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Yayoi Kusama is "obliterating" using flowers now. hyperallergic.com/439315/require… pic.twitter.com/FUoFZmzX5K

The Last Missing Section of a Magritte Painting Has Been Found hyperallergic.com/411824/the-las… pic.twitter.com/D0O7hmFvTm

W. E. B. Du Bois’s Modernist Data Visualizations of Black Life hyperallergic.com/306559/w-e-b-d… pic.twitter.com/yr28oOon9c

An Illustrated Guide to Linda Nochlin’s “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” hyperallergic.com/377975/an-illu… pic.twitter.com/suYhO3W1HL

Tour New York’s Gilded Age Architecture with a New Museum App @MuseumofCityNY is.gd/LXd6k0

Help Transcribe World War I Love Letters @Europeanaeu hyperallergic.com/?p=357999

Magazines have been having a ball with Trump … Required Reading hyperallergic.com/?p=356607

Andy Warhol's Self-Conscious and Perfect Bodies @TheWarholMuseum bit.ly/2jNJFkk

A Painting Censored by GOP Lawmakers Demands To Be Seen bit.ly/2iCx0fO

197 Years After It Opens, the Prado Museum Gives a Woman a Solo Show @museodelprado bit.ly/2f5iDDo

“Art Does Change Things”: A Conversation with Curator and Art Historian Kellie Jones bit.ly/2ehVmdc

Olafur Eliasson Recruits Refugees to Assemble Symbolic Green Lights - bit.ly/1PQthU7 @TBA21

Anish Kapoor Gets Exclusive Rights to the World's Darkest Pigment - bit.ly/1QgYtiW

How Five American Indian Dancers Transformed Ballet in the 20th Century - bit.ly/1P015Pl

Witch Marks, Curses, and Magic in the Neglected History of Medieval Graffiti - bit.ly/1ZH6gIT @EburyPublishing

The Important Work of Indian Artist Hema Upadhyay, Murdered at 42 - bit.ly/1Qo1K2o

Anti-Gentrification Activists Protest Real Estate Summit at Brooklyn Museum #BrooklynIsNotforSale @BANgentrifying - bit.ly/1MA9Qyk

Earlier today @aiww was in London unveiling his Forever in London. (

Seven First Nations Artists Who Fought for a Place in the Canadian Canon - bit.ly/1KQsXoN @mcacgallery

The 20 Most Powerless People in the Art World: 2014 Edition - bit.ly/1viWjm9

This is the landscape that inspired Frankenstein. Sublime. hyperallergic.com/443461/chloe-d… pic.twitter.com/VpUohHwnW1

Ethiopia Calls on London Museum to Repatriate Objects Looted 150 Years Ago hyperallergic.com/439456/ethiopi… pic.twitter.com/k9AJU6alrk

Unearthing Centuries of Interdependence Between Humans and Plants @SpencerMuseum hyperallergic.com/438165/big-bot… pic.twitter.com/hYRPP7HziR


The Fantastical Visions of a Forgotten Early-20th-Century Illustrator hyperallergic.com/319107/the-fan… pic.twitter.com/L9OBJK1cC7

The Future Is (Still) Female: Feminist Art for the 21st Century hyperallergic.com/381561/the-fut… pic.twitter.com/mrsKs4I8DL

Why Frederick Douglass Was the Most Photographed 19th-Century American @MAAHMuseum hyperallergic.com/?p=356148

Dark Matter as a Metaphor for Arts Activism @stationprojects hyperallergic.com/?p=353921

America Is Trembling: Jean Genet’s Answer to Donald Trump bit.ly/2jZv9CM

A Running List of Nationwide Art Spaces Closing for the #J20 Art Strike bit.ly/2iDl5T9

How to Support the Arts During the Trump Administration bit.ly/2gISVC9

A Tour of Timekeeping in Rare Books @GrolierClub bit.ly/2fzb609

Death by Wallpaper: The Alluring Arsenic Colors that Poisoned the Victorian Age @ThamesHudsonUSA bit.ly/2fosOmE

Benedict Cumberbatch Passionately Reads Sol LeWitt’s Famous Letter to Eva Hesse bit.ly/2eohcM6

The Well-Trodden Art of the Manhole Cover in New York City bit.ly/2bqhhQo

Protesters Shame @Guggenheim and Its Trustees with Light Projections - bit.ly/1VUTIkg @GulfLabor1

University of Kansas Acquires 1,000 Zines from a Defunct Radical Library - bit.ly/1Nkp1fP @kulibraries

University of Kansas Acquires 1,000 Zines from a Defunct Radical Library - bit.ly/1Nkp1fJ @kulibraries

Anish Kapoor Coats “Cloud Gate” in the Darkest Black Known to Humanity - bit.ly/1VXGJNm

.@NYPL Releases 180,000 Images, and Invites Users to Remix Them - bit.ly/1K1YaDx

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