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Of course Beyoncé gets her…

Of course Beyoncé gets her own alphabet. f-st.co/YQwaEWT pic.twitter.com/pCYHihyYhC

.@BestBuy kills its iconic logo . . . and embraces light beer? f-st.co/VKE6JTl pic.twitter.com/EUqqKUPbFB

This ex-Nike designer’s sneakers turn kids into their own superheroes f-st.co/Y3V3pRI pic.twitter.com/SQeOEzMU8X

The world's first 3-D printed…

The world's first 3-D printed band has instruments that look like sci-fi weapons: f-st.co/2RSTDPQ by @sophcw pic.twitter.com/6J5MIYcn2s

The heart of the introvert…

The heart of the introvert isn't the strange, dark, quiet place you might assume it is: f-st.co/gQDzN6j pic.twitter.com/LKgOwa8ead

The life of an introvert,…

The life of an introvert, illustrated: f-st.co/gDdaR6l pic.twitter.com/NR1436Uz8M

R.I.P. Massimo Vignelli,…

R.I.P. Massimo Vignelli, one of the greatest 20th century designers: f-st.co/36heZsQ pic.twitter.com/nXTZ7S1VFa

Aerial Bold is a font made…

Aerial Bold is a font made up of all the accidental letterforms found in satellite imagery: f-st.co/NTg6YQS pic.twitter.com/5uyFKVXjQC

It's official: @realDonaldTrump…

It's official: @realDonaldTrump unveils the worst logo ever created buff.ly/29CbBiL pic.twitter.com/YyEjMhjOAg

Aerial Bold is a font made…

Aerial Bold is a font made up of all the accidental letterforms found in satellite imagery: f-st.co/A8KLnX1 pic.twitter.com/jtdRum5PPz

How Apple uses Picasso to…

How Apple uses Picasso to teach employees about product design: f-st.co/trytHos pic.twitter.com/SgnoI0fZf0

LED fake eyelashes are the…

LED fake eyelashes are the wearable you didn’t know you needed buff.ly/2rYlzo2 pic.twitter.com/UkOuFRrE1I

Finally, a designer has melded…

Finally, a designer has melded Comic Sans and Papyrus into one beautiful disaster: f-st.co/7mL4CKl by @sophcw pic.twitter.com/0PcmXdDANP

A wild UI experiment with the iPhone X’s front-facing camera buff.ly/2oyQYx2 pic.twitter.com/8SlEQ7FqQH

This photographer seeks out museumgoers who perfectly match the art buff.ly/2zrpoGb pic.twitter.com/f1DnuS1dGh

Exclusive: Budweiser renames…

Exclusive: Budweiser renames its beer "America" buff.ly/1qb5w3L pic.twitter.com/U4I9T49HZh

UI, UX: Who does what? A…

UI, UX: Who does what? A designer's guide to the tech industry: f-st.co/M53BEVx pic.twitter.com/LLw8zbhCiI

Norway's new money is beautiful.…

Norway's new money is beautiful. Here's how @snohetta designed it: f-st.co/0D4JTg9 by @shaunacysays pic.twitter.com/8bKbR5Cz61

The amazing history of London's…

The amazing history of London's most enduring logo. f-st.co/h4czr1W pic.twitter.com/MeFImHUPSb

The amazing history of London's…

The amazing history of London's most enduring logo. f-st.co/f9OOTpT pic.twitter.com/GzZcab8UAJ

They should put these giant grass rugs in every city square buff.ly/2xMgjbX pic.twitter.com/WhiUWKo7xs

Doodle on! Studies find that…

Doodle on! Studies find that distracted drawing can spark creativity and improve memory: f-st.co/8DX6tc9 pic.twitter.com/c4aW9aHrrK

These photos of Hong Kong…

These photos of Hong Kong skyscrapers will make you very dizzy: f-st.co/XNfqcf8 pic.twitter.com/usDRp3bo5M

Flying cars are predicted…

Flying cars are predicted to arrive in two years. What then? f-st.co/0F2pnhb pic.twitter.com/YstYAC3Mz8

.@eatdirtybird fried chicken…

.@eatdirtybird fried chicken claims it had no idea its logo could possibly look phallic: f-st.co/F3QaYrM pic.twitter.com/Il5TuGgzwt

The Harvard library that…

The Harvard library that protects the world's rarest colors buff.ly/1Mj4htF pic.twitter.com/hHVuxWwFoo

247 years of American flags,…

247 years of American flags, visualized by @PopChartLab: f-st.co/yWcI5eS pic.twitter.com/8gCxwRB0bi

The amazing history of London's…

The amazing history of London's most enduring logo. f-st.co/BXwsTXK pic.twitter.com/bDOBnsDTaN

An ingenious cookbook uses…

An ingenious cookbook uses infographics instead of words: f-st.co/cM28hT2 pic.twitter.com/SP5poP2zXL

Neuroscientists say we're…

Neuroscientists say we're wired to enjoy art: f-st.co/tbEmpVo pic.twitter.com/JjXrOeWVeK

Infographic: How to tell…

Infographic: How to tell the difference between 66 varieties of cheese f-st.co/cc0SS1H #NationalCheeseDay pic.twitter.com/MheyHJP84P

A timeline of the 100 most…

A timeline of the 100 most important cameras ever made: f-st.co/wiroQm4 pic.twitter.com/mIbXMWjFlE

This might be the first selfie…

This might be the first selfie in photographic history buff.ly/28KQz15 #NationalSelfieDay pic.twitter.com/65IGhZH79n

They should put these giant grass rugs in every city square buff.ly/2fWOfJE pic.twitter.com/GkWEyNqqnW

If @Adobe's new tools are…

If @Adobe's new tools are a hit, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects change forever: f-st.co/Ajx3hSG pic.twitter.com/5eiBO2NEPo


"Art of the Book": Printed pages are recast as sculpture. f-st.co/lpS5epN pic.twitter.com/pKyvVBWr9N

It takes 4,500 pages to analyze…

It takes 4,500 pages to analyze and archive one second of Twitter: f-st.co/gAB94E8 pic.twitter.com/UzHiRtSzZy

.@pantone’s color of the year is here, and it’s as nebulous as 2018 looks buff.ly/2ktLtAG pic.twitter.com/oqZOTEhrY5


"Creativity doesn't come from doing what you already know how to do." The wisdom of @SteveWoz: f-st.co/cQPi9Kt pic.twitter.com/j6FXobzk6M

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