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The @weatherchannel’s new…

The @weatherchannel’s new storm graphics are totally insane f-st.co/O9Xme42 pic.twitter.com/6StvcLLzGQ

A peek at Massimo Vignelli’s glorious forgotten subway maps f-st.co/p9Xlipi pic.twitter.com/BzxreD6xLN

A peek at Massimo Vignelli’s glorious forgotten subway maps f-st.co/5cUzJgp pic.twitter.com/uUtu3RhmZO

These classical artworks…

These classical artworks come to life to make fun of your museum selfie f-st.co/4niSyWS #NationalSelfieDay pic.twitter.com/62oExAOxJ1

The massive scale of the refugee crisis, visualized f-st.co/dgHMm6J (from 2016) #WorldRefugeeDay pic.twitter.com/gAYMGPbSF3

Here’s how to get the stunning Bauhaus fonts that @Adobe is reviving f-st.co/Bmoqg2J pic.twitter.com/YgJ4rao61f

Viz Palette: The ultimate tool for anyone who works with color f-st.co/e1Dk4kP pic.twitter.com/lmDhSdwHMs

#WorldRefugeeDay These boxes for refugee supplies double as kids’ toys f-st.co/R0lRKHs pic.twitter.com/PJzRvWHZlJ

Olafur Eliasson’s first building is marvelous f-st.co/cAdYAzg pic.twitter.com/PLpNHWwc3v

Why Britain has the best wall sockets on Earth f-st.co/62lTKUS (from 2014) pic.twitter.com/tYKQ5jZ3pw

This might be the first selfie…

This might be the first selfie in photographic history f-st.co/LTkNZDY #NationalSelfieDay pic.twitter.com/Rklqxidy2L

Anish Kapoor is suing the…

Anish Kapoor is suing the @NRA for using the Bean in an ad f-st.co/Zjkh13w pic.twitter.com/8cKDbS6vpF

How punk rock changed the course of design history f-st.co/reQ4G7Y pic.twitter.com/cOU5t9Y0Nr

What is Li-Fi? The new alternative to Wi-Fi f-st.co/lWOcA4i pic.twitter.com/2xLYLOFCfY

Here’s how to get the stunning Bauhaus fonts that @Adobe is reviving f-st.co/T4Nplvv pic.twitter.com/QXv1rxEUwf

The next great building material? It could be sand from deserts f-st.co/A6eTJeA pic.twitter.com/XKGOHD5PtQ

The #WorldCup’s best (and worst) kit designs f-st.co/Yg7JeVA pic.twitter.com/QKWqCMsC32

With “Quickstarter” projects, @Kickstarter is going back to basics f-st.co/Q36CUZN pic.twitter.com/EURNHbtuhO

Silicon Valley wants to own your creativity f-st.co/n6YzOmD pic.twitter.com/FP1sVAFaZy

The legendary Apple research group that shaped our world f-st.co/d8odLfZ pic.twitter.com/yCYfo9EozI

Use this Instagram font generator to type your next anonymous letter f-st.co/CxHR8hx (from 2016) pic.twitter.com/tyXo1cO0kx

Everimal: An adorable new take on pop-up books f-st.co/wuWYWHQ pic.twitter.com/T79F2GdWZt

Ever run in sand for a high-intensity workout? This concept shoe replicates the feeling: f-st.co/33Je7kT pic.twitter.com/O0SHq7D2Ma

Anish Kapoor is suing the @NRA for using the Bean in an ad f-st.co/yPjq3nV pic.twitter.com/JESlIjhTvh

How Apple’s legendary Advanced Technology Group changed our world f-st.co/E5Q54Vn pic.twitter.com/jVO5mpurMM

This map shows how your city evolved over 750 million years f-st.co/pxzoyxY pic.twitter.com/nB1UClLV1g

See the collection Ikea designed for tiny apartments–by studying Mars f-st.co/yOWz4Ry pic.twitter.com/wowcHKv6bB

These brilliant running shoes slow you down–on purpose f-st.co/rGEnZ7v pic.twitter.com/2aSCBkelQb

Drone photography is the anti-selfie (and that’s why it is so good) f-st.co/QWf9B4j #NationalSelfieDay pic.twitter.com/AEgsgWkQiX

How to do a sports logo right f-st.co/oTjtB4M pic.twitter.com/11b6zShKGS

150 years of immigration in America, visualized f-st.co/SZtDwir (from 2016) pic.twitter.com/6BxdeFPy6D

Surreal photos visualize the $7.6 trillion tourism industry f-st.co/wHyPAG0 pic.twitter.com/3kV68N5LEt

The #WorldCup’s best (and worst) kit designs f-st.co/ldEcYvY pic.twitter.com/h8fQbSWYbK

Can San Francisco’s new UFO toilets fix its hygiene problem? f-st.co/HRm81Ez pic.twitter.com/ipjuzLagEJ

Olafur Eliasson’s first building is marvelous f-st.co/6vLi3ng pic.twitter.com/dPxekADtRF

#WorldRefugeeDay This typeface turns “refugees” into real people again f-st.co/2GFEVZg (from 2016) pic.twitter.com/25gQnTBqXG

Why our brains love high ceilings f-st.co/w6LAICr (from 2015) pic.twitter.com/tJRkjSYG3w

.@paperlesspost launches a brilliant alternative to Facebook events f-st.co/hSuQSG1 pic.twitter.com/fjQa8C8tJb

This AI designs interfaces f-st.co/p9R4mEi pic.twitter.com/DVZmexbWfr

The @weatherchannel’s new…

The @weatherchannel’s new storm graphics are totally insane f-st.co/lsF9nRV pic.twitter.com/wxAoURodNI

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