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Automobili Pininfarina PF0 hypercar: new sketches carbodydesign.com/2018/07/automo… pic.twitter.com/ReVQA5zc3b

Ferrari Top Design School Challenge: the finalists carbodydesign.com/2015/12/ferrar… pic.twitter.com/KC2pB8HAOe

Rolls-Royce unveils $13 million Sweptail one-off carbodydesign.com/2017/05/rolls-… pic.twitter.com/HcQVQBxABn

Jaguar Land Rover starts construction of new UK Automotive Innovation Centre buff.ly/1MTEoLp pic.twitter.com/S58bPVqF8g

Pininfarina Modulo: new gallery of photos: buff.ly/1irLkPS - exclusive design story at buff.ly/1irLmHs pic.twitter.com/AabFjJQWy3

BMW Concept Link envisions the future of two-wheels urban mobility carbodydesign.com/2017/06/bmw-mo… pic.twitter.com/RUuQQCnLuV

Lexus designs a spaceship for upcoming sci-fi movie by Luc Besson #Valerian buff.ly/2fQWfwI pic.twitter.com/4Y7KpLErFG

Michelin Challenge Design: all the finalist projects (image gallery) carbodydesign.com/set/71275/mich… pic.twitter.com/CUsfXgPHnz

The latest about Syd Mead: 3 interviews and a keynote (videos) carbodydesign.com/2018/10/the-la… pic.twitter.com/C7ML2mRrjf

2018 Ford Mustang: design gallery buff.ly/2keghRm pic.twitter.com/fWadq7Q7Nn

A Road Trip in 20116 Design Contest by @Allegorithmic: the winners carbodydesign.com/2016/07/a-road… pic.twitter.com/uqphtFH7dp

The Porsche 901 Concept by Ege Arguden buff.ly/1CIgrBo pic.twitter.com/JmTps7lb0h

Porsche 908-04 Concept: the long tail is back carbodydesign.com/2016/07/porsch… pic.twitter.com/RiF89dfXGM

Daily sketch: the Touring Berlinetta Lusso From the sketch board buff.ly/1Av7Q3y pic.twitter.com/rWe4dTtGir

Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Concept revealed buff.ly/1zzGCyw http://t.co/5CaPqCz6xQ

Daily Sketch: Ferrari FXX K by Flavio Manzoni gallery: buff.ly/1BM5Kly via Virtual Car: buff.ly/1BM5HX3 pic.twitter.com/qtDp5U3rKb

Daily Sketch: the new Ford GT - check the full gallery at buff.ly/1DGZ4pB pic.twitter.com/WLSUDU0tD0

Honda unveils the FCV Concept buff.ly/1EV8kof pic.twitter.com/0ZAsudOvVH

Daily Sketch: Porsche sketches by Olivier Poulet more: buff.ly/1zPWXfR -Olivier's blog: buff.ly/1zPWVV3 pic.twitter.com/PA7FxE9Bs2

Peugeot e-Legend Concept reinterprets the brand’s heritage design carbodydesign.com/2018/09/peugeo… pic.twitter.com/6zf41xiqLN

Volvo Trucks Vera Concept shows the future of autonomous commercial vehicles carbodydesign.com/2018/09/volvo-… pic.twitter.com/3pEbuBuI1z

1967 Lamborghini Marzal Concept: Photo Gallery carbodydesign.com/set/78535/1967… pic.twitter.com/aB0dbC0eIF

London Design Museum announces Ferrari exhibition carbodydesign.com/2017/07/london… pic.twitter.com/ux3hFwlqwV

Pininfarina H600 Concept: an electric sedan with an clean, elegant design carbodydesign.com/2017/03/pininf… pic.twitter.com/WS6OvV50Zv

Exclusive: Renault launches Design Academy for India - six internships available buff.ly/2jYtKwF pic.twitter.com/m2ERpgJMxl

Pininfarina acquired by Indian Mahindra for €33 Million carbodydesign.com/2015/12/pininf… pic.twitter.com/gG4tpq6x6f

Infiniti previews Vision GranTurismo Concept buff.ly/1zUsMCs pic.twitter.com/Vi1LL0kLp3

Daily Sketch: Ferrari Concept by Vadim Artemiev buff.ly/1ohM8hi Check Vad's work at buff.ly/1ohM9Si pic.twitter.com/hhGnqzTSYm

Audi Aicon Concept Tail light detail - from the gallery: Automotive Exteriors - Tail Lights carbodydesign.com/image-library/… pic.twitter.com/16lrPJTF9B

Scholarships for SPD Master in Car Design 2017: the winners carbodydesign.com/2017/10/schola… pic.twitter.com/ExylSfbuPL

McLaren Ultimate Vision GT puts drivers on their stomach carbodydesign.com/admin/wordpres… pic.twitter.com/YsMFBIJQOo

Peugeot previews Instinct Concept shooting brake carbodydesign.com/2017/03/peugeo… pic.twitter.com/IayFjwuMgS

Alias Modeling – Hexagon Tile Pattern youtube.com/watch?v=WjC6ZG… More Alias tutorials at carbodydesign.com/tutorials/3d/a… pic.twitter.com/1zF1VbzTEM

Bell & Ross AeroGT Concept - the design sketches carbodydesign.com/set/68679/bell… pic.twitter.com/cqbDGwGxZf

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