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Egyptian Surrealism and the Quest to Define Modern Art in Egypt bit.ly/2iJEoXN

Digitized Artist Talks from the 20th Century, from Alice Neel to Gordon Parks bit.ly/2gBrJFk

A Lavishly Illuminated Medieval Bestiary Goes Online @aberdeenuni bit.ly/2gdX7x8

The First Known Depiction of a Witch on a Broomstick bit.ly/2eCJmER

MoMA Digitizes Exhibition Archives, Uploading Images and Data for 3,500 Shows @MuseumModernArt bit.ly/2cDojSo

Two Detroit Artists Face Up to Four Years in Prison for Political Graffiti bit.ly/2aYnsuB

Lapis Lazuli: A Blue More Precious than Gold @harvartmuseums bit.ly/2aspAY0

The Politics of Seeing, Being, and Visibility in Photography bit.ly/28IKvp0 @ApertureFnd

The Conflict Around Diversity at the AAM bit.ly/1VByKpF @aamers

The Vanishing, Painted Bus Stops of Belarus hyperallergic.com/222391/the-van… pic.twitter.com/0wJTpKo15N

One of New York's Most Conservative Museums Now Permits Photography - bit.ly/1kpa7s8 @frickcollection

Michael Rakowitz Recreates a Sculpture Destroyed by ISIS for London’s Trafalgar Square hyperallergic.com/436134/michael… pic.twitter.com/iu6wwjTQIg

The First Known Printed Bookplate hyperallergic.com/?p=354947

Marina Abramović Writes Disparagingly About Aboriginal Australians #TheRacistIsPresent bit.ly/2ba1SmT

Lucian Freud’s Unseen Self-Portrait and Sketchbooks Go on View @NPGLondon bit.ly/29NQ5Z3

Why Museums Are Granting Google Free Access to Their Collections bit.ly/247Xeqx

Report Advises Museums on How to Be More Inclusive and Maximize Happiness - bit.ly/1RTNrk8 @AAMers @futureofmuseums

.@YokoOno Asks Gallery Visitors to Repair the Impossibly Broken - bit.ly/1Mecqsp @RosenGallery @GalerieLelongNY

A Lifetime of Sketchbooks from Postwar Artist Richard Diebenkorn - bit.ly/1LuFSjq @cantorarts

The Problem of the Overlooked Female Artist: An Argument For Enlivening a Stale Model of Discussion - bit.ly/14bSasS

Another tragedy in Syria as an Iron Age temple is 60% destroyed. hyperallergic.com/423867/ain-dar… pic.twitter.com/CaMEOC3Sij

A Photographer’s Images of a Changing Seoul After the Korean War hyperallergic.com/366778/a-photo… pic.twitter.com/L9VKEhrswG

50 Years of Indigenous Fashion at the National Museum of the American Indian @AmerIndianNYC hyperallergic.com/?p=359093

Considering the Digital and Networked Future of Museums @museumcn bit.ly/2fSf3t8

Astronomers Attempt to Date Sappho's "Midnight Poem" Using the Stars bit.ly/1t3JwtU

Exploring the Possibilities of Museum MOOCs - bit.ly/1R9Zx8o @MuseumModernArt

The Hand-Mounted Photographs that Illustrated 19th-Century Books - bit.ly/1RyJ2p3 @thegetty

Presidential Hopeful @BernieSanders Promises to Be an "Arts President" - bit.ly/1YOVSBe

As the @MetOpera Abandons Blackface, a Look at the Legacy of African Americans in Opera - bit.ly/1VWLvdl

Telling the History of Photographic Processes, from Daguerreotypes to Digital - bit.ly/14hApcM @EastmanHouse

From the archives: How Art Criticism Emerged from the Catalogues of the Paris Salons hyperallergic.com/321928/how-art… pic.twitter.com/q2dpFO5bcY

How August Sander and Otto Dix Recorded Fascism's Rise hyperallergic.com/404203/portray… pic.twitter.com/5BjSO4AtSC

Canadian Catholics Outraged by Giant Robot Spider Climbing on Cathedral hyperallergic.com/393999/catholi… pic.twitter.com/4CeUzRWhLn

Painter Barkley L. Hendricks has passed away. He was 72. hyperallergic.com/373045/painter… pic.twitter.com/GLijugAqRM

Experience Sound Poems from Russian Futurist Artists' Books @thegetty hyperallergic.com/?p=354070

Resituating Kerry James Marshall in a Black Radical Tradition @metmuseum bit.ly/2kdukXa

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