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Powerful Portraits of Bangladeshis Disfigured by Acid Attacks ow.ly/JSdhp pic.twitter.com/kXd4gHQqen

Fun-Filled Portraits of Life After 55 in an Arizona Retirement Community ow.ly/JcILY pic.twitter.com/4UvLPHqagN

Photojournalist Captures the Ku Klux Klan in Their Everyday Lives ow.ly/J8olM pic.twitter.com/fKKyLfzPlJ

Photogravure Portraits Explore the Beauty of Freckle-graced Faces ow.ly/IOfig pic.twitter.com/HHKKUP9wkJ

Photographer Documents Mississippi's Old School Blues Musicians ow.ly/IlOhD pic.twitter.com/2N6LrFPoOr

Danila Tkachenko’s Fascinating Portraits of Men Living in the Woods ow.ly/Ia4di pic.twitter.com/VNo3FiGs1J

Intriguing Photos of Cuba Show the Country in a New Light ow.ly/I5CAK pic.twitter.com/1sR3ITDAW9

Winter Landscapes Make Yosemite Valley Look Like Narnia @offsetimages ow.ly/HrakK pic.twitter.com/X1JkT67Uul

Feature Shoot Recommends: Top 10 Photo Events and Happenings in London (Jan. 12 - 18) ow.ly/HbUVs pic.twitter.com/d4et7IdypV

The Lives of 3 Older Drag Queens in the Last Gay Bar in San Francisco's Tenderloin District ow.ly/Fm4Oz pic.twitter.com/dXOM5udJYg

'Humanae' Portraits Match People of Different Ethnicities with Their Pantone Color ow.ly/EMXMS pic.twitter.com/IZlkdlH0vD

From Skinheads to Fashion: British Photographer Gavin Watson Discusses His Career ow.ly/DCNNt pic.twitter.com/FAFUDarBLH

Heartwarming Photos Show the Affectionate Bond Between a Farmer and His 1,200 Pigs ow.ly/DxlMy pic.twitter.com/m59ENV37Ch

A Chihuahua Undercover @offsetimages ow.ly/zV54n pic.twitter.com/nXeHlAWw4Q

Breathtaking Photos of Ocean Waves on a Stormy Evening in Montauk ow.ly/zFjJb pic.twitter.com/2sA1YSPybs

Captivating Portraits Taken in a Small Indian Village Where Girls Rule the World ow.ly/zmVz6 pic.twitter.com/SwegQLtX9U

Photo du Jour: The Largest Tree in the World Captured in 126 Photos - Feature Shoot featureshoot.com/2014/04/michae… pic.twitter.com/lmeqkRzW6F

'City Lights,' a photograph by Matthew Payne @mtthwcp, taken in #Kandy, #SriLanka. // #citift.tt/29jbBU8 pic.twitter.com/aLQvoR1VDT

#Italian photographer Laurent Rosset @l_o_r_y creates the most uncanny landscapes by using… ift.tt/28S5jPt pic.twitter.com/Apd1GLEF2Z

#Madrid Emilio Jiménez @emiliojh creates seductive, ephemeral portraits in which the human… ift.tt/28MM0H9 pic.twitter.com/GSVGhhknbJ

"A shepherd and his 3 dogs are all that is needed to move this huge flock," explains photo… ift.tt/25R602r pic.twitter.com/MfXfSVEKKd

Portrait of a girl. Photographer Li Fan documents the lives of the Yi people, who live traditional and remote lives… pic.twitter.com/q8sXrAlRT0

Quarry Bay, #HongKong, as seen through the lens of photographer Morten K Soerensen @morten… ift.tt/24VcSYO pic.twitter.com/X9GT5TDAbD

#Tahiti wedding photographer Helene Havard @helenehavard_photography uses drones to captur… ift.tt/27lLLrS pic.twitter.com/KQF5JfB9s9

Photographer Arjun Chhabra @arjunchhabra ventures inside an engraver's studio in the old q… ift.tt/1WIjqqF pic.twitter.com/APv5URSMV2

A #camper stands illuminated in #JoshuaTree, #California, captured by photographer  Brad G… ift.tt/1TnN7sb pic.twitter.com/ibK897JUMV

As seen in the streets of #Japan by photographer Brian Guido @brianguido. Today, we're sho… ift.tt/1rlSTV4 pic.twitter.com/j8phBMZQQq

For four years, photographer Antoine Repessé stopped throwing away his recyclable trash an… ift.tt/1qBTXTH pic.twitter.com/4pood6pKS9

#Balloons, reflected in the waters of #Australia and photographed by Holly Tree @hollytree… ift.tt/20H8z0I pic.twitter.com/bUZDxnAYry

Almost 70 prints by the one and only Sebastião Salgado will be on view as part of a retros… ift.tt/22f7v3t pic.twitter.com/TBr6nbS3UR

#Sunshine dazzles a #beach in #Brazil as photographer Kiko Silva @kikosilva captures the s… ift.tt/22b1Zi7 pic.twitter.com/5tUTwSxiJY

When researcher Brent Stapelkamp took this photograph of Cecil the lion on May 27, 2015, h… ift.tt/1RTUOLV pic.twitter.com/q6OGw9CGtE

Cherry blossoms frame the figure of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC in this #minimaift.tt/1nVjfdD pic.twitter.com/wS9cNen5CY

The mist-shrouded shoreline of Acadia National Park in #Maine, photographed by Kurt Ross @… ift.tt/21C3B9T pic.twitter.com/kq2sfOeZkt

Feature Shoot: What Happened To The 9-Year-Old Smoking In Mary Ellen Mark's Photo? ift.tt/1XKbgx6 | "When she came along and took…

Shokhan the #Kazakh eagle hunter with his eagle in a snow-covered Western #Mongolia, photo… ift.tt/1KbBKFx pic.twitter.com/IW9DAF5LFA

Pulitzer Prize winning #Photojournalist Renée C. Byer ©reneecbyer tells us why she takes p… ift.tt/1TMbsMc pic.twitter.com/x73SB3Zz4r

A badger sticks its nose up through broken floorboards in an #abandoned cottage in the woo… ift.tt/1SSP5nC pic.twitter.com/vLFbrDluBm

The #Alborz mountain range, #Iran, as seen through the lens of Mohammad Moheimany @mohamm… ift.tt/20o4yOO pic.twitter.com/vZkSbGZpen

After 5 years away from the public eye, Gregory Crewdson @crewdsonstudio releases 'Cathedr… ift.tt/1RSQ88j pic.twitter.com/ZG3UeK1G0h

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