com/438283/seeds-o… pic.twitter.com/fL6iGDqU2j

A Performance Artist’s Tests of Endurance Honor the Black Female Body hyperallergic.com/448242/ayana-e… pic.twitter.com/9WnbyRl0hi

From a Tower of Babel to a Concrete Ziggurat, an Artist Erects Monuments to Human Endeavors hyperallergic.com/446705/from-a-… pic.twitter.com/OSmAF0IqS1

British Exhibitions of Ethiopian Manuscripts Prompt Questions About Repatriation hyperallergic.com/446918/british… pic.twitter.com/QeRdA7Pve2

A Storm of Art Brut from the Balkans @HalleStPierre hyperallergic.com/444252/turbule… pic.twitter.com/cvlsQiOILV

The Little President with a Big Mural in a Children’s Detention Camp hyperallergic.com/447316/the-lit… pic.twitter.com/IyRFj6Nohm

The Pattern and Decoration Zeitgeist @MADMuseum hyperallergic.com/446327/the-pat… pic.twitter.com/bEh2wlriLe

As Climate Change Dries a Southwest Reservoir, a Drowned Canyon Returns @radiusbooks hyperallergic.com/429203/drowned… pic.twitter.com/yoCpIs6GzF

We’re really digging Vojkan Morar's “Angel Portrait” (2014) hyperallergic.com/444252/turbule… pic.twitter.com/7pUx12L0h6

Penn Museum Unveils Its New Middle East Galleries @pennmuseum hyperallergic.com/439440/penn-mu… pic.twitter.com/9kWRyWhD5K

The Histories of Ten Colors Through Multiple Lenses @yalepress hyperallergic.com/448017/the-his… pic.twitter.com/jI5UCqbl8F

The @MorganLibrary & Museum Presents the First Survey of Wayne Thiebaud’s Drawings hyperallergic.com/445857/the-mor… pic.twitter.com/DMA6g7IfG8

Lorna Simpson’s Glowing Collages of Women and Heads of Hair @ChronicleBooks hyperallergic.com/445363/lorna-s… pic.twitter.com/kyY1UmFUoP

Artist’s Chemical Experiment with Rotting Fish Challenges the Museum @southbankcentre hyperallergic.com/445868/lee-bul… pic.twitter.com/yyondITvJS

Against Consuming Images of the Brutalized, Dead, and Dying by @williamcson hyperallergic.com/445105/against… pic.twitter.com/CLuDejEIYN

Today is the last day to see Leon Golub at the @metmuseum hyperallergic.com/444540/leon-go… pic.twitter.com/AT4YTaBrDt

SVA’s ContinuEd Project Space Presents Kathryn Hart: Searching @sva_news hyperallergic.com/442365/svas-co… pic.twitter.com/Nzb6kOHLlZ

Melania Trump Walks into Hot Water at the Border with "I Really Don't Care, Do U?" Jacket hyperallergic.com/448483/melania… pic.twitter.com/NRtZYdfGTC

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