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Telling the History of Photographic Processes, from Daguerreotypes to Digital - bit.ly/1Ac35i3 @EastmanHouse

Marina Abramović Institute Seeks So Much Unpaid Work - bit.ly/1s7ROMB @hudsonmai

A Demographic Breakdown of the World's 200 Top Art Collectors - bit.ly/1oZrr7G

Metropolitan Museum of Art Releases 400,000 Images, with Restriction - bit.ly/1jZRbBq @metmuseum

Denmark’s First Public Monument to a Black Woman Celebrates a 19th-Century Freedom Fighter hyperallergic.com/435690/jeannet… pic.twitter.com/vb2ZJFN21G

Helen Frankenthaler’s Panoramas of Paint, on view at @the_clark: hyperallergic.com/390736/helen-f… pic.twitter.com/juJUXfZVMW

MoMA’s Travel Ban Protest Exposes a Legacy of Closeted Modernism @MuseumModernArt is.gd/s5rdt5

Christo, Trump and the Art World’s Emptiest Protest Yet hyperallergic.com/?p=354198

Artists Coordinate a Banner Drop Against Hate For Inauguration Weekend bit.ly/2jRx0K5

Saved by Shakespeare's Father, a Series of Medieval Murals Is Finally Restored bit.ly/2hxZhUM

Artists Join the Fight to Protect Standing Rock #NoDAPL bit.ly/2fmIGRD

Artists Respond with Devastation, Then Determination, to the Election of Donald Trump bit.ly/2fBeAvf

Human Anatomy as Portrayed in Woodblocks of 19th-Century Kabuki Actors @ucsf_library bit.ly/2aOMufC

Evidence Mounts that Rembrandt Used Optics to Paint Self-Portraits bit.ly/2asMOgL

Protesters Demand “Where Is Ana Mendieta?” in @Tate Modern Expansion bit.ly/1WMRvHS

French Museum Faces "Cultural Catastrophe" After Storage Vault Floods bit.ly/1X9qoXf

An Anthology of Queer Art Theory Puts Artists First bit.ly/27TXdv7 @MITpress @_TheWhitechapel @david_getsy

Attacks on Artistic Freedom Almost Doubled Worldwide in 2015, Report Says - bit.ly/21b1tWn

The Museum of Neon Art Switches Back on in LA - bit.ly/1KpQalb @MuseumofNeonArt

Artists Buy @realDonaldTrump Campaign Bus on Craigslist, Turn It Into Anti-Trump Art Project - bit.ly/1PQfrHS @t_Rutt2013

A Radiologist's X-Ray Photographs of Flowers from the 1930s - bit.ly/1Ufd8Ml

Takashi Murakami's Art Collection Offers a Glimpse of His Personal Taste - bit.ly/1RyhIHs

The Artist Statements of the Old Masters - bit.ly/1UkEuBe

Benjamín Moncloa, “Egipto” (1956) at @MuseodeArteLima hyperallergic.com/208716/the-geo… pic.twitter.com/ybGmQ0QCr6

Chris Burden, Pioneering Performance Artist and Large-Scale Sculptor, Dead at 69 - bit.ly/1KW3JVo

ISIS Destroys Mosul Museum Collection and Ancient Assyrian Statues - bit.ly/1AwLova

The 20 Most Powerless People in the Art World: 2014 Edition - bit.ly/1viWjm4

$44M O'Keeffe Painting More Than Triples Auction Record for Woman Artist - bit.ly/1yXNuRl @sothebys @okeeffemuseum

How Museums Affect the Brain - bit.ly/1sYuXAD

Study Finds Making Art May Keep Our Brains Healthy - bit.ly/1oCklr4

2,000-Year-Old Rock Carvings of Camels Discovered in Saudi Arabia hyperallergic.com/427084/2000-ye… pic.twitter.com/I6oGU1qHUV

Wow! These artist were just awarded $6.7M from the 5Pointz developer. hyperallergic.com/426658/judge-r… pic.twitter.com/0tEEAEO4PO

This haunting infrared image of Chernobyl was taken by Vladimir Migutin hyperallergic.com/425020/require… pic.twitter.com/YjZ876bX48

Changes on the Land: 19th-Century American Photography East of the Mississippi hyperallergic.com/383622/east-of… pic.twitter.com/deFvl2Rvl5

Honolulu’s New Biennial Makes the Case for Hawaiian Contemporary Art hyperallergic.com/372153/honolul… pic.twitter.com/XXDGmEMm4H

Creative Responses to Trump’s Plan to End the National Endowment for the Arts is.gd/GIdpR8

Crowdfunding Campaign Aims to Bring Rare Photo of Harriet Tubman Home #BringHarrietHome hyperallergic.com/?p=363549

Native Women Shares Stories and Songs at the @WhitneyMuseum hyperallergic.com/?p=362523

Shuffle 200,000 Tracks from European Sound Archives bit.ly/2jKnHeC

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