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Check out this amazing visual of U.S. arms exports from 1950 to 2017 f-st.co/IxdPlie pic.twitter.com/S7sR93es7j

5 classic books that have inspired innovative thinking throughout time f-st.co/GSZCQLE (from 2014) pic.twitter.com/uYcpVpgMAM

Artists’ and architects’…

Artists’ and architects’ brains work differently f-st.co/2lxui5m (from 2017) pic.twitter.com/SvfgZnfdZR

The ink in this tattoo is made out of living cells f-st.co/jPTGM01 #NationalTattooDay pic.twitter.com/IrnuoLoBko

VR and power tools: What could go wrong? f-st.co/fouDSJi pic.twitter.com/v9lNKHoJwg

The “for sale” sign gets its first major makeover in nearly 50 years f-st.co/esuwVKf pic.twitter.com/9vMeLd3bCY

.@Google’s blob emojis are back, a year after they were redesigned f-st.co/My4ki3g #WorldEmojiDay pic.twitter.com/Etwga9R2Oy

Here’s the final nail in…

Here’s the final nail in the coffin of open plan offices f-st.co/yj5XTli pic.twitter.com/6p1R7bg3bc

Exclusive: @Starbucks and @McDonalds team up to rethink cups f-st.co/u79X2Eh pic.twitter.com/gdIEdjRk1b

Watch the future of design take shape in a giant vat of gel f-st.co/cYo99OJ pic.twitter.com/kfwX6J2Mvb

This is the world’s most beautiful TV news set f-st.co/oZ52Di2 pic.twitter.com/evkG51l3Sj

The “for sale” sign gets its first major makeover in nearly 50 years f-st.co/59HyDZX pic.twitter.com/XW5ctTeOev

How 500 years of weird condiment history designed the Heinz ketchup bottle f-st.co/I0wPc8k (from 2013) pic.twitter.com/WVAQIgyQ06

.@BuzzFeed unveils a sophisticated new look f-st.co/RciJEj7 pic.twitter.com/SHR5KO3phP

Why bad technology dominates our lives, according to Don Norman (@jnd1er) f-st.co/mR17IfM pic.twitter.com/XhA1gcT182

I tried to fall sleep in the Dreamery, @Casper’s new nap bar f-st.co/7kyNIyn pic.twitter.com/DobsW17xk7

This clever app lets Amazon Alexa read sign language f-st.co/ze1TK2q pic.twitter.com/3yNf45LZsY

These color-changing tattoos monitor your health, no wearable needed f-st.co/5tLYqCU #NationalTattooDay pic.twitter.com/U6KG3Z7IG2

.@SlackHQ made work sound cool. Can it keep up the illusion? f-st.co/k0JOCm6 pic.twitter.com/EecErRibj2

The go-to fix for open offices…

The go-to fix for open offices is a nightmare, too f-st.co/KfwDxJE pic.twitter.com/wwDRm73VpW

I tried to fall asleep in the Dreamery, @Casper’s new nap bar f-st.co/ahgL0kp pic.twitter.com/syKBOvhv91

Summer camps are using face recognition to keep track of camper photos f-st.co/3whLqUF pic.twitter.com/g0YqiFfLzw

The desperate race to save melting glaciers–with blankets f-st.co/dVnSZ5B pic.twitter.com/MPdVWTRXkx

Revisiting the architecture of socialism f-st.co/QQlxDeE pic.twitter.com/VRajibFWk2

Can autonomous furniture…

Can autonomous furniture improve the way disabled people get around their homes? f-st.co/cSwJ5i3 pic.twitter.com/bhRZwzFit3

Patient neglect kills. This…

Patient neglect kills. This AI could help stop it f-st.co/x1EUUzI pic.twitter.com/S9CE3KC620

A glimpse into the uncanny world of robot-made fine art f-st.co/In7G6eU pic.twitter.com/L0jLLgNzKD

VR and power tools: What could go wrong? f-st.co/Dk0RaPB pic.twitter.com/gvzgQgJBCF

A bleak portrait of @realDonaldTrump’s failed Atlantic City kingdom f-st.co/DmL7aX4 pic.twitter.com/Wruer1tKbu

This Twitterbot keeps you up-to-date on fires burning near you f-st.co/Wt2Mdpa pic.twitter.com/SOQFFhDzj5

A bleak portrait of @realDonaldTrump’s failed Atlantic City kingdom f-st.co/mbPh5Fz pic.twitter.com/0qEkquiOvp

The room that can change the entire trajectory of your company f-st.co/6Jtu9sX pic.twitter.com/ZlRrS9fq9H

Yes, @Nike’s $250 Vaporfly shoes really can make you faster f-st.co/K97m5n0 pic.twitter.com/uE8Ic6H2ph

This small fashion startup has big plans to save the planet f-st.co/u18kc76 pic.twitter.com/EJcsIWbNJC

.@ideo and @swarovski team…

.@ideo and @swarovski team up to reimagine the art of lighting f-st.co/9wnWTtX pic.twitter.com/ZC7q1QK5Sj

Patient neglect kills. This AI could help stop it f-st.co/vZcI7jg pic.twitter.com/ZF8bahX0Ia

.@ideo and @swarovski team up to reimagine the art of lighting f-st.co/09vWLZr pic.twitter.com/bZsjJgCDka

.@BuzzFeed unveils a sophisticated new look f-st.co/oMXqbcv pic.twitter.com/Q0TWBrln1g

This is what work will look like in 2100 f-st.co/a7gW8Hm pic.twitter.com/Udr5q2NTQ5

The end of Victoria’s Secret: Why analysts and readers say the brand is on its last lace f-st.co/L4nL27p pic.twitter.com/pQudlCCXpc

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