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Startling Photos of Americans Lying in 7 Days of Their Own Trash ow.ly/KkuX9 pic.twitter.com/DlkxV7SAzV

Fascinating Portraits of Women Living as Men to Escape Oppression in the Balkans ow.ly/JPpvQ pic.twitter.com/p1ZlVjJGhF

Portraits of South African Cows On Their Daily Pilgrimage to the Beach ow.ly/JfGt6 pic.twitter.com/J61yUAIyES

Otherworldly Landscapes Made from Junk Food ow.ly/IGQnV pic.twitter.com/5wGj5XRPj9

Portraits of 'Pretty Chickens' Highlight the Animal's Elegance ow.ly/IF229 pic.twitter.com/4S4PIQ4oJn

Fascinating Portraits of Europeans Who Have Abandoned Civilization for the Wilderness ow.ly/IpWw1 pic.twitter.com/dyDj0XbwYB

Photo Series Looks at the Amazing Diversity of New York City's Barbershops ow.ly/IdDGO pic.twitter.com/zDpQu7WaS6

Portraits of Mongolians Struggling with Homelessness, Alcoholism and Freezing Temperatures ow.ly/HHmw7 pic.twitter.com/i7TirZ9aAN

Thought-Provoking Photographs Examine Our Complicated Relationship with Sharks ow.ly/zG8Xt pic.twitter.com/OHurYBHcQv

Thought-Provoking Photographs Depict the Psychological Effects of War in Iran ow.ly/zdTKL pic.twitter.com/dHLffbDXAE

Russian photographer Alexey Menschikov (@a.menschikov) can spend weeks crafting a single i… ift.tt/2aXbXAq pic.twitter.com/KxfygrXGax

Over the next few hours, we will be showcasing the work of #Parisian photographer Christop… ift.tt/29KwPLi pic.twitter.com/uJdBd0ikrT

Photographer Agnieszka Sosnowska lives on a vast farmland in #Iceland, a landscape flecked… ift.tt/28IBPlu pic.twitter.com/BZAXn4JaYI

Skirt, pumps, and train platform meet in this snap by #Tokyo street photographer Shin Nogu… ift.tt/1UQmywe pic.twitter.com/RO4jsBuBXk

"Nothing can beat shooting this city during rainy days!" says photographer Mercedes Norieg… ift.tt/22ly6xi pic.twitter.com/5vBZFgZMXj

Portrait of a woman and her many crucifixes in #Trinidad, #Cuba, by photographer Julian Re… ift.tt/1X4bEb9 pic.twitter.com/MzZnn4JIyP

Photographer Aydin Büyüktas @aydinbuyuktas uses thousands of frames of #drone images to ma… ift.tt/1r7TSYO pic.twitter.com/sBfIJh3YEt

Photographer Matthias Haker @matthias_haker captures the most extraordinary, abandoned, an… ift.tt/1V9TxAU pic.twitter.com/2WX5VAFPWt

#Kaesong, #NorthKorea, photographed during rush hour by  Pierre Depont @pdp_photography. T… ift.tt/1RZlpFt pic.twitter.com/5gHwRzXh2e

#Cattle return to camp for the night with the #Dinka nomadic tribe, photographed by the on… ift.tt/1RKOCDP pic.twitter.com/9jCWLkfJ8P

As seen in #Reykjavik Harbour, #Iceland by photographer @luzyeco. This image was submitted… ift.tt/1SVYBp2 pic.twitter.com/YTPgYBLtNy

As seen in #Marrakesh, #Morocco by photographer Alejandro Loar @alejandroloar. This image … ift.tt/1RDOUfQ pic.twitter.com/YCCBtYCXsJ

Avishek Das photographs the  #Holi Celebration of Indian Widows. According to Orthodox #Hiift.tt/1q88ren pic.twitter.com/708Jyl8AJ0

A mother and child nomad from the #Portuguese Alentejo, photographed in the style of Old M… ift.tt/1LkH3mH pic.twitter.com/YcV258s5is

We're looking for photographs taken during "magic hour." Submit your dusk and dawn images … ift.tt/1QVNfxm pic.twitter.com/vGdpHJAl3R

A million shades of green, photographed by #SanDiego based Izzy Woolfolk @izherealw. This… ift.tt/20fTRxT pic.twitter.com/9D777i7bmT

Lake Langisjór, #Iceland, bordered by mountains of volcanic tuff, formed during the last I… ift.tt/1Rj6B3s pic.twitter.com/gQlWA5LfUo

The village of #Shugruf, #Yemen sits atop the #Haraz mountains, shrouded in fog and photog… ift.tt/1NRR5qK pic.twitter.com/AJRFn6Anc9

A fence runs along a hillside in #Teshikaga, #Hokkaido, photographed in long exposure by #… ift.tt/1Qv5ZY7 pic.twitter.com/TzmM9NjGao

Digital artist Andreas Lie @artworkbylie masterfully fuses photographs of wild animals wit… ift.tt/1OlwcIq pic.twitter.com/GvKYqQFIMs

The tiniest #GirlWithAPearlEarring, photographed by her father, #Melbourne photographer Bi… ift.tt/1jXHsOZ pic.twitter.com/a2TLFoaZZ4

We're looking for all things #quirky and #offbeat! Submit your "Off the Wall" photos by Oc… ift.tt/1OUtTNi pic.twitter.com/TnTB8OWfUN

Pat Swain's flamingos were some of our favorite images from The Fence at Photoville #photoift.tt/1KEnvWb pic.twitter.com/34s7H4McFo

The Glow-Worms of New Zealand's Limestone Caves Revealed in Magical Photo Series ow.ly/OVOQq pic.twitter.com/AUUifod2vX

Astonishing Photos of Poland from Above ow.ly/MI9J8 pic.twitter.com/yigtiOMFPb

A Portrait of Hackney' Depicts the Mélange of Cultures in a Gentrifying London Neighborhood ow.ly/LKOWK pic.twitter.com/qVchcnDgcg

Photo Series Looks at the Amazing Diversity of New York City's Barbershops ow.ly/LrjcQ pic.twitter.com/PwdujIQtJJ

Portraits of 21st Century Hippies ow.ly/KJyKg pic.twitter.com/g7xVvirMQX

'Forest Punk': Photographer Hunts Down Abandoned Vintage Cars Lost in the Woods ow.ly/KAcY8 pic.twitter.com/qaLaE1Asnd

We Asked 13 Photographers: 'Have you ever felt guilty for taking a photograph?' ow.ly/Kfec7 pic.twitter.com/uprW4awyyf

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