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In his series 'The Architecture of Light,' photographer Serge Najjar @serjios plays with l… ift.tt/204kZDp pic.twitter.com/7pIQwie49E

And the winner the Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award is... Fernando Guerra #feift.tt/1SxppKM pic.twitter.com/1OPvTeJSDc

A cat and his shadow, photographed expertly by #AlexeyBednij #shadowplay ift.tt/1L5F9ix pic.twitter.com/zxEIdq5tVc

Baltimore Photojournalist J.M. Giordano on Covering the Riots (and Getting Beaten by the Cops) ow.ly/MnMyw pic.twitter.com/QZo0NeGxpA

Photos Capture Beauty of the Wakhi People Living in a Remote Part of Eastern Afghanistan ow.ly/IlRVi pic.twitter.com/NxnA2L9FaH

15 Magical Images of Illuminated Icelandic Ice @Shutterstock ow.ly/HYuIK pic.twitter.com/R15ININnbF

Photographer Documents Mississippi's Last Remaining Blues Musicians ow.ly/H08R4 pic.twitter.com/1Ko8ZyJxPa

The Best Photo Links of the Week (Dec 22-26) ow.ly/GrK9n pic.twitter.com/U15a2eWxQw

Mystical Landscapes Photographed at Paintball Sites ow.ly/FUThm pic.twitter.com/7GLXbPllzp

Photographer Documents Diminishing Darkrooms Around the World ow.ly/DT6D4 pic.twitter.com/mizCQvn1ZL

“In today’s digital world we are swamped with images. If we look back, photographs used to… ift.tt/2daalo0 pic.twitter.com/B90JzXahGq

Photographer James Featherstone @jmsbf captures a pedestrian through the glass during an i… ift.tt/1Sd7zuS pic.twitter.com/SfgolWD7l4

A #seagull flies over the #beach at #Nazaré, #Portugal to meet the eye of photographer Arn… ift.tt/21Y6hJO pic.twitter.com/GOHa3bXXHb

Surreal Shadow Portraits by Alexey Bednij ow.ly/Koxs1 pic.twitter.com/7kYciPM2wE

Photographer Documents Mississippi's Old School Blues Musicians ow.ly/H4QSM pic.twitter.com/O4YvFd0w4X

Powerful Portraits Look Deep Into the Eyes of Homeless Men and Women ow.ly/GIueo pic.twitter.com/b2BHgEmC6I

Moving Portraits of 9/11 Rescue Dogs 10 Years Later ow.ly/DCRzc pic.twitter.com/9rdL5K5JdI

Remarkable Portraits of Complete Strangers Who Could Be Identical Twins ow.ly/DCLu0 pic.twitter.com/Xf44xCJoHk

Powerful Portraits Document the Abuse of Migrants Passing Through Mexico ow.ly/AfYWj pic.twitter.com/3ZMEx1Xm20

Powerful Portraits Look Deep Into the Eyes of Homeless Men and Women ow.ly/zc4xY pic.twitter.com/MCnu3swySp

'Night on Earth' by Spanish photographer Alfredo Oliva Delgado (@alfredooliva): ift.tt/2vEqyxM pic.twitter.com/stiyMiKtbw

A dusty gust front, photographed in #SanAngelo, #Texas by Nick Moir (@nampix). "Being ofte… ift.tt/2cLYIJB pic.twitter.com/zpE4XUvvLq

In 1983, photographer Steve McCurry @stevemccurryofficial captured a group of women huddle… ift.tt/1pHZKH9 pic.twitter.com/Yi6qTgYqdt

Hard-hitting, Graphic Images Record the TB Epidemic in Ukraine ow.ly/KCBjU pic.twitter.com/tUWXt39uiJ

"Hopper Meditations": Photos of Intimate Bedroom Scenes Inspired by the Great American Painter ow.ly/IxVDZ pic.twitter.com/e4o6pfwyeY

Quirky Photos Explore China's Bizarre 'Facekini' Trend ow.ly/zIXS8 pic.twitter.com/Igvo3LD5Zk

Fascinating satellite images of airport runways via google maps: featureshoot.com/2014/07/fascin… pic.twitter.com/fb8qzYPzLi

Nomadslife: Portraits of Nomads Around the World Reveal A Way of Life Soon To Be Forgotten… bit.ly/1eWKyj8 pic.twitter.com/T2mBTCHrVY

"The value of silence is immense, it is necessary to us as the sun that heats us or the ai… ift.tt/1TNFFXs pic.twitter.com/uWkCr1g2Nq

Car park at the Adelaide Airport, with a BAE146 aircraft, photographed by Simon Casson @si… ift.tt/2727Qf5 pic.twitter.com/BsxHALWtE8

Man meets beast in this exquisite photograph by Bruno Ribeiro @sinched. This image was sub… ift.tt/1SI84QI pic.twitter.com/0f0Fnh3kmB

As seen on the streets of #Dubai by #London photographer Walter Rothwell @walter_rothwell. ift.tt/1JvhXRi pic.twitter.com/HUoGn7knpz

#Lava flows from a volcanic fissure in #Iceland, photographed by naturalist Feodor Pitcair… ift.tt/1RYmxdc pic.twitter.com/De6VKK57qA

A rare color portrait from #FrancescaWoodman: Francesca Woodman, Untitled, New York, 1979 … ift.tt/1SkZLt7 pic.twitter.com/9m8d7Uhafj

Dogs and their shadows, photographed expertly by Alexey Bednij #AlexeyBednij #shadowplay #… ift.tt/1NswhI1 pic.twitter.com/GqHxv0aSTO

Magical Photographs Follow the Lives and Friendship of Two Argentine Girls ow.ly/ISnNp pic.twitter.com/BDvPXeOpyP

Hilarious Portraits of 'Old Babies' ow.ly/Hz2QX pic.twitter.com/VQ2ae4WX3h

Conceptual Portraits of a Man with Down Syndrome Reference Art History and Superman ow.ly/Hn4Kp pic.twitter.com/j2cV2HfG97

Photographer Confesses His Terminal Illness to Friends and Family While Taking Their Portrait ow.ly/GXKnL pic.twitter.com/E5faMljPH5

Photos Showcase the Exquisite Intricacy of Iranian Mosques ow.ly/GaFVa pic.twitter.com/0PQro75IHv

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