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Le top des tweets de Typeverything

Top 50 des sources > Typeverything  #174 / 393 - Vintage Japanese newspaper. - Open / Close Clockwork Sign by Ikeda Yosuke. “Be humble, but let motherfuckers know” by David Milan. - A Gusto by Anna Keville Joyce, Panco Sassano & Agustín Nieto.

Moving font specimens: Robu Grotesk.

Misfits got a huge update today. Check it out:…

Misfits is now available in Beta! Test it and support it!…

instagramlikes: Amazing lettering by Mika Melvas @melvastype done for @losttypecoop ! by … - Beer cans archive. (via Friends of Type) Thanksgiving Type by Marmalade Bleue. - Typography for Le Printemps store in Paris by Charlotte Delarue. - Lust Hedonist, new typeface by @positype Do what you love by Kerby Rosanes. “Everything you love” by Saranna Drury.

Photo: Monogram of the entire alphabet by Charles Demengeot - 1877

Google Spaghetti by @labocadesign - Letters with character, a Lubalin tribute by @mauroandres_lcc - Sherbrooke Skateboard by Marc Sirus. - Geometric type by Federico Landini & Ray Oranges. Meadowhall 25 Years by Kyle Wilkinson and HACKSAW ™ - Aaron Horkey is amazing. Ballpoint pen on Moleskine, 2015. Step out of the frame by Maztrone. via FromUpNorth. “Fuck Off, I’m Busy” by Dominique Falla. - Queensbridge NY plaque from 1892. Photographed by @tom_with_a_k

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